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Mustard flower - A yellow Ocean

MahabubMunna 02-06-2018 12:08:46 PM 29 replies 27 kudos

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New: See a graph of your recent contributions

There’s a fun new infographic that shows w hat you’ve shared on Google Maps.

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Now, Google Maps shows how many people have seen and liked your reviews.

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  • How to count my posts in this forum?

    Since I've not received the "5 Posts" badge yet, I want to know where do I stand. read more ›

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    So, I saw this thread on the subject ( ), and looks like this issue is happening again. I just cra... read more ›

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  • Should we worry about background music and copyrights when uploading videos?

    I know on YouTube there are rules against uploading videos with copyrighted music. Is that an issue and something I should be worried about for Google Maps videos? Sometimes I record videos and the st... read more ›

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  • Mark map edit as abuse?

    Is there a way to mark map edits as abuse? We recently had a grocery store open near where I live. Weeks before it opened, local users kept submitting it as open, maybe for the points? I kept marking... read more ›

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  • Sydney #ShowcaseYourCity

    Sydney #ShowcaseYourCity King Street Wharf Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia February 24, 2018 @ 12:00 (AEDT) We will meet at Cockle Bay Wharf ((fountain in the picture here) on King Street Wharf )... read more ›

    02-13-2018 09:59:17 PM 27 replies 11 kudos
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