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Introducing new badges on Google Maps

[Updated on Nov 20] Badges are now available for all Local Guides on Android and iOS.


[Updated on Oct 11] Badges are coming soon for everyone, but we’re experiencing a delay on Google Maps for Android. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


Do you love taking photos? How about reviewing the places you visit? Maybe you’re into exploring new areas, or adding details about places to help others get around.


Local Guides share their knowledge in many ways. That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing badges to recognize different kinds of top contributors on Google Maps.


badging-announcement (1).pngCaption: Screenshot of four new badges in Google Maps: Expert Photographer, Expert Reviewer, Novice Fact Finder, Novice Trailblazer.

Here are the four new badges you can earn right now:



You’ll earn this badge by writing detailed reviews that help people decide where to go.



This badge is for sharing photos of places, so others can see the world on Google Maps.



Here’s the badge for exploring. Earn it by being the first to add, review, or take a photo of a place.


Fact Finder

Earn this badge by checking facts, making edits, and answering simple questions about places to help people find the right information on Google Maps.


By sharing more, you can get upgrades for each one. For example, a Novice Photographer can become an Expert Photographer, and then reach legendary status as a Master Photographer. Your past contributions will be factored in too, so some of you may have already reached that status!


This feature is rolling out over the next few weeks. To see if it’s on your device right now, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward each badge. Tap each one to see how to earn the more advanced version of your new badge.


MajidMadadi Level 10
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G77Abood Level 7
Level 7

New local guides badges

Hi, three days ago, (28 Sept. 2017) new badge information and statistics started to be shown on my account of google map app., which are Expert Trailblazer, Photographer, Reviewer, and Fact finder with the required rating for those badges. One day later I have lost that badges and went back to the original account page??? Any one know how can I get them back. Thank you

MWJones Level 10
Level 10

Re: New local guides badges

@G77Abood I have seen other reports of that here on Local Guides Connect, but have not seen it on either of my Android Devices, nor on the web interface.


It is possible that it is a feature in development, and was inadvertently turned on for some users before it was ready (or more than likely an update to the Maps application was pushed out with the new badges). Realizing that it was "live", they may have turned it back off (or if it was an update, they just pulled the update, and only a select few devices that got the update in that short time see it, but once the application updates again they are gone). 

M. W. Jones -- Former Map Maker Regional Lead, United States
G77Abood Level 7
Level 7

Re: New local guides badges

Thank you, MW Jones. Yes, it thing it was a temporary update. However , it provided an overview about my contribution to Google maps. Thus, it would be better to be continued. Thanks 

sputnikjim Level 7
Level 7

Re: New local guides badges



Here is a news article that briefly addresses new features that might be added in a future release of the Maps app(s).  It is not saying that the features will be added, nor does it say when.


Android Police, Sept 28, 2017, "Google Maps v9.63 beta gets ready to launch new commuting features, ...

G77Abood Level 7
Level 7

Re: New local guides badges

Thank you for the link

HelloSamsonR Level 10
Level 10

Google Maps Launches New Updates: Integrates Badges To Google Maps

Hi Everyone I was just out there using my Google maps as usually and I saw that a recent updates has been made to the Google Maps. You can check yours too. Now badges reflect across the Google Maps application that reflects the way in which we contribute to the Local Guides Program ranging from Reviews, Photos, Edits e.t.c. You can share your Achievement/Badges directly from the app itself now. I have earned a lot of them and one I would like to share is this, have a look at it belowIMG_20171010_111536.jpg







You can check yours to see this updates. This looks awesome, the application is more interactive than before. I love this new updates.!!!

LucioV Level 10
Level 10

Re: Google Maps Launches New Updates

Thanks Samson! Noticed this on the latest available APK, we suspected that something new was coming!

Avinash_V Level 7
Level 7

Re: Google Maps Launches New Updates

Hello @HelloSamsonR,

Awesome!! This will make Local Guides more motivated in contributing to the community. This update is really good.