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Introduce Yourself - November 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to Local Guides Connect. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our community.


As “Introduce Yourself” threads can be lengthy, we start a new one each month and lock past threads. You can check past threads, like October’s, to see who recently joined and where they’re from (simply search for "Introduce Yourself"). If you're new, please use this thread to post your “I'm new” or “Hello world” posts. We’ll merge any posts we find elsewhere with this thread to keep things organized.


I’ll start first.

Atsuko7.jpgCaption: 61 St-Woodside subway station in Queens, NY - with the view of Manhattan

  1. Name: Atsuko
  2. Location: New York, U.S. (originally from Nagoya, Japan)
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: In the beginning I only contributed food photos from restaurants I visited, but one day I included photos of the inside and outside of restaurant, and received many more views than usual. Then I realized that people not only want to know about foods, they also want to know about the atmosphere of the place, so they can decide if they want to go with their friends, family, kids, etc. Since then, I always try to take many different types of photos in the hope that they would help others. When I receive many views, I feel good knowing that I've helped many people.
  4. My favorite thing to explore: I like food, and New York, where I live, is a great place to explore it. New York is a "melting pot" and there are many different communities - East Asian, South Asian, South American, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and on and on. People come here from everywhere, they share their food in restaurants, and I eat it! -- dumplings, momo, jigae, dosa, piroshki, empanadas, pizza, paella, etc etc.
  5. Fun fact about me: I read an article that the roots of some vegetables and the seeds of some fruits can re-grow - even things like lettuce, celery, ginger, tomatoes, etc. So I experimented. After I ate an avocado, I put the seed in water, and it did grow and became a small plant (see a photo below). I put a roots of green onions in the water and green onion grow again (and I ate them:)). Currently I'm observing a seed from peach, and hope it will grow in some way.

          Avocado.jpgCaption: an avocado seed became a small plant


thuoc_minh_long Level 8
Level 8

I'm happy if the local as a guide for you. to Vietnam if you can connect with me.

 to Vietnam if you can connect with me. if you are local to where I live, I want to lead you to travel and discover interesting places, the places only known indigenous people. Thank you for your interest in this content. I look forward to seeing you !

EnginerBirdal Level 1
Level 1




Level 8

Introduce Yourself

IMG-20180505-WA0011.jpgIntroduce yourself


1.Name:Malyadri Reddy karnati 


1.Location:Nellore. India 

3. What I have about being a Google local guide in India. The ability to help others make good decision on my own experience was behind,becoming a Google local guide. I love that. 

I am very familiar with many professional's and business owners. I would like to put them on the map. Which helps the community through Google maps. I want to dedicate my attention towards developing and sharing my reviews and photos on Google maps. 

4. My favourite to explore especially shopping centre,mall's,movies,music and gaming. I am also big fan of Asian cusiene namely Indian,Chinese and Thai. Hobbies are professional, travelling,reading newspaper and contributing reviews and photos on Google maps. 


Samirsheth Level 7
Level 7

Early Morning Photowalk

20181006_092447.jpgNice morninghave good morning Happy mood



Lluís Level 8
Level 8

Fotos de viajrs

Gracias por aceptarme. 


Saniaks Level 4
Level 4

Hello everyone my name is akshat kaushik i am bilaspur CHATTISHHGARH INDIA.and i loves photography

  1. Firstly i wants to tell that i love to share my thoughts and experiences
  2. I usually take my camera with me because there alot to explore
  3. I am student just passed a matrix and now i am a science student
  4. Love your self
Amiran Level 10
Level 10

Introduce Yourself - November 2018

Hello all :)

As I'm back to Connect after some while, I think it would be good to introduce myself to users who joined the community recently.

  1. Name: Amir
  2. LocationIran
  3. What I love about being a Local Guide: I was contributing to Google Maps and Google Earth since years ago but something was missed those times, the Connectivity and People. Now by Local Guides program Google made Maps more social and live! This is really amazing for me to have more ways to inform people about good places and to help them for better commuting. Also receiving their feedback about my activities (that all is possible through Local Guides program) help me to do better and better.
  4. My favorite thing to explore: I mostly prefer to explore art centers and cultural places like museums, galleries, historical sites and etc because they bring mind relaxing and thinking simultaneously for me. I also deeply love to go to nature and foodie places.
  5. Fun Fact about me: I never can stop contributing to Maps :D as a top contributor and old user, I count this my responsibility to share my knowledge on the map and help others to contribute better on Maps. This was main reason for starting Iran Local Guides community in which as a moderator I try to share my mapping knowledge with others and also to learn things from them.Tehran Meetup in Peace Day 02.jpgMe and a few of my amazing Local Guides friends in front of Iran National Museum



LucioV Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - November 2018

Thanks for opening the thread dear @Amiran


Just a quick refresh, as there are a lot of new LGs!


halfdome_reduced.jpgMe on the top of Half Dome

  1. Name: Lucio (aka LuVi)
  2. Location: Rome, Italy
  3. What do I love about being a Local Guide: Photograph, discover, suggest, travel, climb,  help, repeat! Meetups, help, meetups: |
  4. I love to share: the hidden places of my country, proud to be part of Italia Local Guides community I'm also a Silver Expert for Google Maps and Earth support forum, so feel free to ask me any help for mapping issues; I'm the top solution author on Local Guides Connect!
  5. How did I hear about Local Guides: I can't remember, i was already doing some mapping on Map Maker, and adding some photos in some places, late 2015
  6. Fun Fact About Me: I can't sleep (well, actually i sleep around 3 hrs/night) and i'm able to drink around 12 espresso/day actually drinking no more than 3 coffees a day, without visible consequences; maybe the two facts could be related



Spherical photos: that's what I love to do, you are always free to ask me for tips and techniques!


My contributions on maps


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Amiran Level 10
Level 10

Re: Introduce Yourself - November 2018

Thank you dear @LucioV

Although every users (even new ones) know you and your amazing stories and your actions as an expert, Your posts make every topic shiny and is a inspiring start for a month full of Local Guiding 🙏🏻😊