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Local Guides Summit 2017 - Applications Open April 3rd

Google Moderator




On behalf of the Local Guides team, I am happy to announce the Local Guides Summit 2017, our second annual summit taking place in San Francisco, California this October.


Last year, we held our inaugural Local Guides Summit, selecting 75 applicants from 37 countries for two days of talks, workshops, breakout sessions and local exploration at Google offices in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Check out the recap video, recap post, and photos to experience what it was like for attendees.


This year we’re back, for a slightly bigger summit — we’re selecting 150 applicants — in the San Francisco Bay Area on October 10-12, 2017. We’ve taken into account the highlights and the learnings from last year and we are in full planning mode to make it an incredible experience for all. What’s more: we’re planning more video livestreaming, so even if you aren’t in attendance, you’ll be able to join in on the fun online. Follow along on all social media channels with the hashtag #LGSummit17.


Applications open on April 3. To apply to attend the Local Guides summit, you must be an active Local Guide Level 5 and submit an application that includes a 1-minute video. Successful applicants will be selected based on their application, active contributions to Google Maps and involvement in the Local Guides community (like being a moderator or meet-up host).



  • When? October 10 - 12th 2017
  • Where? San Francisco and Mountain View, CA
  • Applications open: April 3
  • Applications close: April 24
  • How to apply and FAQs: Local Guides Summit website

Local Guides Summit attendees in 2016Local Guides Summit attendees in 2016



When do applications open for Local Guides Summit 2017?

April 3.


When do applications close?

April 24.


What is your selection criteria?

Applications will be open only to Local Guides Level 5 during the application period.


Applicants will be selected based on a number of factors including, but not limited to:


The submission of a complete application with the following requirements:

  • Each Local Guide must submit a 1-minute video message, appearing on camera to share reasons for applying
  • Each Local Guide must submit a post on Local Guides Connect with an introductory message and more insights into his or her experience with the program

We’ll also be looking for:

  • High quality, well-rounded and consistent contributions to Google Maps in the past 12 months
  • Consistent involvement with the Local Guides community such as being a supported community moderator, Connect moderator, meet-up host and active Connect contributor
  • The ability to understand and speak English


What is the age requirement to apply for the Summit?

While participating in the Local Guides program requires a minimum age of 18 years, all summit attendees must be at least 21 years old prior to the Summit. That is because 21 is the legal drinking age in the United States and alcohol will be present at some events.


What makes a good application video?

We’re looking for Local Guides to give us a glimpse into their personality to share why they are a Local Guide and why they want to attend this year’s summit. You do not need to create a video with special effects or video treatments, just be yourself!


Will the 75 Local Guides who attended the 2016 Local Guides Summit be eligible to attend the 2017 Local Guides Summit?

All applicants will be considered based on the factors listed above. Attending the 2016 Local Guides Summit neither guarantees nor disqualifies a Local Guide from being eligible to attend the 2017 summit.


How many people will be selected to attend the summit?

Due to the success of the 2016 Local Guides Summit, we’ve increased the number of selected applicants for this year’s summit to 150.


Will you watch every video?

Due to the volume of applications received, we will be prioritizing the review of applications based on a number of factors (outlined above). If you have a tracked link or views logged on your video, please note that the view count or tracked link usage may not be accurate and does not indicate the status of your application.


I don’t speak English, will you provide translation?

The summit will be entirely in English. Attendees will need to confirm that they can communicate in English.


Will you pay for my travel?

Travel (flights & visas) and hotels will be arranged and paid for by Google. Meals will be covered by Google for the duration of the summit. If selected, guests will be able to extend the trip at their own expense.


What happens after I submit an application?

If selected, the Local Guides team will be notify you privately that you have been selected.


When will the selected applicants be notified?

Selected applicants will be contacted privately by May 19.


Will I be told if I haven't been selected?

If you haven’t heard from us by May 19, you weren’t selected for the Local Guides summit this year. Keep an eye out for future events and announcements by keeping in touch with Local Guides on Connect, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Traveling to the United States became more difficult in 2017; will my country of origin impact my ability to apply for or attend the Local Guides Summit?
Attendees will be selected to attend the summit based on the criteria listed above and not on their country of origin. Google will be working with a third-party travel agency to navigate and expedite the visa application process, following all government laws, however, if you are selected and your visa application is denied, an alternative attendee will be selected to attend.
You can learn more about traveling to the United States by visiting



Level 5

There will be a summit at 2017 in USA at C.A Google 

I am from India.

Connect Moderator

Hy @MerajA there's no info yet regarding Local Guides Summit 2017. Any info will be provided through Local Guides' social channel (Google+, Twitter for example), so make sure to follow them there. Make sure that your Local Guides profile is configured to receive emails from the team as well:





Thanks @AnoukV for the information

Level 8

Yeah! Finally, the good news for all Local Guides with level 5 is out! #LGSummit17 is coming!


Many thanks @AnoukV for sharing.

Level 7

Thank you @AnoukV  for this great new. I'm Local Guides Moderator for Cambodia. 

Good news as soon as I woke up, thank you so much
Google Moderator

@MerajA Details about the Local Guides Summit 2017 have been shared in this post

Level 8

Thanks for the details @AnoukV and #LocalGuides team! Can't wait to apply! 

