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Welcome to the new and improved Connect forum!

Google Administrator

For months, we’ve been hard at work updating Connect to make it a more enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone. Many of our updates are the result of direct feedback, including suggestions that Local Guides made at last year’s big event in California. So thank you! We’re so excited to finally share this redesign with you.


NewConnect_WG.pngCaption: A photo of a phone displaying the Travel section on the redesigned Connect website surrounded by various pins, a passport, two polaroid photos, a plate of gummy fish, and other colorful props.

On the new Connect, we wanted to make it easier to discover posts you care about most. We’ve created site sections based on popular topics. Whether you’re a foodie or a photographer, you’ll find posts you’re interested in with just one click from the site menu.


If you want to read about Local Guides news and Google Maps updates first, check Announcements frequently. Here, you’ll get insider information straight from Googlers, and before official emails go out.


Local Guides come from all over the world and speak many different languages. To make Connect a more inclusive experience, the forum is now available in 33 languages. We’ve also updated our accessibility features so that Local Guides using screen readers can more easily participate on Connect. Now, even more Local Guides will be able to discover your amazing contributions and create their own.


While we’re incredibly proud of the Local Guides program, we also know there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’ve launched the Idea Exchange, a way for you to share your feedback with us directly. Use the Idea Exchange to share your ideas for Google Maps, Connect, perks, and more. You can also vote on ideas from other Local Guides, ask them questions, and offer suggestions. Popular ideas will be reviewed by Googlers and taken into consideration.


We hope you love the new Connect as much as we do! In the comments, let us know what you think and which features you’re most excited about.

Level 9

Thanks a lot @TraciC  and Your team  .

So beautiful and user-friendly new  site.

A small virtual gift for  Lg team 


Connect Moderator

Special thanks to all the effort from the Google team and all the beta testers. The new languages as well as, Idea Exhchange will allow more users to participate better from different parts of the world, as well as provide useful feedback and ideas to improve Maps. Thanks again.

Level 8

Finally ! glad to see this is rolling out to everyone now :) 
well organized & user friendly UI 

thank you @TraciC and the team !

Level 8

Finally!! I'm so proud to see the official release of these new features. You guys did a great job. I'm always here to help on testing if you're planning to add more features. 


Connect Moderator

Traci, this main announcement post for Connect 2.0 doesn't seem to be a public post. Ie, if I open the link in an incognito window, I will require a login to view it. Should it not be public as most post in the old Connect are?


Level 9

@TraciC The new Connect is more attractive and more focused on informative posts. Thank you

Level 9

 @TraciC By the way still I can not share the posts. 

Google Administrator

@StephenAbraham  @AnuradhaP It's rolling out to everyone as we speak but yes, all public posts will continue to be public. :)

Connect Moderator

Super exciting news! Congrats @TraciC and to the rest of the Local Guides team!! :)

Level 9

Thank you @TraciC and Google team for this improved Connect Forum.

Level 10

Hi! @TraciC

New look is amazing and really look!!

Thanks and See you soon at SFO.

Level 9

Thanks for the new & improved connect. You guys are awesome:)

Connect Moderator

Hi @TraciC, thanks! You and the team did something gorgeous!

Connect Moderator

 Yayyy!! It's been a long time coming! Thanks Google!!


@ermest @FaridMonti @SoniaK@PaulPavlinovich @SampsonF @Flash @iyudhi @IlankovanT @LudwigGermany @NunungAfuah Connect 2.0 IS ALIVE!!




Connect Moderator

Yes it is @KarenVChin, I am super excited.

Congratulations @TraciC and team, for this great improvement. It looks cool. have you seen the new badges, Karen?

I love the new structure, the preview of the post.

Now is time to explore


Level 10

Great news! Thank you @TraciC and kudos to the team for working so hard in redesigning connect.

Level 10

Well organized and user-friendly. 


Local guides profile option is very nice, easy to see your favorite LG's posts, badges and so on. 


Thanks google team and @TraciC

Level 10

Tampilan web localguidesconnect berubah signifikan.

Ada beberapa fitur yang tidak ada tapi juga ada penambahan fitur.

Masih meraba raba fitur, belum menguasai .

Siap siap para suhu menjelaskan ya!

BCC: Pak @FXBudiW , Pak @PaDeSSo,

Connect Moderator



My most wanted update finally arrived.


I am looking forward to the multi-language improvements.  33 languages need great efforts to maintain and it is very promising from the initial impression.


Well done!

Level 10

Betul om @kasiyanta

Sebenarnya yang kemarin mendapat akses penguji, sudah merasakan cara dan perbedaannyaScreenshot_2018-08-23-13-19-00_1.jpgPenguji Beta Connect

 Klo mas punya thread, simpan baik baik linknya, karena thread kita akan agak susah mencarinya



Level 8

Love this update! Can't wait to explore it more and discover all the bells and whistles. Thank you @TraciC and team :)

Wow! It is very user friendly and simply amazing. Thanks to google.


Level 10

Ha ha ha @kasiyanta.


Betul, wajah baru, belajar baru lagi nich.


Biasanya klik kiri atas ganti bahasa Indonesia, terus browsing yang bebahasa Indonesia, tetapi sekarang kayaknya musti per topik, mau  eceiveditulis pake bahasa apun terserah karena pilihan bahasa nya ada di sudut kiri atas.


Yang cukup signifikan adalah badge Giving kudo 2500 belum muncul begitu juga receive kudo 2500 hilang.



Sama untuk memberikan kudo ada di bagian atas kiri tulisan juga. 

Level 10



Pa ada sejumlah badge yang ngga ada ya pak.


untuk sementara atau permanen ?


