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How to write a helpful grocery store review

IMG_6867.JPGCaption: A photo of a shelving unit at a grocery store filled with jarred goods such as sauces, olives, and more in Poltava, Ukraine. (Local Guide Alexander Vanin)

With Thanksgiving around the corner, U.S. shoppers are flocking to grocery stores to find the ingredients they need to make delicious, home cooked meals. But not all food markets are created equal. Some are perfect for finding fresh, organic produce while others have a wonderfully wide selection of specialty foods.


Wherever you are, the reviews you share on Google Maps help others discover great places to go to buy their favorite foods. Here are a few tips for writing helpful grocery store reviews.


Describe the produce

Is the selection always filled with beautifully fresh fruits and vegetables? Or would you recommend going somewhere else for that? Do they sell a wide variety of organic produce? Is it locally sourced? These are just a few questions to think about when in the fruit and veggie aisle.


Compare prices

For many people, price is an important deciding factor when it comes to deciding where to shop. If two grocery stores in your area sell similar quality products at notably different prices, include that info in your review.


ok-1049.jpgCaption: A closeup photo of a variety of cheeses for sale in a grocery store in Poltava, Ukraine. (Local Guide Alexander Vanin)

Explain what makes it special

Maybe the store has an amazing cheese selection or a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Or, maybe, it’s the only grocery store in the area that’s open late. Whatever the reason, share details that show why you should go there over another store.


Tell others about the size, cleanliness, and crowds  

These details are especially helpful for people who have never been there before.


2016-12-07 (1).jpgCaption: A photo of the beverage section with cases, boxes, and displays filled with different drinks at a grocery store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. (Local Guide Peter Withheld)

Share a useful tip

Should shoppers sign up for the loyalty program? Does the store have a newsletter with info about upcoming deals? What’s the best time to go to avoid crowds? Any advice you can give helps other shoppers make the most of their grocery store visits.


Have you written a great grocery store review? Share it in the comments below!


Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

@AriMar Thanks for sharing this. I love grocery stores where there are many displayed food condiments, usually with myriads of colors. Just like the photos that were shared above. 

Just want to share that in developing countries where small businesses may not be too knowledgeable about tech or Google Maps, we need to make sure we manage the store owner/assistant's perception when taking photos. And always abide by local laws when taking photos. I have had instances where store assistants had confronted me about why I was taking photos, and after explaining it's for putting online for others to view to help increase the business's reach, most of the time, they didn't mind. Once in a while there would be businesses who may think we are capturing this for their competition, and in those cases, I would not take any and would be polite to them. 



SharifImran Level 7
Level 7

Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

Frist thanks for post @AriMar , than basically its' helpful post, any LG write  Grocery shop review. This rules very important for about grocery shop.

vvbellur Level 8
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Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

Hey @AriMar good pointers here.  This is one grocery store I had recently reviewed when I was staying at my brother's place in St. Louis. It's called Asian Spice. I even clicked a couple of 360 photos which were exciting! :)

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zafahim Level 7
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Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

Very worthy...!!. Surely it will guide me in writing my next review. Thank you @AriMar

ardigreget Level 3
Level 3

Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

I think i will go to outside and make a review

NareshDarji Level 9
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Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

Great useful tips! Thanks for sharing @AriMar

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Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

شيش جميل جدا 

Ahmedfwzy Level 4
Level 4

Re: How to write a helpful grocery store review

شيء جميل جدا 

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Bls: How to write a helpful grocery store review

AriMar, I like Images , post