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DavidTito Level 8
Level 8

How To Like Clean The World

Hello, Local Guides from all countries,

I would like to Celebrate a success story so far on LocalGuidesConnect

@ermest and me, Have worked Hard on our Programme Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project

and Teaching the fundamentals of educating the war against Plastic  here at  LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education  Since the beginning of this year Local Guides have reached out to us  from many places and we have managed to get there Voice herd. Thanks to Google Maps and #LocalGuidesConnect  We have now developed a SpreadSheet to help deplete wast as we know it  called Clean The World Spreadsheet and to get a copy of this please download Here there are 4 pages

So let us Break this Spread Sheet Down...

Step 1.

There are 3 pages plus one more for notes and stapled together.

Let us look at the first page and this should be as follows please fill out the boxes below and everyone's name at the bottom clear to read  (not signature)

Step 2.

This is our important Data Collection Sheet This sheet should mark Carefully using a tic method or single stroke so we indicate whats observed and found. I have left a space a the bottom for additional things you might like to add. 

Step 3.

This Sheet covers Glass, Ceramic, Cloth items, Metals, Rubber, Wood, Paper items

Please Note: Under Metal items and this is common sinkers, lures, fishing lines, hooks, traps & pots these are the things affecting our ocean life which I am big on. Page 4. is for anything that is not on pages 1-3 this is for your action plan if you had to recover Sealife or animal Your note would read step by step how you recover that animals life. (let us hope we don't use that one)

Step 4.

Many Local Guides and Communities across the world are posting Here

               Please join us on the war against Plastic and help us build a Cleaner World 



Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: How To Like Clean The World

Well done @DavidTito

The spreadsheet looks great and very helpful (I hope to don't have a need for using sheet 4 too).

Slowly the are implementing documents, experience, knowledge.

I have a thought. When I started LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld, my idea was to run it for a year. Six months (and a few days) after the launch, I am thinking about transforming it in a permanent Local Guides activity.

Awareness is increasing day by day, from more countries 

What is your opinion?

DavidTito Level 8
Level 8

Re: How To Like Clean The World

@ermest Thank you, yes documentation is an achievement to implement goals kind of like a shopping checklist,

My opinion is that we should keep going and I think you and I are in this together, and I see a lot more coming but I have a plan.