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Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

Its  like everyone tells a story about themselves on Connect these days ..

Stories have to be told or they die...




Once upon a time ... there was a global citizen who discovered by accident he had turned into the best COMMUNITY for Global Citizens around the world ...


If you really want to know about him , the first thing you'll probably want to know is where he was born ...

He was born in Jordan with a gift of laugh and sense of humor ,


JORDAN , kingdom in the middle East and part of the holy land for many Religions , many religious leaders walk on this land , 

Probably you hear about jordan 

about  our Royal Family ...

Screenshot_20180429-185118.jpgking Abdullah II & Queen Ranya Of Jordan source Jordan Guard Page


Or you you wish to visit Jerash, Temple of Hercules or Petra ...


Dreaming to travel all the world is one of his passions , and yes year after year this small kid grow up and start his journey around the world 

20170721_220824.jpgCity center Early morning :)



Screenshot_20180429-194329.jpgDubai Arabic DressScreenshot_20180429-194401.jpgTurkeyScreenshot_20180429-194424.jpgGulf of AqabaScreenshot_20180429-184845 (1).jpg 



From the Beautiful tea fields  of Nuwara Eliya mountains in Sri Lanka to the most charming canals of Amsterdam in Netherlands 

And from awesome  kyiv in Ukraine to beautiful addis Ababa in Ethiopia ...


Thank You Google,

He started with Google services and products from early years of this century ...

He witness the huge improvements for many products ...

And one of them is Google Maps

From just a normal Map , to what we have today , from Dry map to a life able Map , where you can ask and talk with .....


Being a local Guide is a small thing that i can do to say thank you Google for all your products and services that help me and my company for all of these years ...


Maps are my passion really i can stare at a map for Hours , for me its pleasure to stare the Maps..


Local Guides Program 📣

In the beginning there was a normal map , you just can know the cities names....

And Now we have this Super Map

Or i don't know what we should call it 

From this google maps you can know best route directions via Google traffic , you can search shops and malls , you can know all feedbacks from real people like you , you can know working hours , you can make map lists , you can know and do many things , now its part of my life Riding routine to open Google maps even my daughters when they see any heavy traffic said : Dad open Google :-))


Yeah its started from Netherlands i remember that sunny day while i am shooting Photos of this wonderful city , i received a notification to upload this photo to the map and yes from that day i am Proudly  a local guide , when i came back to My Country Jordan i started to upload and update the map in Jordan and to invite my Friends to do the same , as a voluntary Program you search for a people who love to help others without touching return...

Day after day i level from level ONE 

To Level 5 👍

I remembered it was a happy moment ....

Then something... Happened ...

It will not surprised you to learn that i am not a member of Local Guides connect Family yet :-)

I received a notification or email to join Local Guides Connect Community 🙌

I'm very Glad i didn't bypass this email & i think you too ;-)

One post , one kudo , one comment

Screenshot_20170521-131012 (1).jpg

As a member of new Community i started to learn how its work , i i joined the community in he second year of its Start ..

Connect are grow stronger and stronger when i joined the Connect members are around 150k 

Now we are more than 650K

Google give us the best tool , resources and support to connect with others around the world , our way of interacting are still shaping,

I learn something new Daily from Connect one of the best things you will learn is cultural intelligence in Connect we Respect all

All means 

All Culture's , All Religions and believes , All Races , All Genders , All Backgrounds , All Countries all

All Educational levels ,etc....

and this diversity respect make this community one of the strongest Community on all The world ,

Connect give's you a better idea how you should behave with other cultures , 

You can read about international days around the world , but when your friend tell about and explain how and why they Celebrate this is something different , 

In the middle of this learning

New Points System ....

And we think to make something for Connect and for not just our Communities  ,for all the world 

We started the World Wide MEETUPs series ...

Achievements :

in this program i seek cooperation rather competition , 

i learn how to take better photos and to write better reviews to help in making my country and all the world better place i learn many thing from this program....


"I am not here to talk about number of Kudos or Badges , i am here to talk about life changing achievements ",


like A11y "accessibility" campaign initiated by @TraciC@ which is one of my best campaigns ever ...

Screenshot_20171001-222508 (2).jpg




Screenshot_20170613-160414.jpgJumping Challenge :)



Screenshot_20170829-151232.jpgWelcome to Ezwitti





             I am talking about love &  Friendship from all around the world ...


                          In this program you will meet many people, 

You will meet delicate flowers , ranging oceans , quite forests , towering mountains and colorful skies

You will meet thunderstorm , You will meet lightning , They will knock you down They will leave you breathless , 

you will meet sunrises , explore them, Get lost with them , They All have something different to teach you .




Above All , I Would Like To Be Remembered As a Man Who Was Selfless , Who Storve & Worried so that others could share the glory , and who build a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say

                                                                   we're "LOCAL GUIDES" 



P.S: I will talk about friendship  in the next comments





OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

I think its time to talk about my Friendship Journey With Local Guides Program 

really i don't know how to start or what to write ....

i will build this friendship post step by step as we build our friendship through the journey 

 some of my Hidden  Gems 💎💎💎💎💎



lets start from the start 

my Legends & Mentors

 @LucioV  is not just My Hero he is A real Local guides Hero 

A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have.




@AnuradhaP from Sri Lanka 

"Never let your best friends get lonely... keep disturbing them."


OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

connect live 2019 application

BudionoS Level 9
Level 9

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

MiaMaria Level 9
Level 9

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

@OSAMA what a wonderful post!! Good luck for your application!! All the best to you!

I ❤️ being a local guide! My contributions
My Connect Profile
NareshDarji Level 9
Level 9

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

What a great post bro @OSAMA

I'm sure you are rocking in San Francisco this year's connect live event. 

Best wishes for connCon live 2018.


AkmalB Level 9
Level 9

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..


Just wanted to ask you bro ,in your first photo,what you are writing??😀😀just kidding

Most awaited post is here,as always your post is super hit bro ,

Honestly you're looking good in every photo,

You did a lot from last year,

Good luck, and hope to see you soon


OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: Once Upon a Time ... Global Citizen From JORDAN..

Heeey @MiaMaria , thank you very very much for your kind words :-)

Did you submit your application !!!?

Tag me in your post :-))))