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Meet-up Alerts for Local Guides

Local Guides come from all walks of life, most of us very enthusiastic about every bit of the program, but without the luxury of constantly checking the meet-up board to see what's being hosted near us. That's why I think we should get the option of signing up for meet-up notifications in our registered Local Guide locations, that way, when a meet-up is hosted by someone within so short a period, you simply get an  email message informing you about the hosted meet-up near your location and you decide if it fits into your calendar or not.  


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I like the idea, if we have an option for "inform me when a meet-up is hosted in my area"

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A number of cities have regular meet ups and often have a large turn out for meet ups. But for some cities, sometimes only a handful of Local Guides show up or even none. Hosts put a lot of effort into organizing meet ups and I know they would love to meet other Local Guides as well. On my last meet up, I met new guides who said they didn't really know there were meet ups and stumbled onto the meet up site and found it. I think as a host, there should be an option to notify, perhaps by an email, everyone that is registered in the host city to inform them there is a new meet up coming up. This will be a way for new guides to learn more about the program and to meet other guides in their city.

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@NkennaA This is a good idea. As @ermest mentioned, we must get the concent from the local guides to activate this feature for them. I think an SMS alert will be more effective.

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I really like this idea. I did the same request before. I hope LG Team can implement this. 

Yest we should have one with the option available like @ermest mentioned or similar other options. ✌

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I travel around my country a lot with work and it would be fantastic if there was an easy way to notify and connect with other Local Guides (in those regions) by email notification so we could meet up and share our experiences.

I also often see meet-ups that have passed and I see that no-one turned up, which makes me feel sad for the  LG host. If I had received an email notification I would have tried hard to connect and attend. I have put a lot of work into organising interesting meet ups in the past and it's really demoralising when no-body turns up and I'm sure that happens because not enough Local Guides your region know about it.

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I agree with you, @Shirley. I think it can be combined with @NkennaA idea

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Great idea bro @NkennaA :-)

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+1 kudo for an expression I have never heard yet: "from all walks of life". And of course the main idea: I might have missed a couple of meet-ups myself as I have no time wading through the meet-up site for possible meet-ups.

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