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Re: Conociendo

Hi @Luiscasas,

Welcome to Connect!


As it looks like you are new in Connect, I suggest you go through the following resources: New to the community? and What makes a good post?. You can also read these Tips: Using Local Guides Connect.


I'm going to move your post to our monthly Introduce Yourself thread, where you can get to know other Local Guides.

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omasalami Level 7
Level 7

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018


Location: Abuja

What i love about being a local guide:The exitement of getting to register new places each time i go out and the feeling of knowing that every contribution helps countless number of people all over the world and the the feeling that goes with being a small part of a big thing(google).

My favourite thing to explore:i dont have favourites when it comes to exploring i capture each moment as it comes it could be nature,a community a business a beautiful plaza ,food anything that catches my attention.😊😁

Fun Facts about me:Even though am a professional builder i love teaching young children preK,early elementary and early years sunday school,i also made my first pizza upper year i love the french language and i am currently learning french and am in A2.Married to a beautiful princess with 3 boys 😊IMG_20180525_205046.jpgFrederick




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Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

I was very excited for your introduction @Christina-NYC. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

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selena123 Level 2
Level 2

A refreshing drink

My photo - 12-3-2018_9-53-54---.jpgthis looks good to drink

MdAtikuzzamanLimon Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Myself: Md Atikuzzaman Limon from Dhaka, Bangladesh

@Christina-NYC Thanks for marge my post to Introduce Yourself section. As I am new to the local guide connect, any sort of suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks again.


bangladesh-flag-waving-gif-animation-5.gifBD#LocalGuides | #LetsGuide | #Bangladesh |#BangladeshLocalGuides | #SoundOfBeautifulBangladesh
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

@MysticalLama - do introduce yourself :)

Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

@NuamanIM - do introduce yourself :)

OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

saving the best for last :)

finally we met and know more about the one who surprise us with great posts from time to time

nice to meet you @Christina-NYC  very nice introduction and photos :)

its my turn :



My Name is : Osama 

Location: I Am Global Citizen Living now in Amman Jordan 

What I love about being a Local Guide: i really more than a lover with Local Guides program 

I Love The Fact That People Naturally love to Share the Advice (For Free)  About where to go for Restaurant, Shopping,  & tourist or Just spend quite  nice time with family. I love Maps & before Google Maps I buy a Map & (search about Yellow Pages in the hotel :) for every country i visit ,but now its much easier

to see all the world from your mobile navigate the city search about Places & see the real feedback from you about your experiences  and you see my feedback , About me this save a lot of Time & Money  that spend in searching the internet or reading about the city i will visit , With Google Local Guides We Can Help Millions of People and of course we can help each others as A Local Guides Community 

how to tie your shoes & how to use Google maps ( Share location , traffic , contributions) will be critical  Life skills for this century .


Fun Fact about me :

i am Cloudholic  "I love Clouds"

20181122_140120 (2).jpg


OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

PaDeSSo Level 10
Level 10

Bls: Introduce Yourself - December 2018

Hello my LG friends !
This is my introduction for Desember 2018


1. Name : PaDeSSo.

2. Location : Bandung City - West Java - Indonesia

3. What I love about being a Local Guide : I like to travel and explore different places which makes it better for best information.
Google maps help us in many different ways for places, things, food and much more. So I upload different locations, photos and reviews so that it will help other peoples for travel and explore.

4. I love to share : Anything and everything.

4.Fun Fact about me: Cool, Calmly, Lovely, humble and friendly















Best Regards

PaDeSSo - Indonesia