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Community Moderator 101

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Community Moderator 101

UPDATED (09/22/17): We are currently undergoing an internal audit to understand how we can better support active community contributors and for this reason we won't be accepting new community applications or adding new community moderators to the private community moderator board on Connect. Thanks for your patience. 


Local Guides Connect is our online community open to Local Guides around the world where we can share our passions, learn more about the program and get to know one another whether we’re in the same city or across the ocean. Connect is moderated by both Googlers (Local Guides team members and people who work on Google Maps and beyond) and by Local Guides like you.


Local Guides communities also exist outside of Connect, too, so we also support communities that exist on other platforms by offering resources and support to community owners who meet our criteria.


Interested in learning more about how we select community moderators? Below are some frequently asked questions around becoming a community moderator both here on Connect and within your own community.


Where can I see all communities supported by the Local Guides team?

Check out this My Map of supported communities managed by Local Guides like you.


How do you select a community for support?

Please complete the application form. Some basic requirements include:

  • Be owned by a Local Guide Level 3+
  • Have at least 50 members
  • Have active community discussions around the Local Guides program and what makes your area special (new restaurant openings, local events & meet-ups, local photography, etc.)
  • Have posts and discussions from many members - not just the community moderator
  • Not conflict with an existing community supported by the Local Guides team

Does my community have to be on Google+?

No. You’re welcome to create a community on any platform. Before creating one, be sure to check our My Map (also available in the Help Center) to see if a supported community already exists in your area because the team only supports one community per city or area.


How do I get 50 members?

Posting great content about your area will most likely attract new members to your community. Share about your community with your friends and fellow Local Guides, but don’t overly post in other communities (or Connect) about it. It’s OK to share about your community but be sure to do it when relevant. If you're Level 5, you are also welcome to include a link to your community in your signature on Connect.


I’ve filled out an application but I haven’t heard from the team.

The Local Guides team reviews applications on a regular basis and if your community has been selected, we’ll generally be in touch within 1-2 weeks of the date you submitted an application. Due to the volume of applications, we only contact those who have been selected to receive support.


How big or small of an area should my community cover?

Your community may be for an entire country or for a city, but we recommend creating a community where conversation will flow freely and people will be able to meet-up or find one another easily and where you, as an owner, have some hands-on experience to drive engagement and conversations. Some of the most popular communities are for entire countries, and some are for small islands. Remember, the Local Guides team only supports one community moderator (one owner) per area.


What are the perks of being a supported community moderator?

Supported community moderators receive:

  • Inclusion on our My Map, featured on our Help Center and social media
  • Access to a private board in Connect for supported community moderators
  • A special badge in Connect
  • Invitations to monthly Hangouts with the Local Guides team
  • Access to design assets and templates including a profile photo template to show your Local Guides status across your social media channels

How long will you support my community?

The Local Guides team will support your community as long as you follow the Local Guides program rules and your community follows our community guidelines.


Do other moderators in my community also receive support?

The Local Guides team only supports one community moderator (one owner) per area. You are welcome to share learnings and best practices from the Hangouts and private forum with your fellow moderators.


I see that you currently only offer community support in English and Spanish but I am not fluent in English or Spanish. What about me?

We are always working on adding more features and benefits to the Local Guides program, including additional languages. At this time, we are only able to offer support for English and Spanish Local Guides. If you meet the basic requirements, we encourage you to complete an application as if we offer additional languages, we’ll reach out to you first.


What happens if I am selected?

The Local Guides team will send you an email to let you know that you have been selected to receive support.


Is this the same thing as being a Connect moderator?

No, a Connect moderator is a Local Guide who moderates Connect alongside the Local Guides team.


I want to be a moderator for Local Guides Connect.

Great! Here is what we’re looking for:

  • Level 5 Local Guides who actively contribute to Google Maps and Local Guides Connect
  • Friendly and respectful community members who help keep Connect a warm and welcoming place
  • There is no application or nomination process. Keep contributing and engaging with your fellow Local Guides and the Local Guides team will be in touch if you are selected.

Where can I find more information?

In the Local Guides Help Center.



Local Guides Community Program Manager
Due to the volume of private messages Google Moderators receive, I do not read or respond to private messages. Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. Thank you.