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Uploading a photo on Connect? Read these guidelines first

We encourage you to share your photography whenever you write a post on Connect. We love learning more about your experiences and seeing your amazing photos. 


However, when you share images on Connect, they must meet the requirements below.


Only upload your original photos or photos you have permission to post


The photos you share should either be original photos that you've taken as the photographer or ones that you have the right to share with permission from the copyright holder. Do not post images that infringe on any copyright or that you don't have permission to share.


1. photo-upload-connect-1000.jpgCaption: A photo of the Connect upload tool with a photo of Ipanema Beach and mountain range. (Getty Images)

Choose photos that are relevant to your post


Photos you share on Connect should clearly relate to the subject or topic you are writing about. Local Guides that participate on Connect are currently limited to 1000 photos uploads, so be mindful of how many you are uploading. For tips on uploading images on Connect to stay within the limit, check out this helpful post. If you’ve already reached your 1000 upload limit, read this post on how to manage your photos.


2. Connect-photo-posts-1000.jpgCaption: A screenshot of two posts on Connect: “How to take photos for campers” and “Photo of the week: City Palace by Сергей Серебряков.”
Include a caption and credit


After you add a photo to your post, add a simple descriptive caption to explain exactly what you see in the photo as well as photo credit. The descriptive caption will help our readers using assistive technology experience the photos you share.

For example, the photo below taken by Local Guide Meng He would be captioned, “Caption: A photo of a blue sky reflected in windows of a building. (Local Guide Meng He)”


3. LG-Meng_He-IMG_2688.jpgCaption: A photo of a blue sky reflected in windows of a building. (Local Guide Meng He)

Pay attention to these file properties:


    • Landscape or horizontal layout (more wide than tall) will generally look better than portrait or vertical layout (more tall than wide).
    • Although photos are sometimes displayed as smaller thumbnails elsewhere in Connect, photos you add to post need to be 1000 pixels in width.
    • No single photo file may exceed 3,072KB (kilobytes) in file size. If it is larger than this, you will need to resize it.
    • Photos should be good quality. Not blurry, out of focus, or otherwise difficult to view.

For tips on improving your photographing skills, check out the Photography board on Connect.



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Wow nice tips @Christina-NYC most helpful for all ,thank you for sharing with us....

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Thanks for the useful and insightful article Christina. The post will definitely help new users understand  guidelines before uploading photos to connect. It contains a detailed and well written information. Thanks once again !

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Buenas tardes 



Connect se han de añadir imágenes "por defecto"...? Por favor, corríjame si estoy equivocado, Gracias de antemano ;-)

Un Cordial Saludo.


Atentamente, MJ.Bustelo

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Hi @Christina-NYC  thank you for your very informative and helpful post.

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great post about photos uplaoding @Christina-NYC  thanks for sharing

Connect Moderator

Thank you @Christina-NYC for adding the "missing link" about posting photos in Connect. Very clear post.



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Hi, @Christina-NYC


Thank you so much for very helpful tips I now got better knowledge about uploading photo and make my post more worth.

Connect Moderator

hi @Christina-NYC, thanks for the information :)

Level 7

When attempting to indicate that a new business had moved into a shop that was still listed on Google Maps I have uploaded a screenshot of the Google Street map to provide evidence and received a response that the photo would be  posted online in my name if the edit was accepted.  It was not my intention to have such a substandard image appear on Google Maps since it was only meant to confirm the details and location of the new shop.   

I feel that there needs to be a differentiation between these two types of image upload since it is hard enough to get new shops listed on Google Maps with all the unhelpful "NOT APPLIED" responses that are issued by your automated system.

In my own case over 90% of my contributions were rejected even though the details were accurate in every detail.

Would the fact that the photos that I submitted were not "original" have been one of the reasons why your system was unable to cope ?

I don't have any of the details of most of the rejected edits as the Local Connect system does not currently issue EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS for "NOT APPLIED" rejections although it does do so for both "PENDING" and "PUBLISHED" contributions.

This is a serious oversight and is one of the reasons why I have stopped contributing to Google Maps until such concerns are taken seriously at long last.


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Awesome guidelines @Christina-NYC

Thank you so much for sharing.

Namaste, Niraj

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Outstanding Step-by-Step @Christina-NYC


I should remember to always caption photo credit even if it is obvious I am the photographer. 

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Google Moderator

Hi @DINESH2327 and welcome to Connect, 


Thanks for sharing this nice photos. It would be great if you share a bit more information about the story related to them. 


By the way if you want to make your post more engaging I recommend you to read the articles What makes a good post?.

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¡Oh wow! great tips! I had no idea about the 1000 pics restriction.

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@Christina-NYC Always looking forward for your amazing tips.
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You need more pics of yourself you are absolutely beautiful 

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Thank you @Christina-NYC 

Your post is very helpful.


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@Christina-NYC great article and a great guide for LGs. One important reason to also add captions to photos is that it would be easy for it to be found during searches. Most importantly, visually impaired citizens can have a picture view of the images by reading the captions (including on brailles). 

Thanks for sharing!


Let's guide better!



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Hallo @Christina-NYC Thank you for information 

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It's a great suggestion, I'll strive to produce better photos with more information, thank you.

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Thank you Christina very helpful.

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Google maps playing a marvellous technique on account but bit concentrate ,can be noticed.


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@Christina-NYC Thanks for this update about photo uploading on connect. 

Happy Guiding !!

