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I'd love to be able to use my photos from external sources without hitting the limit

By external sources, I meant some other photo sharing services like Google Photos or imgur. It's just not very convenient to having download the photo first, then uploading it to the Connect post.


I think it's a known fact that Connect has a hard limit of photos that can be posted. No matter how conservative we are in posting photos, sooner or later we will hit the cap.


I would love the ability to post photos directly from my Google Photos album, and not having it counted against the cap.I know Lithium is not a Google product and I don't know how complex it is to build the feature, but I thought it just makes sense since most Local Guides takes photos with their phone and use Google Photos for storage/ backup purpose.


As for Imgur, technically we can reference an imgur link to get the photo, but (to my understanding)  it's basically getting the photo and having it uploaded, making it to be counted as part of the quota (please correct me if I'm wrong).



Why it's closed

Hi @iyudhi . While we are unable to provide Google Photos integration at this time, it is indeed possible to insert URLs to images. I'm going to mark your idea as closed. Thank you!

Connect Moderator

Usualmente el medio que utilizó para postear hilos o comentarios a Connect es mi iPad, con lo cual poder contar directamente desde Connect el acceso a la biblioteca mía de Google Fotos sería muy práctico, ya que en ocaciones las fotos que están en el carrete del iPad no está totalmente sincronizado con la nube de iCloud, supongo que no es simple poder hacerlo desde el navegador, pero leí que la nueva actualización de Hangouts , incorpora poder hacerlo desde la misma aplicación, con lo cual la forma de hacerlo ya la tienen, sería cuestión de incorporarla a Connect, esto ayudaría mucho a poder centrarse más en la realización del Post y no en cómo conseguir las fotos para el Post. 

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Gracias por el feedback @FaridMonti. Lo apuntamos :)

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I support @iyudhi idea that it should be posible to upload any internet photo in a connect post:


If there are good reasons for not allowing any internet photo, at least Google photo should be allowed, I made the request in the feedback board:


Thanks for considering this idea

Connect Moderator

There is a possibility of linking image, as shared by @ @TraciC

But if you are using Google photos you should set the sharing parameters of the photo / album first. I think we should have this automatic when we choose to use an image from a Google product, like Photo is


Connect Moderator

Ermes, what you indicate today google Photos does not have it so developed, it does not generate a direct url of a photo that you choose from all you have, and when you do share the url that generates you is not compatible with Connect, the process It can be done but it is too cumbersome, in a few words "Google Photos" today is not adapted for that.


Iyudhi, what you propose seems to me very good 👍, and it would be very necessary to be able to break the barrier of the 1000 images in Connect, if you plan to grow more than it is now.🙂

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Hello & hope you all are having a good day !

My idea which I would like to share & would like to see it implemented as well is. Why not when we creating a post on connect, especially like 'recap of meetups' or any other stuff, after we click 'start discussion' we can see the 'photos' button but using this upload option we can only see a manual upload option from local drive, upload via url & saved photos. I would very much like connect to be integrated with 'Google Photos'  so we can choose to upload pictures & videos using google photos. Which eventually will help everyone of us.

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Let me just test this function with a photo... Can you guys see the picture below?


Connect Moderator

Hi @Csaba yes we can see the photo. Is this taking a quota?

Connect Moderator

Hi @ermest can you share the linking image method you mentioned? I'm not sure I'm aware of it yet.

Connect Moderator

Yes, I can see the photo @Csaba

I tried this procedure many times, with alternate results.

Photos inside the same shared folder wasn't all visible. So I am not able to clearly understand the correct setting