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Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

Connect Moderators are Local Guides just like you and me. They apply the knowledge they’ve gained as active members of our community to moderate Connect and help improve the experience for everyone. You may see them welcoming newcomers, explaining the program, answering questions, and sharing their knowledge with others.

Each month, we share some personal insights from one of our amazing Connect Moderators. This month, meet @SampsonF. Sampson, who currently lives in Hong Kong, has also lived in Taiwan, and speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin. Sampson enjoys editing the map and loves to help others on Connect. Learn more about him below.


Horizontal 1.jpgCaption: A photo of Sampson on the Xiangshan Hiking Trail in January 2017. The sign celebrates Taipei’s victory in the LGChallenge 2016. The tallest building in Taiwan, the Taipei 101 Tower, is behind him. (Local Guide @SampsonF)


Name: Sampson Fung

Location: Hong Kong


What I love about being a Local Guide: It’s great to connect with people from all around the world who share my goals, values, and interests. We have debates and discussions. We teach each other and learn.


Why I'm a Connect Moderator: I am not shy about giving feedback whenever I see something that doesn’t seem right. I like to help people participate in the best way possible. I have received special badges since becoming a Connect Moderator, but I don’t feel pressure to moderate. I just continue doing what I did before I became a Connect Moderator. At the same time, Google Moderators and Googlers put a lot of effort into supporting Connect Moderators, and I learn a lot from them.


My favorite place to explore: I’m drawn to anything sea-related: lighthouses, ports, museums.


My favorite type of contribution(s) to make on Google Maps: I enjoy editing the map, reporting an error, adding a missing place, and more.


Languages I read/write/speak fluently: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.


Places I'd like to visit: Can I name five? No? Then I would say...the Great Pyramids in Egypt!


One thing I'd like everyone to know about me: I enjoy reading maps, and yet I frequently get lost in the real world. I think that’s because the compasses on my phones have not been good.  Please tell me which phone you believe has the best compass ever! :)


Horizontal 2.jpgCaption: A group photo from the first Local Guides meet-up Sampson ever attended, which was organized by a Taiwan Local Guides Community in June 2016 (Local Guide @SampsonF)


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know @SampsonF. Say hi or ask him a question below as he has a lot to share about Google Maps and Connect.

Interested in becoming a Connect Moderator? Learn more here.


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Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

謝謝 @Atsukot





(相片1:2017年1月,志泉攝於象山步道。手持的牌子,是慶祝台北勝出了2016年度的在地嚮導大挑戰。背景最高的是台灣第一高樓 - 台北101大樓。)


名字: 馮志泉


地點: 香港












我想去的地方: 可以列五處嗎?不成?那.... 埃及的大金字塔


我想告訴大家關於我的一件事: 我享受看地圖。但仍常常迷路。我想是我流動電話的指南針都不好。請大家告訴我那支流動電話的指南指是最好的! :)



能讀寫中文|Tag with Clear and Present Need | Season of Changes for Connect | 多來歡聚 | HK GLG Community
LucioV Level 10
Level 10

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

Wowwww, thank you @Atsukot for this post about @SampsonF, one of our best Connect Moderators, and one of mine, of course, when I joined the program.

Beautiful photos too, I love your camera on the backpack :-)

JosephZhan Level 8
Level 8

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

@SampsonF@Proud of you to representing Hong Kong!  No doubt you are a good moderator by heart!

Joseph Zhan
Joey-君君 Level 9
Level 9

回應: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

你是最棒的, 😊 @SampsonF

HankTu_韓森博一 Level 9
Level 9

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

謝謝入門的小組長,透過Map 探索更無止境的人事物。

happy_catling Level 8
Level 8

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson


Great to see your big efforts.:))


AbdullahAM Level 9
Level 9

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

Hello @Atsukot

Thank you for introducing @SampsonF

I know him very well as a smiley face.

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Meet a Connect Moderator: Sampson

Yayy @SampsonF! It’s your month here on Connect! Thanks @Atsukot for introducing Sampson to us here on Connect. 


Sampson, when you come to SF next month be sure to visit the Asian Art Museum. It has the largest collection of Asian Art outside of Asia. The museum itself is in the original SF library building. It’s in the middle of Civic Center and across from SF City Hall (which you should also visit too - free to go in).


How high were you up with the tallest building in Taipei behind you? Also how does this building rank in terms of “tallest” globally?