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Sentiero delle sette cascate

Sentiero 20180816_093647.jpg20180816_102518.jpg20180816_102734.jpg20180816_104828.jpg20180816_105612 (2).jpg20180816_110512.jpg20180816_112736.jpgDSCN9650.JPGDSCN9670.JPGdelle sette cscate in Garbagnate (Milano , Italy)

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Re: Sentiero delle sette cascate

Ciao @sersoft2018


Nice photo, why don't you tell us something more about this path, that I can't find in Google Maps?

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sersoft2018 Level 6
Level 6

Rif.: Sentiero delle sette cascate

IL SENTIERO DELLE 7 CASCATE Questo sentiero collega l'Oasi Caloggio del WWF a Bollate al laghetto Fametta in Garbagnate Milanese.