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Introducing new badges on Google Maps

Google Moderator

[Updated on Nov 20] Badges are now available for all Local Guides on Android and iOS.


[Updated on Oct 11] Badges are coming soon for everyone, but we’re experiencing a delay on Google Maps for Android. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


Do you love taking photos? How about reviewing the places you visit? Maybe you’re into exploring new areas, or adding details about places to help others get around.


Local Guides share their knowledge in many ways. That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing badges to recognize different kinds of top contributors on Google Maps.


Caption: Screenshot of four new badges in Google Maps: Expert Photographer, Expert Reviewer, Novice Fact Finder, Novice Trailblazer.Caption: Screenshot of four new badges in Google Maps: Expert Photographer, Expert Reviewer, Novice Fact Finder, Novice Trailblazer.

Here are the four new badges you can earn right now:



You’ll earn this badge by writing detailed reviews that help people decide where to go.



This badge is for sharing photos of places, so others can see the world on Google Maps.



Here’s the badge for exploring. Earn it by being the first to add, review, or take a photo of a place.


Fact Finder

Earn this badge by checking facts, making edits, and answering simple questions about places to help people find the right information on Google Maps.


By sharing more, you can get upgrades for each one. For example, a Novice Photographer can become an Expert Photographer, and then reach legendary status as a Master Photographer. Your past contributions will be factored in too, so some of you may have already reached that status!


This feature is rolling out over the next few weeks. To see if it’s on your device right now, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward each badge. Tap each one to see how to earn the more advanced version of your new badge.


Level 5

Google Map Champasak

Level 5

Google Map Watphou  Champask  view 360 4D

Level 7
great feature

Hello, community! May be somebody give answer me, may be @HelloJess.

In new badges something wrong, exactly in Notice Trailblazer. Yesterday I added first photo to place. Google maps is accepted the photo, but doesn't update my quantity of first photo add. It was 1-t photo for: Solar Turbines Europe, 6041 Charleroi, Belgium

What happened?

Must be 7/10Screenshot_20171212-091922.jpg

Thanks for answer 



Thanks a lot for all, who helped fix it! Now is 👌 How must be ;-)

Level 7

@VBenedict "Will we be notified when the rest of our 200+ words reviews will be credited their due points? 99+% of my reviews are 200 words at minumum."  It is not two hundred WORDS, but instead two hundred CHARACTERS. What I did was type my reviews into a website that has an active character counter until I got a feel of what 200 characters 'felt' like, then I copied the text from there and pasted it into my Maps.

Level 8

thank you for exciting matter share

Hello, @HelloJess and all LG's! I have same problem as previously. But now it's another place. I've added first photo to place, but GM doesn't update my quantity. It was: Sprzedaż części zamiennych do samochodów, ul. Reja 5, 69-100 Słubice, PolandScreenshot_20171216-091951.jpg



I think, not only I have that problem. May be it is some error of program's script?

Thanks for help

Level 9

Sounds great to me! 

Level 9

This is a great idea and something for everyone to strive towards earning and get rewarded as they make the maps better for everyone. 

Level 8

@HelloJess thanks for your Tips and information 

Level 8

@HelloJess i have an observation here. if you check on picture A you will see that the number of photos and the Total views did not match with the ones on the picture B (volume and impact) which i guess should be thesame. thanks..picture Apicture A


picture Bpicture B


Level 8

Bonjour @Sagir,

À mon sens c'est juste une histoire de mise à jour des serveurs. Si vous ne contribuez pas pendant un court terme, les deux valeurs seront identiques.

J'ai la même chose avec mes photos 360 et le compte sur LG.



Level 8

Bonjour @Vvincent;

I'm so sorry i dont understand French only greatings and counting to ten is what i can understand. thanks

Level 8

Hello @Sagir (translation with google translation)

My opinion it's just a story of serversupdate. If you do not contribute for a short term, the two values ​​will be identical. I have the same thing with my 360 photos and the account on LG. Vincent

Level 8

thanks @Vvincent

Level 8

all is ok but I dont see the badges in my pprofile. what the reason.

Level 7

 @TuhinSir Update Google maps app in your mobile and check.

Level 8

I don't see any new badge in my profile.

Level 8

@SUBASHthank you

Level 6


Level 8

at last I have seen the badges on my contribution screen

Level 8


 That's how my new budgets looks like. I loved it.

Level 8

Thanks for sharing but i think by this time everybody has received this feature .

Level 8

this badges are beautiful. i always check them..

Level 8

@TuhinSir congratulations as you finally see your badges