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How to take photos for comic book fans

Christina-NYC yesterday 10 replies 28 kudos

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Join us in celebrating two years of Connect

Caption: A graphic displaying the number two in alternating screens with celebratory decor including balloons, champagne, and candy. It’s been two years si...

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How to see the data you’ve shared through Local Guides and Google Maps

We’re highlighting the ways you can control and see what you share with us and others.

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  • Salam kenal dari mataram lombok indonesia

    Hi. Saya edo dari lombok island. Mohon bimbingan untuk menemukan komunitas LG di mataram lombok. Adakah topic lain selain topic tentang LG disini ? read more ›

    04-02-2017 04:49:45 PM 34 replies 8 kudos
  • MACRO issues - hyperlink needed

    Sometimes ago I had red a post by @AnuradhaP about using MACROS while commenting on local guide connect and many thanks to him for letting me know about using it. As I tried to use macro the hyperlink... read more ›

    04-18-2018 09:26:21 PM 7 replies 1 kudo
  • Google Maps refuse to add a 700 year old temple in Chiang Rai

    This temple, Wat Ming Muang in Chiang Rai , was in the map a year ago and someone has deleted it. Now when I try to add it they say there is a temple named Wat Mung Muang in Chiang Rai already. And ye... read more ›

    Sunday 7 replies 0 kudos
  • A Beautiful Rainy Morning

    Some beautiful pictures of trees, flowers on my roof. I captured these with my mobile while it was raining and sun rising,, It was very beautiful to see the sunrise while raining though the sun was no... read more ›

    10-28-2017 03:35:08 PM 5 replies 2 kudos

    As our connect moderator @ermest said every badge is an achievement. So feeling excited a bit at LEVEL 8 I am 713th person at level 8 @OSAMA waiting for you buddy. read more ›

    07-11-2017 05:53:38 AM 53 replies 21 kudos
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