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How to write pet-friendly reviews

5be453b4ebca1515010834.gifCaption: A gif of a dog in someone’s arms shaking his head up and down next to text that says, “Puppies need you! #LetsGuide.”

The reviews you write on Google Maps don’t just help other people—they also help their furry friends! Pet owners look to the reviews you leave on Google Maps to find great places to go with their pets in tow.


So, next time you’re at one of the places below, be sure to include helpful tips for them in your review.




Many hotels do not allow pets, but the few hotels that do have different rules and restrictions. Some may charge hefty fees or require that you pay for the hotel’s pet-sitter when you’re out of the room. Others may offer special amenities for pets like treats and outdoor spaces. In your review, share details about how the hotel treats guests with pets.


Bars and Restaurants


Some bars and restaurants may allow pets—particularly if there’s an outdoor seating area. They may even go out of their way to make pet owners feel welcome by offering water bowls or treats. Most, however, do not, which can make it hard for pet owners to find places to go. In your reviews, highlight the bars and restaurants that are pet-friendly.

 IMG_20180420_150416_1.jpgCaption: A photo of a dog wearing a hat and necklace with its tongue out in front of shelves filled with drink bottles at La Villa Danshui in Taipei, Taiwan. (Local Guide Ryan lin)

Dog Parks

While it’s clear that dogs are welcome, dog parks can range from a simple fenced-in space to an expansive compound with multiple sections and amenities. Are there designated areas for dogs of different sizes? Is it clean and well-maintained? What are the best times to go? In your review, include specific information that would help dog owners choose a park that their pup will love.


Pet Stores


Next time you go pick something up for your pet, take some time to add a review that can help other pet owners. Is this your favorite pet store? Why? Include information about the selection of treats and toys, store hours, and store size. If the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, add that detail to your review, too.


2018-02-24.jpgCaption: A photo of large pet food bags stacked in front of shelves full of pet products at a pet store in Bodrogom, Slovakia. (Local Guide David Danko)

Pet Rescues


Some people are just now starting their pet journey—and they’re not sure where to look! If you’ve been to a pet rescue, write a review that explains the size, cleanliness, and types of animals that they have. Add details that tell others whether or not the place provides a comprehensive history for its pets and be sure to share what you thought of the staff. You can also include photos of individual animals that are available for adoption, especially if the rescue is overcrowded. You may just help an animal find a new home!


What other details can Local Guides include in their reviews to help pet owners? Tell us in the comments below!


davidhyno Level 9
Level 9

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

As a rescued dog parent, I like to include water bowls and other dog treats that local businesses in my neighborhood provide to show they are dog friendly. It helps me to know where my dog is welcomed and makes me want to do business with9A42E1A5-F4E2-4CFB-BD00-CD086970FF36.jpegDog friendly places - Hardware Stores

C7BABA1C-8043-49C7-8C77-B4F66B7F0F76.jpegDog-friendly: Pet Stores





lucianavelasques Level 7
Level 7

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Hello @AriMar
Great post🐕🐈
I think that when we are writing a review about pet friendly places we have to keep in mind that it is not only a place where the pet can enter but it is an establishment that is prepared to receive it in the best possible way because the pet is welcome at this establishment.
This type of establishment is usually adapted and has:
mattresses or rest beds;
feeders and drinking fountains;
hygienic mats;
carabiners and collars to leave the animals;
toys and snacks;
plastic bag to collect stool, cleaning cloths and disinfectant products;
Glass door sticker for the pet do not hit the head.
Beware of providing food that the pet is not accustomed to, as dietary changes can cause gastrointestinal disorders.
In Brazil, food handlers establishments may not receive pets in their internal parts, but it is okay if it is in an outside area of ​​the establishment. The official in charge of cleaning the pet friendly place will not be able to handle food.
Here is my list of Pet Friendly Hotels in my cityJaragua do Sul Santa Catarina Brazil
HiroyukiTakisawa Level 10
Level 10

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Thank you for sharing this great and important post for us @AriMar

I'll definitely check it out as well and include it to my reviews!


Anyway, they are sooooooo cute!!!

Christine_T Level 7
Level 7

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Thank you so much for the tips @AriMar!

I grew up with pets and knowing places they could come with us was always so important and was often a struggle.


That was before Google Maps as it is today and it's so exciting to think that we have the ability to help pet owners with their fuzzy companions.

I will try to keep my eyes open and it will be especially easier once we find out perfect fur family.

Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

As a dog parent, is very important to me the description of a dog park, if it's spacious, crowded with or without amenities. Another thing that is very important is the dog hotels. When I need to be some days out of the city, I need to know that I am leaving him in good hands :).


45588446_194722028096719_7835421228797001728_n.jpgCaption: A dog park in Sofia Bulgaria

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AdrianLunsong Level 8
Level 8

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Love this and great info too @lucianavelasques


I wish I can share some insights.. but I have a cat.. cats sit on a throne and have different orders for their subjects.

IMG_20180324_102639-ANIMATION.gifCaption: An animated gif of my cat, Her Royal Highness, having a bit of a mooch under the duvet.




Adrian :)
ThudaumotBD Level 6
Level 6

Trả lời: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Ơ Địa Phương Tôi Sống Có rất nhiều Nhà Trọ Họ Không Cho phép người thuê Phòng Trọ Nuôi Vật Nuôi( Chú Chó) Mong Những Hoạt Động Này Có thể Giúp Chủ Của Chúng Tiềm Được Địa Điểm Trên Map Cho Vật Nuôi Ở Cùng Chủ 

Nguyen Thi Quoc Huong Quoc Huong
lucianavelasques Level 7
Level 7

Re: How to write pet-friendly reviews

Hello @VasT looks like Chewie is having fun in this park😍 It's important to public places if they have drinking fountains too

@AdrianLunsong I agree with you cats prefer stay at home but eventually when you travel and carry your cat with you it's good have a cat friendly hotel😸