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How do I use the Connect Photo Library?

When we redesigned Connect back in August, we made it easier to showcase your amazing photos across the forum. However, you may not always have a relevant photo of your own to share. That’s why we’ve introduced the Connect Photo Library.


The Connect Photo Library has tons of beautiful photos you can choose from to add to your post. We carefully selected each photo to fit in with the topics we know you love to share.


We encourage you to use the Connect Photo Library whenever you don’t have a photo of your own to share. Using one of these photos will not count towards your photo limit in Connect.


library-1000.jpgCaption: A screenshot of the Connect Photo Library featuring several different photos users can choose from.

To select an image from the Connect Photo Library:

  • Click Photos in the Connect post editor

adding-photo-1000.jpgCaption: A screenshot that highlights the “Photos” section in the Connect post editor.

  • Click From Library in the top-right corner

save from library.jpgCaption: A screenshot of the “From Library” tab used to upload a photo from the Connect photo Library.

  • Select a photo from the library that is the most relevant to the topic you are writing about.

The photo will then be added to your post. The caption and credit for these photos have already been created for you and will be added automatically.

We hope you enjoy using the Connect Photo Library, but that you’ll also share your own great photos on the forum. For tips on adding your original photos, check out this post.

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Thanks @Christina-NYC just discovered some weeks ago! Very useful!

I'm not using so much, because as you may know, I have TONS of photos to upload :)

Just one thing I would like to know: are these images bought for this matter and licensed under CC?

Hi @LucioV, Thank you for bringing up your question! The photographs within this library are all approved, rights-cleared, and are licensed by Google for use in any of our posts within Local Guides Connect. When you are writing a post and don't have an photograph of your own to upload, you can pick one of these images that goes with the theme of your post. 

Connect Moderator

@Christina-NYC Thanks for updating us on this. It will be useful.

Thank you for sharing @Christina-NYC

Actually, this is a very important tip.

However, in fact, I hope we can import photos from Google Photo directly someday. 

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Good option. Can everyone upload photo here?

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Thanks @Christina-NYC!

It will be useful!




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Thanks @Christina-NYC so, as I understand, we are free to use these images *ONLY* in Local Guides Connect scope, and not on other social, even if the topic is LG related. Correct?

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Hello @Christina-NYC use ful for photo library nice post thank you for sharing with us...

You are correct, @LucioV, the photos in the Connect Photo Library can only be used in a Connect post, and cannot be not copied/downloaded etc. or used elsewhere.

Hi @TuhinSir! These photos have been selected for use only in Connect when you don't have a photo of your own to upload, and people cannot upload their photos to this library. However, we encourage everyone to showcase their own great photos that they have taken when writing a post. We love to see the images you've taken! For help in uploading your own photos, please see these helpful guidelines

Well, we have other helpful tool to use here in Local Guides Connect. I'll utilize it for sure (when I don't have a picture to add to my publication)


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Muchas gracias @ChristinaNYC, a buen seguro nos será muy útil esta posibilidad, aunque por mi parte prefiero utilizar alguna foto de mi galería. 

Un saludo

Connect Moderator

@Christina-NYC, this is an awesome idea and resource tool to use when one does not have a photo of their own to use.


Will Google be adding new photos to use from time-to-time?




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Thanks for this information @Christina-NYC


It's nice to know photos are available for our Connect posts.


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Thank you @Christina-NYC for your nice answer. 

Connect Moderator

Oh wow @Christina-NYC, this is an amazing feature! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Photos make posts richer and more attractive for users to read, so it's great that Local Guides are encouraged to add photos to their posts. I'm sure that they will be able to express much more of what they have to say with the help of these photos.


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I hope photo editor and maximum size or resolution will be deleted. it only makes users bother before making a post. For this feature is very good. I think maybe someday using it.

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@Christina-NYC can you please check all the boards? Seems that Idea exchange and Street View boards are not allowed to access Library.


What an awesome feature! Thank you @Christina-NYC for the tremendous information. It'll help up a lot.

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Thank You for sharing with us @Christina-NYC

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Thank you for sharing with us.

Connect Moderator

That is a great improvement for Connect, @Christina-NYC.


I just find out I do not have that "From Library" option.


螢幕快照 2018-12-14 20.16.39.png

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@Christina-NYC thanks so much! I didn't know that!

Thanks @Christina-NYC!

It will be useful!

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Useful, convenient and time saving.

I am not able to add on map bus stand plz help

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@Christina-NYC  Thanks for important and useful tips.

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@Christina-NYCthats very informative and interactive..

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Thanks @Christina-NYC

For sharing the unique feature of photo album.

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Thank you for your valuble post. It is very useful to new comers like me.


thanks for your sharing. its very usefull 

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Hi, @Christina-NYC

This is nice Library Photography to save great content thanks for sharing with us

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Thanks for sharing the details.


We all run short of photos when creating a new post.

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Great post!


Thanks for the update - it can sometimes be hard getting the exact photo to represent what you want to post about :)

JPEG_20181225_145633_5182500676126489619.jpgIt's me - Andy, the face of Imaginarium


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Solo espero que cuando llegue al límite de fotos desaparezca este y podamos poner más, por ejemplo que quien llegue a un nivel pueda ampliar  esta limitación. Creo que limitar este hecho es limitar a los Local Guides, sería más interesante limitar a 5 ó 7 fotos los posts, ó aconsejarlo. Es mi humilde opinión.

Google Moderator

Hi @SampsonF,


The feature should be available when starting a new post, as oppose to posting a reply it would not appear. : ]


Regarding your inquiry, @HUMVILA, pelase make sure to check the following post with a some specifics that are similar to your idea about higher limit for photos.


If there would be any further ideas that can be expanded, please do not hesitate to share with us on Idea Exchange.

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Wow! That is amazing, thanks a lot!

Very well done, Google Connect!

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How can I develop myself in this field and receive training courses

Google Moderator

Hi @Anonymous,


Thank you for reaching out. There aren't any training courses. You can take a look around Connect to check what other Local Guides have shared and take some ideas. If you need help on a specific issue don't hesitate to tag a Connect or Google Moderator.