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Why is my edit status Pending or Not Applied?

GusMoreira Level 5
Level 5

Why is my edit status Pending or Not Applied?



The world is a big and dynamic place — as it evolves, our goal is to keep the information on Google Maps as fresh and accurate as possible.


In order to do that, Local Guides submit edits to ensure their communities are accurately represented. Sometimes, an edit you have submitted may appear as Pending or Not Applied.


Many of you have asked why your edit is shown that way, so we wanted to share more information with you how edits are reviewed and why they may appear as such.


Every edit submitted to Google Maps is either reviewed by an automated systems, local operators, or both, to ensure changes follow our guidelines.


If we are not sure the edit is accurate, it may be listed as Denied. If your edit status is listed as Pending, it means we need to take a closer look at the information, which can take some time to verify through our staff and other users through "Check the Facts".


Don’t take it personally.

If your edit is denied, this doesn’t mean you are a bad mapper (unless you are trying to spam the map!) — we may not be familiar with the region you are mapping and need more information to be confident the edit is accurate. Simply collect more information and suggest another edit.


Thank you for helping to keep Google Maps fresh and accurate for the millions of people who rely on your information when they’re exploring the world.

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