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U.S. perk: save 20% at ASOS

Atsukot Monday 22 replies 28 kudos

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Now on iOS: uncover missing info on Google Maps

One of your most-requested features just went live! Now you can uncover missing info on Google Maps for iOS.

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Thank your favorite small businesses this holiday season with #SmallThanks

Show local love for your favorite small businesses in the U.S. on social by sharing your photos with #SmallThanks and @google ; select businesses will get...

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  • my home town

    Chidambaram is my home town it is such a heaven to live people here lives are very kind hearted and girls of Chidambaram are very beautiful and homely Chidambaram is a home town of lord shiva also bec... read more ›

    10-27-2017 10:00:36 AM 2 replies 3 kudos
  • Forever Not Applied.

    Okay okay I need to desperately know what's going on with my account. For the past day, every single edit that I have made, whether it's adding a place, editing the name, or even moving the map marker... read more ›

    10-10-2017 10:11:32 PM 703 replies 56 kudos
  • India

    Any local guides from India read more ›

    08-03-2016 08:55:54 AM 147 replies 27 kudos
  • what is kudos

    what is kudos and how we can get that, from anyone we can get? or please tell me the way that how we can earn that. read more ›

    07-01-2017 06:37:24 AM 12 replies 9 kudos
  • Local Guides Connect App

    Hi, I just loved the idea of Local Guides Connect. Finally a place for Local Guides. But I would like to request an app for this. That would be awesome and more Easy to use. read more ›

    07-19-2016 07:53:51 AM 245 replies 128 kudos
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