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Tell us where you go to watch football in your city

Our Google Local Guides editorial team has put together lists of great places to watch the games.

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New: notifications when a business owner responds

Now you’ll get an email when an owner replies to your review.

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  • 今日 はじめて 360°カメラを使います。ドキドキです

    初めての360°カメラを使用するので緊張してます。ストリートビュープログラム初日。 さてさて、どうなることやら(^^; 頑張って来ます! ローカルガイドのどなたでも構いませんので、テクニックを教えてくださいね♪ read more ›

    Friday 7 replies 3 kudos
  • Report a Spammer

    Hello, I would like to report a spam review. Please contact me. read more ›

    09-22-2017 07:27:07 AM 1063 replies 7 kudos
  • LG Summit 2018 Total Applications

    Greetings Local Guides !!! As you all noticed , the main interest for us during the last weeks was the application for the California 2018 Summit in October ! It's first announcement was a very happy... read more ›

    05-02-2018 05:52:41 PM 69 replies 57 kudos
  • Quedada mundial tomando café

    Quedada mundial tomando café Roast Club Cafe Carrer de València, 143, 08011 Barcelona, Spain June 09, 2018 @ 16:00 (CEST) Con motivo de la World Wide Cafe Walk in Your City to the world , impulsada de... read more ›

    05-28-2018 04:39:22 AM 53 replies 13 kudos
  • Street View

    I am using my mobile for 360 degree picture with street view application. I wants to know can i use same thing to making street view like cam mounted car. read more ›

    04-19-2018 04:36:49 AM 12 replies 3 kudos
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