Terima kasih,



Google Moderator

Halo @kasiyanta,


Kami mengubah Connect untuk memberikan pengalaman yang lebih menyenangkan dan inklusif bagi Local Guides seperti kamu. Kami mempermudah untuk menemukan post yang kamu sukai dan mencari tahu mengenai pembaruan program terbaru. Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai pembaruan Connect, silahkan kunjungi post ini.


Level 8

 Thank you so much @TraciC ,

And many many thanks to all behind the scenes team who work very hard to make new amaaaaazing connect 

I like it and hope we can help as much as we can to make it more amazing


P.S congratulations to all 10k badge 

We want 100k and one million kudos

badges  ;-))))😁






Level 10

Sifatnya permanen om @FXBudiW

Tapi yang berubah adalah range nya. Silahkan cek,

1. Klik foto profil kita

2. Pijit nama ID berwarna biru samping foto

3. Klik lainnya.

Om budi akan melihat range yang berbeda dari biasanya

Level 10
Thank you @TraciC this new version will bring a fresh feel to the community. Thank you all googlers and connect mmoderators who were working behind this since last few months.
Level 8

Congrats on this launch!  Absolutely love the new interface! 😍Thank you to all the awesome designers, developers and everyone behind this new release. 👏🏼

Level 10

Iya mbak @AngieYC.


Saya sudah baca tulisannya mbak @TraciC.

Saya sedikit bingung nich, saya set dalam bahasa Inggris, terus kalau mau lihat temen teman Local Guides yang menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia saya pergi sudut Kiri atas, kemudian pilih Language kemudian Bahasa Indonesia.


La Kalau sekarang bagaimana ?

punya usul ?

Level 6

Thanks for bringing the Material design to LocalGuidesConnect. It is amazing and faster as well.


There are many areas where it still needs to be updated and shows older design. 

Many modules are broken as it shows access denied. 


Let me know if need help regarding reporting. 



I really love new Connect look and professional-looking navigation system. The navigation stands out, also it is cool and easy to understand. So far no problem - no bug issue found, I have been able to surf the stuff on new Connect with ease and have had a great experience.

Level 10

Iya @PaDeSSo.

Saya sudah Check, padge 10 belum muncul, kemudian kudo 2500 baik terima maupun memberi sudah ngga dihitung.


Nampaknya dihitung nanti setelah 5000 dan 10 000.

Tolong lihat Profil Bapak.

Terima kasih.

Level 9

Its pretty cool...



Level 8

I like everything about Connect 2.0 especially I like the Idea Exchange


Thus most of all I like the fact that Connect is a livivg platform eternally seeking to improve itself with the help of its Local Guides and the guidance of the Googlers.


Additionally, I love the fact that now we can write feature articles about our discoveries and experiences out in the wild and here on Connect. 


Nevertheless, I do hope that we will be able to have again the editing and formatting tools. 


Again, Thank you Google for the opportunity to partcipate and contribute to this worthy cause.



~ Virginia Benedict 🕊

Beauty&Lifestyles™ Curator

Google Maps Local Guide 🧚‍♀️

Level 10

Pak @PaDeSSo

Ya pak. 

Ni saya masih mempelajari.

Masih kaku , belum familier

Level 10

Om @FXBudiW sebentar lagi 5000Screenshot_2018-08-23-13-51-35.jpg#51






Level 10

Benar pak @FXBudiW 

Saya cari cari daftar kudus gak / belum ketemu

Level 10

Mbak @AngieYC

Ni masih mencari cari, masih belajar lagi

Level 8

@TraciC This is terrific news, I myself will be definitely enjoying giving feed back as I think that's number rule as Local Guide, Local Guides around world will be thrilled to here about new changes, thanking you kindly

Level 10

Hurray, an Idea Exchange section! Please provide enough free space on the server where that is hosted, and buckle up... I'm already in the starting blocks 😆

Level 10

Terima kasih infonya pak @PaDeSSo.


Musti belajar belajar lagi nih .


Banyak yang berubah



Terima kasih

Level 10

Jauh hari om @kasiyanta dan om @FXBudiW dan mba @AngieYC

Saya sudah menyimpan link di layar HpScreenshot_2018-08-23-13-57-18.jpg




Level 7

The new revamped UI looks stunning and smooth. But the backend part (settings page, edit profile section etc) is still cluttered and not user friendly at all. Please modify those page in-line with new design.


Also, I am unable to access Idea Exchange Page. The error message is displayed as "Access Denied". May I know if there is any eligibility criteria to share our suggestions on this forum? I am at local guide level 7.

Google Administrator

@DearDhruv Please post any concerns you may have or feature requests in our brand new idea exchange.


@VBenedict If there is something you'd like to see, please post it in the Idea Exchange. Thanks! 

Level 10
Hello @TraciC the new idea exchange is not acce accessible. showing the below error. Local Guides Connect Access Denied Access Denied You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser's Back button to continue. Return to my original page
Level 7

Wow I am really exciting and amazed too because of this new feature. And it is really more easy to use and helpful too specific exchange ideas and much more. I really love this. More thanks to Google team for great efforts and for their hard work. And more big special thanks to @TraciC  for this very convenience, informative and helpful post. 



Level 10

Luar biasa !!!


Terima kasih banyak atas inspirasinya pak @PaDeSSo.


Dengan yang sekarang jauh lebih mudah untuk follow tulisan tulisannya pak Desso dengan klik dari fotonya aja.


luar biasa, jadi benar benar Connect.


Saya kasih ucapan duluan dech pa untuk kudos 10 000 nya, 

Level 8

Beautiful and graceful.

The new local guide connect website is amazing. ✌️🎉💥👍😊

Level 10