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Waste reporting - on Google Maps

This post is my proposal (my idea) to Google Maps for 2020, and I think is also the dream of many others.

WasteReporting.pngCaption: a Local Guide taking photos of abandoned waste, for reporting them - photos: Local Guide @ermest

The idea is quite simple, this video is explaining it. Of course, this is the view from the Local Guide Side


To know how this system works (in my mind only, at the moment):

please have a look to the following picture

WasteReporting1.JPGCaption: a graphical representation of the Waste Reporting Idea - The picture is representing an idea, not something that is already working on Google Maps - Local Guide @ermest

This is an idea of synergy between three parts:

Local Guides <> Google Maps <> Local Waste Companies

waste reporting circle.JPGCaption - The Waste Reporting Cycle - Local Guides @ermest

Google Maps could build up an interface for reporting abandoned trash or polluted areas, and send the information, loaded by Local Guides, to Local Authorities/Waste companies that are in charge for the clean-up of the area.


The Easy part:

The transfer of Information / Data between Local Guides and Google Maps is simple:

Local Guides are already inserting data in Google Maps, directly in point that are not related to POI:

  • Information related to Missing or wrong road (Send a feedback)
  • 360 Photos

Adding one more information is always possible


The Difficult part:

The difficult side is the interface between Google Maps and Local Authorities and/or Waste companies


I am thinking about something like Google Transit program, where local companies can join the program and update the information.

In this case, Local Companies can join the program, receive information, and send feedbacks to Google Maps, for confirming or denying the report


This is the more difficult part, because the Waste Companies need to register and identify in the map the area of activity (reporting will be possible only in areas covered by a Local Authority or a Waste Companies registered in Google Maps).

This means that the registration interface must have the capability for this function.

In Italy Waste Companies are operating according to administrative areas, so it is quite easy to identify the area covered by the service, but I don’t know how it works in other Countries


As I am aware of the cost of this kind of project, so I am thinking about two steps:

  1. In the first step the program should by run, as a beta test, only in a few areas where local waste companies can set an agreement with Google
  2. In the second step, the registration platform should be built and activated


Of course, we can go deep with more details, if needed. At the moment I am curious to know what the other Local Guides think of this idea

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@ermest  I love that idea very much, and it's my dream too, for Pakistan, for whole world. I wish that one day we can see the world like we saw in your fantastic video. 

I m completly agree with your idea.


As I am aware of the cost of this kind of project, so I am thinking about two steps:

  1. In the first step the program should by run, as a beta test, only in a few areas where local waste companies can set an agreement with Google
  2. In the second step, the registration platform should be built and activated


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Thank you @Kashifmisidia 

feel free to comment, and to share it. Video is public

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@ermest me parece una extraordinaria idea, y creo que están dadas todas las condiciones para poder llevarla a cabo, es verdad que requerirá tiempo y cierta coordinación estatal privada para llevar a cabo dichos procesos de limpieza y también de denuncias. Como buen acotas Google Tránsito es el mejor ejemplo de que este tipo de empresas puede funcionar, es un ganar/ganar, ganamos como sociedad gana Google Maps de tener mejores mapas y gana el estado donde se denunció el sitio a limpiar 🧹, creo que todos nosotros tenemos que poner nuestro granito de arena para difundir esta propuesta de idea y hacer que sea elegible entre todas las que existen actualmente y ocupan un cierto orden de ejecución dentro de los proyectos anuales que lleva Ahalfabet como contribuciones a la sociedad como empresa. este pequeño granito de arena puede mejorar mucho el ambiente donde todo el planeta Tierra vive, eliminamos un poco de basura, o tratarla y reconvertirla.

Por eso sugiero a todo aquellos que lean este post que lo comóartan entre sus redes sociales Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, etc. “las cosas cambian si nosotros producimos esos cambios”



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Thank you @FaridMonti 

You know, sometime I think that I am crazy, but what you say is true.

We are the ones that can produce the change

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I think it's contributing and positive @ermest 

There is one confirmation. Would you like to reflect it in the normal Google Map? Is it displayed separately on a special site like Crisis response? When tourists search for beaches, there is a possibility that they will advertise bad parts of the area. In other words, it becomes a political message. In the event of a political message, we must also consider future problems that we do not anticipate.

But I agree with reflecting on the map.

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Thank you @YasumiKikuchi 

Several association are recently starting to build a tool for reporting. Tourists, in your case. I am thinking about citizens, in the everyday life, in every place, using the most used App of the world. Google Maps. I am a Local Guide, and this function will also increase the respect for us. After accessibility, toilets mapping in India, this can be the next level

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Hi @ermest 

I agree with the basic part and propose it. We also want to consider that current tourists are more of a mass communication than being guests in the place. It might be better to list what problems arise.

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You are always a  good thinker. I love this Idea. This is a very very important for the future generation . It would be appreciated if our Maps team add this feature.

Happy Guidin!   

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@ermest  I'm fully supporting this whole ideas!


As part of the human in this beautiful world I can see that now a days we're destroying our mother nature! if we're not change our behavior the world will ending like movie... 


Save the world

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A pregnant idea! I would like the same in my home country Kenya. Lots of garbage in Mombasa and Nairobi. This will go a long way to help make my city under the sun (Nairobi) a green city once more .