Level 8

Great news! Thank you so much @AnoukV for the announcement of #LGSummit17 

Connect Moderator

Good news @AnoukV. thanks for the information about the summit 😊.

Level 7

sangat menarik ...  semoga saya bisa  berpartisipasi

Level 8

@AnoukVYA.. HOOO !!!

LG Summit 17 !!!!

The Final Destination for a Local Guides... Or A Dream.


All Level 5 Local Guides woke up, Be ready , Are you ready ???


Level 8

Great news for All Local Guide


Thanks for the Information about Local Guide Summit 2017

Level 7

Finally, the good news for all Local Guides is out! #LGSummit17 is coming!

thank you @AnoukV for the info :)

Level 8

Wonderful! Long waited news. Thanks @AnoukV for sharing such exciting announcement. Good news for all the Local Guide. 


God bless #LGSummit17 

Level 7

Good news, thanks u so much @AnoukV

Level 8

Very interesting and let me hope everything will go smoothly

Level 7

Fantastic...brace yourselves ... we are going on a Local guides raid of San Francisco....sulululu cant wait...

Level 7

Very thanks for share this good news

Level 7

@AnoukVexcited. But afraid about bangladeshi local guides. bcz for visa issu @Sumaiya ZafrinC and @Md MuhiburR missed last year summit.

@AnoukVFinally!!! I'm very excited!!! Good luck to all :)

Level 8

Hi @AnoukV


Wonderful annoucement!

I bet everyone is motivated and super excited! Woot wooot


Quick question:

Each Local Guide must submit a post on Local Guides Connect with an introductory message and more insights into his or her experience with the program


What does this means? 

If I already posted on LGC before "Start a discussion" does it count? Or should I post a separate introductory message just for LG Summit 2017 application? 

Thank you, it will be boost for ours 

Exiting news! Looking forwad to it. 

Level 7

Am Happy for all the comreds who are already at level5, I'll be amongst you in a few number of days before the application is opened. I have to attend the summit to tell my story and experience in map making, everyone has a story to tell I believe!

Level 3

Thank you for the information.

Level 9

Great news! I totally misread the month! October! Great! Hope to be selected this year! :)

Level 7

Great news :)

Level 7

Cool @AnoukV I'm doing my best that i'm going to be selected!

Hii, Please go through this link . You will get every info about Local Guides Summit 2017, 

Hii, Please go through this link . You will get every info about Local Guides Summit 2k17. 

Level 8

Thank you @AnoukV


Challenge 2017 with " Map Your World Week " 

Hope the map will introduce Power Saver Option with Screen Dim Technology when there is no deviations in Map .

This will bring new users to Map . Battery Draining is the major Problem ,Not much people is using offline Map .

Goggle Map Approved 942 with 2.2 M Views . will be 1000 nos 360 this week .

I believe the word " a photo express more than a word "

so i have 3152 Photos with 39,27,796 Total Views 

and a Showcase for Photosphere at a Facebook page Sariga360 

on 15 th March 2017


LGC badges Earned


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.31.50 AM.png

Connect Moderator

Exciting news! Great to see double the attendee number. Double the fun, learning, and building of new and existing friendships during the month of October. Bonus: the October weather is even better in San Francisco than in September! 

Level 8

It's going to be great. :). Thanks for the great news. 

Level 9

Nice... I hope that I will have more luck than last time :)

And this short video I will record without scripts... :D

Last time I was preparing, recording and edit 1 min video for a 2 days...this time I will use my broken Nexus 8 mpx :)

Level 9

Awesome news! Looking forward to it. Either in person or watching it through the hangouts or video.

A good number this time round.


Level 9

Thanks @AnoukV

Level 6

 This is great news. Congratulations to all level 5 members. 

Level 8
Level 8



Should also add 1 more criteria: Attend atleast 1 (or x amount of ) meetup event organiser by your LG community.



Level 10

Hopefully I will make it this year. Didn't applied last year because I already had booked a flight to US. Would be a great pleasure for me to represent Germany. My goal is to make the informations even better. And I do it incessantly. This is why I reached the 14000 points last month. Photos are nice. But good data is more important for every user of maps!

Level 6

Thank you for the information, I am only level 3 local guide, it is not for me but looking forward to see online info later on when this happen! 

Level 8

oh awesome, can't wait. :)

Level 8
Great news. Thank you
Level 8

I'm so excited...



It will be great to share with 149 people that love as me this great, program at this moment I use Google maps as my primary app.


I want to learn more about the app and the local guide community.


Thank you @AnoukV

Level 6


This is one event that will surely motivates us to contribute more to further improve Google Maps. 

Level 9

My fellow local guides, we are 5,866 LVL5 LGs, so only 2.55% of us will receive the gold ticket! I saw wonderful things here in Local Guides Connect, and i'm sure there are a lot of people who deserves to win (hopefully me included! :D). Good luck to everyone!

Google Moderator

@LucioV The number to which you are referring are the number of Local Guides currently signed in to Connect, not the number of Level 5 Local Guides globally as not every Local Guide is on Connect. The team has not shared any public numbers and any numbers that should be considered accurate would be an official Google source.  :) 

Connect Moderator

This is awesome @AnoukV I really encourage absolutely everyone who qualifies to apply. As one of the #lgsummit16 attendees I'm sure that #lgsummit17 will be unbelievable!!

Level 7
Thanks for the Announcement. I will apply for the summit.