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How do I change my Connect settings?


We’ve made it easier to customize Connect to fit your personal preferences. To change your settings, click the gear icon in the top-right corner.


Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 11.26.19 AM.pngCaption: A screenshot of the settings menu on Connect with an arrow pointing to the gear icon.

 There, you’ll be able to:

  • Change your username and write a short biography to tell others on Connect about yourself.
  • Manage the notifications you get on Connect and the emails you receive.
  • Change Connect to default to your language. Connect is now available in 33 different languages. To translate the forum into your language, click Language and select your preference. Then, click Save.
  • Change your time zone.
  • Change your privacy settings. You can adjust who can see information on your profile, your email address, and your online status.
  • Manage the content that appears on your homepage. You can now customize your Connect homepage with the topics that interest you most and unsubscribe from topics you’re uninterested in.
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Hallo @AriMar Thank you for information and tips

Yes @AriMar

It is a positive updation to gearup the innovative projectile minds.

Thank you Google

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Thanks @AriMar very helpful post.

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lets figure how this work @AriMar thank you for sharing

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Hi @AriMar

@@@This is very helpful information for me than🎇🎆🎉👍🎈💻

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thanks for the post 😊

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Helpful information, thank you @AriMar for sharing with us.

Hi, @AriMar Thanks a lot for the helpful info.

Currently, I can not change my profile photo in the setting menu of Connect. I must edit my Google+ account to do so. Am I right? or it is rolling out for me in the future?


In addition to the issue, Personal web page disappered from my profile.

However, I love the brand new profile page. Because I can see my own posted articles easily. Very Good!!





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positive and innovative projects

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Hello @AriMar, it's really nice to have so much options to customize. But a lot of them seem to be refering to things that I have no clue where to find them or what they mean exactly, especially under


  • Preferences > Linear layout
  • Preferences > Home Page (My bookmarks component? My friendd component? My subscription component?)


Can tooltips be provided that explain in more detail what is meant with all of the options? Or a post here in the helpdesk section with screenshots?

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@love_ikoma_toyo  to the best of my knowledge, the profile image has to be changed from your Account.  And it will propagate across all Google services you use.


Hope this helps 🧚‍♀️


Thanks a lot, Virginia! @VBenedict for your reply and clalifying the issue.

I hope to change my profile image on Connect ONLY.  I believe @AriMar's words will enable to do so.


best regards,



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Great advice. Thank you for your insight. 

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@AriMar will you please be so kind and clarify:


  • Change your username, profile photo, and write a short biography to tell others on Connect about yourself.

I do not see any provision for changing our profile photo in connect exclusively.

Google Moderator

Hi @VBenedict,


After making some tests, I realized that you are correct. Apparently this particular option is temporarily unavailable, but not for long. I already escalated the issue to the appropriate team, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

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Thank you @KlaudiyaG for your support.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,


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Nice info..  thank you

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