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Buenos días a todas buen artículo para fotografía en mi caso lo más habitual es foto de comercios o empresas fotografías técnicas y las realizó con movíl agradecería consejos para este tipo de fotografías. 

Gracias por vuestro trabajo. 

Estaría bien una quedada en bilbao si os animáis. 

Google Moderator

Hola @Fran22


Ten en cuenta que el artículo de @Christina-NYC trata de cómo subir fotografías en Connect y sugún haya entendido bien lo que ofreces tú, es un taller que te ayudará mojorar las fotos que subes en Google Maps. 


Si tiene otras idea o propuestas, puede compartirlas en tablero Idea Exchange.

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Thank you for your help and support.

Attempting to share a photo from Google Photos via share link results in an error. That's a surprise.

Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 18.26.22.png

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도움 감사합니다

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Yes be gardaş...
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Helllo @Christina-NYC

thanks for the nice post. AND PLEASE INCREASE the LIMIT of 3MB :( 

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@Christina-NYC thanks for your wonderful post!

Mil gracias @Christina-NYC  definitivamente nos ayuda a entender un poco mas el contexto para compartir experiencias y fotografias vividas.

Thanks for the information @Christina-NYC.

IMG_20180801_194723~2.jpgВечер в Дивноморское


Level 7


Thank you for clarifiying some of the issues in this announcement.

It provides us with a useful outline of the uploading guidelines but the file size restrictions highlighted do not apply to the 360-degree photos which can also be uploaded to Google Maps.

Perhaps this announcement should be updated to include the guidelines for photospheres since one can upload them now to both Google Street View and Google Maps providing that the location is already listed on Google Maps.

This is a wonderful feature which can be easily   utilised without high-priced VR cameras or expensive software and just about any of the Local Guides who has a decent smartphone camera can contribute immersive views of the locations that they visit.

These options will work on both Android and IOS platforms and the same EXIF-tagged photospheres can also be uploaded to other online sites which support the same format - such as Facebook.

There is a bit more image-editing involved at times to correct some of the usual automated stitching errors but the results are usually more than worth the effort and the fact that this can be done on a shoestring budget means that such functionality can overcome the "digital divide" and be freely implemented by almost every Local Guide almost everywhere in the world.

Just a thought ...

cc : @JanVanHaver@LucioV


Level 3

Nuito obrigado pelas explicações. Espero aprender rapidamente.

Level 7

This is an example of a simple photosphere which was taken with a standard smartphone using the Google Street View app.

Unusually this "first take" was almost entirely free of automated stitching errors and so could be immediately uploaded without any manual editing first.

I also copied it originally to Google Maps but then deleted it soon afterwards so that I could manually blur out the license plates on the cars before uploading it again.

Here is the direct link so that you can judge the quality that the Google Street View app can provide on its own in ideal circumstances.


Connect Moderator

 Hi, @aka_Rὁn

Please read again again carefully the post, written by @Christina-NYC

This post is about "uploading photos in Local Guides Connect" (this community) and NOT about the upload of photos in Google Maps.

So your replies are "Off Topic" in this thread, and I would like to ask you to pay attention about the subject of a post, otherwise your questions will remain unanswered


Thank you for your attention



Level 7


Thank you for clarifying the position and please forgive me for not realising that this announcement was only about the uploading of photos as a part of comments on Connect 2.0 (in contributions which we are no longer able to either edit or delete in some cases).

Thank you  for also pointing out that I was "off topic" and for making it clear that the slick new Connect 2.0 interface is not nearly as "friendly" or "inclusive" as it has been hyped to be and demonstrating that any attempt for a Local Guide to offer a positive contribution will so often receive this type of official response.

I really wish that some form of public debate was allowed in order for some of the Local Guides to raise some of the issues regarding the various obstacles that have been imposed on this forum in terms of the new magazine layout and all of the functionality which has been removed.

Most of the real help I have received since joining Local Connect (1.0) was via other experienced Local Guides rather than from any Googler or moderator and that continues to be the case even now.

It seems that the primary function of those who have been given total control over this forum is to police it and to put Local Guides in their place whenever it appears that they have stepped out of line.

Sooner or later all of these behaviours  will need to be reviewed at a much higher level of management since such heavy-handed, unhelpful and ungrateful responses do not appear to be a productive or sustainable way to encourage full participation.

I make these critical comments in good faith and hope that they will be considered carefully rather than dismissed out of hand.

Thank you for your time and patience.


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Great tips! @Christina-NYC

Thanks for sharing.


Level 7

Very easy to read and understand. Nice job!

Level 8

Thanks, Christina!!!! This would certainly go a long way in uploading and posting quality photos!!!!

Level 9

Hi @Christina-NYC!

I'm trying to upload some photos in the photos section to show the people that the 33rd São Paulo Art Biennial is happening. Photos were taken from a smartphone in portrait position. Then I had to pass them through the program "imagesmaller" to reduce the size of the photos (which were more than 3 MB). The problem is that when I upload to the site all the photos are in landscape position, and I can not rotate the photo to be in the correct position. I've already asked for help here at Local Guides Connect, but I was not successful. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?



Me encanta ésta nueva forma de compartir y conectarse  con el mundo a través de imágenes.

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Nice presentation.

Greate post about photo uploading most helpful for all thanks

Level 7

i didn't post any picture from camera, I am required to google please increas image size.




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Level 6
Thank you for the nice tips
Level 8

@Christina-NYC Thank you, It is always a good reminder to keep of our guidelines in effect like this is and a  very important aspect for family #LocalGuidesConnect members.