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LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Hi Local guides


As many of you already know (see Local Guide Contest: a logo for a new project) I am working on a new WorldWide project, a challenge for everyone of us.

The project is about plastic pollution. While we are working in making a logo for this project, we can start now the first “real” step.

A tought, before to start, to "The 5 core values of Connect" that should always be our guideline in our daily activity

[EDIT] LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education is part of Local Guides clean the world - A Local Guides project - Follow the link for the full project


SANY0212r.jpgTree of Life - Universal Expo 2015 - Milan - A message of hope

Step 1) Education


Why Education?

Abandoned in the environment, the lightweight plastic products are transported by wind and rain, to get into the rivers, and finish their journey in the oceans.

A lot of people are unaware of the problem. A lot of countries are not already well organized in fighting the Plastic pollution

The first step to be taken is to raise awareness and we need to do that with our children as they will be tomorrow’s citizens

Kallady Beach clean!.jpgPhoto 1) Sri Lanka - 'Cleanup Batticaloa Kallady Beach'' - photo courtesy @IlankovanT

Why Local Guides?

Local Guides can be a good education/information channel, organizing Meetups with students, explaining the danger of plastic pollution and showing them how easy is to collect and recycle plastics. Local Guides are students and teachers, children and parents (with some Grandparents too)


What can we do?

Oh, we can do a lot. Education is such a large subject that we will have to divide in into different parts:

I will explain my idea to you, and I will enjoy your feedback


In my vision Local Guides can do a lot for education

  • If we are at university, we can make a research about Plastic pollution, and share it
  • we can prepare educational material, to be used in the school

Depending on the age, different type of material, of course



  • we can run activities with the school, in the school

Depending of the age, different type of activities, of course


How can we do this?

This is the open point, this is the reason for this post

I have already received some feedback about this subject, from people coming from different part of the world.

The challenge of this post is: working together, for sharing experience and ideas, and create one or more workgroup, to produce:

  • Educational material, to use for future activities in school and meetups

Of course every kind of material will be fantastic, but I have a special request for Preschool and Elementary school, because this kind of process have to run starting from ground zero.

  • Ideas about activities to run in the schools, with the schools, with students and parents

Again, every kind of activity will be fantastic, but I have a special request for Preschool and Elementary school


When is this challenge ending?

There is not an “end date” for this part, but of course, we will give us some target to reach for some of the steps and, of course, if the purpose of some material is “to be used for the next activity in the school”


Batu Local Guides - Saber Pungli (21).jpgPhoto 2) Indonesia - Saber Pungli : Just Plunge, Whatever It Takes - Batu Local Guides Meetup - Photo courtesy of @br14n


Here we are, are you ready for painting a better world?

DSC02812.jpgPainting a green world - Dolomites - 2017


Tagging people is not very usual from me, but I really have a reason for doing it, now, so..

Thanks to @br14n and @IlankovanT for the photos ( and for much much more)

I want to invite some Local Guide to join this conversation:

@Julien44, thanks for "The logo must speak to childs"

@MelizzaNeon, thanks for "part of my work is helping to get kids involved in matters of climate change"

@DavidTito, thanks to "talking to my children school"

@KarenVChin@NunungAfuah@AlejandraMaría - I know you want to talk about Education, and I need your experience


I would like to tag more people, but I hope they will come (wellcome) in any case.

Thanks to Google Local Guides Team too, hope you will enjoy this post, and share your experience with us. As I only have one tag available, I'm tagging @TraciC


Thanks to Everyone



Treviso, TV, Italia
MahabubMunna Level 9
Level 9

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

@ermest great idea / step . No doubt one of the best initiative you take  for our environment   best of luck 

LucioV Level 10
Level 10

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Thanks @MahabubMunna@LucioV. Your reaction time is Impressive.

Ok, I'm joking, I am happy that you both are here, we need students, and we need parents, from every part of the world, to start to talk about Recycle and Reuse of plastic's product. Stay tuned, please



JeroenM Level 7
Level 7

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Great post @ermest and so nice to see the photos of Local Guides already in action, making our world a cleaner place.

I would like to bring your attention to LiveWire Productions, a charity (not for profit NGO) in Scotland. They are a theatre in education science "company" and have close links with TechFest a Science Festival for children in Scotland and the Scotish Executive - Education Department.

I personally worked with the company on a drug prevention/ awareness program and "hired" them when I was the director of the Aberdeen Children's Festival - Kaleidoscope. They are a great bunch of people and they have a couple of relevant programs. One in particular, where it is all about REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE. They work with children all the time. Besides working with actor's they produce Educational Resources for teachers.

My suggestion to you is that you request a free sample of their resources. They are subsided by the Scottish government and local businesses, so I don't think they would charge money.  It could be a great example/ template so you know what kind of school materials already exist on this subject. Who knows, they may allow you to use all their materials ;-)

To comply with LG Connect rules, I shall send you their contact details via a PM.

Yours, JeroenM

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

hi @ermest, I don't know why, my heart skips a beat reading this great idea. I will be happy to discuss this project with @br14n and many others Indonesia Local Guides to do this campaign as well.


As you mention about starting from ground zero, I will also try to discuss the possibility to my teachers friends. Here, in our curriculum, we have thematic topic in schools plan. I think it's good to have cleaning the world activity be part of those thematic school plan. I will update what schools here can do to make the project real for kids :)

Indonesia Local Guides
Connect Moderator
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Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Hi @NunungAfuah

So happy to read this. On a multicultural view, it would be nice to use the various local experience as a starting point for an exchange of ideas between different countries. I think we can learn a lot from each other



Julien44 Level 10
Level 10

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Hi @ermest,


Thanks again for initiating such a great project. I really appreciate the thought behind It. I would be so pleased to think, to contribute actively and to help you on this project.


Regarding the step 1:


Why education: You are right, childs will be tomorrow's citizens. I would add the youguest the childs are sensitize, the longuest and the best actors they will be.


Why local guides: Local guides is a such good community, most of the local guides like to share and to give without expecting anything in return. They also appreciate mother nature. We have seen it with all the beautiful pictures shared in connect. I guess lot of them would be pleased to give a bit to her in return. At least, I will do.


What can we do?How can we do this?

As I have 2 kids, I am ready to give you a hand and especially in connection with preschool and primary school.


In term of educational materials, let me share with you my thoughts:


- A presentation and/or  video and/or cartoons could be made.

- An interactive game could be developted  for the kids in order to test their knowledge or to spot good and bad practices.

- A drawing recap page with few responsible eco gestures could be made to display in their classroom.


Hope you will find interesting things in the above post.


See you around



Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

This is interesting @Julien44, I think you should exchange ideas with @NunungAfuah.

I really love the idea of a Cartoon.



Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: LocalGuidesCleanTheWorld - Step 1 - Education

Good job @ermest 😊

I'm 100% agree on this Preschool and Elementary school educational training. As I said earlier I will give my full support to this activity. I love teaching kids and specially these kind of training for kids 😊