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AED defilbrator



AED defilbrator, mesto kjer se nahaja in je dosegljiv 24 ur. Opazil sem da na zemljevidih niso povsod označeni. Moral bi bit označen, da je dosegljiv 24 ur na dan. In fotografijo, da ga lažje poiščeš, ker šteje vsaka sekunda.



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A recent CBC article mentioned that defibrillator locations are not generally known by emergency dispatchers or law enforcement personnel. Would it be possible to make these tagable by Local Guides (and others) in Google Maps? Maybe with date meta-data to tell how fresh the information is. (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/david-fowlie-defibrillator-access-aed-registry-maritimes-1...)

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Would actually be handy to have an "Emergency Equipment" category to cover all emergency equipment provided for public use.  Items can be described but can include water rescue and anti flood equipment as examples in the UK.

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Me sumo a tu solicitud @JMcG, el lugar donde trabajo cuenta con un desfibribilador, pero Google Maps no cuenta con una opción para indicar esta opción, para una emergencia sería bueno conocer donde hay uno. 

También me parece buena sugerencia la de @DougieHough


Hay que ver si otros opinan lo mismo y en una de esas linagregan como capa de seguridad a Google Maps 


saludos Farid 

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Thanks for this interesting example of a place that should stay in Maps, @I_SS_A.

I am moving your post in the Feedback board, for Google to take note of it



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This is a request that I have logged and passed along to the wider team. Thank you @I_SS_A :)

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Thanks @JeslynL

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I think it's time to add AED locations on google maps.


This could save lives!

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Seems like a no-brainer to me. There are some apps around that have AED maps, but no one is going to have that to hand when needed. But chances are a bystander at an SCA will have a phone with google maps on it, and it might occur to them to look for help on it, without having to install anything.


This would definitely save lives.

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Dad who saved son's life backs plan to map every public defibrillator in the UK.https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/08/dad-saved-sons-life-backs-plan-map-every-public-defibrillator-uk-7815...


So Microsoft are running with this idea. Perhaps Google Maps will pick up on it too.