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How Chittagong local guides will running?


How Chittagong local guides will running?

I am in fear! How Chittagong local guides running. We are a large number of local guides working in Chittagong from the beginning of google local guides. Here is a very cooperative and friendly relationship among the local guides of Chittagong. Few days ago we came to know that a new community was formed in Chittagong. It's obviously a new hope and it's definitely a new platform for the local guides of Chittagong. So that we communicated with the moderator of the community to make a plan for uploading more quality information in google and for the betterment of Chittagong local guiding movement. 


But unfortunately it was unable to meet with the moderator, though we've fixed the venue, date and time with so many rescheduling  by the moderator. Last Saturday evening on 4th February the moderator requested to meet him in Finlay Square, Nasirabad, Chittagong. We, most of the dedicated local guides were present there except the moderator. That time we tried to connect him several times over the phone and he didn't agreed to meet us. Later he switched off the phone. 


Now we are disappointed how Chittagong local guide will run in the long run!


In this situation, I am seeking suggestion from @TraciC @Corrie @BellaWi


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Google Administrator
Google Administrator

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

Hi @MRaihanShahriar @RabbiA @ShafiulB @SadiaIslamR and @CapitalH. If I understand correctly, it sounds like there was a misunderstanding about where Local Guides were to meet-up this past weekend and both groups were at different locations. To avoid misunderstandings of this nature, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the meet-up tools available on the Local Guides website.

I sounds like the source of the frustration may be because there are two Local Guides communities in Chittagong and only one is a supported Local Guides community, but support of a Local Guides community is at the discretion of the Local Guides team and is based on our guidelines. It sounds like you were all trying to meet-up to join forces, which is what we hope to see in areas where multiple communities or groups exist, as the Local Guides program brings people together because we all have one mission: to highlight what makes our local areas great on Google Maps and to share that information with both locals and visitors. 


This sounds like a matter that could have been handled privately amongst one another rather than publicly addressing one another in this manner. We rarely weigh in on personal manners and only if there is a violation of our program rules. I encourage everyone to review the Local Guides program rules as we not only encourage Local Guides to be kind to one another both in person and online, but we prohibit harassment of any kind. I will be locking this thread now and we will reach out privately as needed. Thank you.

Local Guides Community Program Manager
Due to the volume of private messages Googlers receive, I do not read or respond to private messages. Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. Thank you.
CapitalH Level 7
Level 7

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

First of all, a local Guide told me to meet at Halisahar. I didn't want to meet at Halisahar and requested them a lot to meet at the central part of Chittagong which would be very easy for everyone to be there, but they didn't agree and told me Halisahar would be best.


Then finally, I cancelled my classes and I agreed with them to meet at Halishar, but they misunderstood and went to a wrong place. I was waiting for those Local Guides at halisahar for more than 1.5 hours there were 5 other Local Guides with me but they weren't there. Then one of them called me and said they were waiting at the central place of Chittagong, ( where I asked them to come before but they denied ).


They told me they will meet 6:00 PM. I was there from 5:50 PM and was waiting for them till 7:30 PM. And they called me at 7:34 PM. Those Local Guides didn't even have track of time. Time and Tide waits for none.


The event venue, the event plans were all done by them and it was a sudden plan, they didn't give me a chance to change the venue. All I changed was the time. They denied to meet at Finlay Square and told me that they were coming to Halisahar and I don't know how they misunderstood. they went a wrong place.


A planned event never fails, if we plan an event from a long time all Local Guides will try to keep their agenda free and can attend the event very easily.


A moderator has his own life. There's his education,family and lot's of other things. He can't always be online in the community.


In a community all members has the rights to talk and give their opinion. Some of the Local Guides in my community wanted the event to take place at the central but as those Local Guides fixed the venue-halisahar, some of the Local Guides couldn't even attend.


A community runs with everyone's opinion. Only a moderator cannot fix an event venue nor can a member. We should take everyone's opinion and then host an event. This is how a community runs.


A cruise ship has to take opinion from other captains, other ships and even from the port to moore the ship. Only captains opinion will not be good to moore a ship.

RabbiA Level 5
Level 5

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running? I'm really frustrated!

From the beginning I know senior Chittagong local guide Moderators. I meet them regularly at the center of the city. As per I know there was no meet-up held at "Halishahar". As everybody of the city knows well it's a corner site of the city. So, not a proper place of meet up. And I also know that this Moderator "Hossain J" live in Halishahar. That is why he calling meetup there.


And Mr.Hossain you told that members will decide where to meetup, No moderator! So, Why should you are a moderator if member decide everything? That mean you aren't mature enough to lead a community. People waiting at the center of the city is more senior lead than you, you need to respect them, you have lot of thing to learn from them. After all they are the path of lunching community for Chittagong.


As a regular participant of Chittagong local guide meetups I can strongly say that Mr.Hossain doing wrong. Firstly, He applied for a community name which is already exist with huge number of member list ! I think approving this as a new community happen by mistake from Local Guides officials, And they are doing meetups with their friends near their home, There is cafe named "পান্জেরী’স ক্যাফে”, where students tiffing after finishing coaching hour at evening.


So, This meetup is not like officials at all. The senior local guides from Chittagong really frustrated seeing these teenagers activities.


I'm really frustrated how Chittagong local guides should run in future!


MdEmranulHoque Level 10
Level 10

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

Thanks @MRaihanShahriar for sharing important topic. I also agreed with you how chittagong local guides will run future. Last 4th february some of local guides meet with the moderator but he ignore us so badly. @CapitalH why you blame us! You fixed the time and place. We waited there long time but you switched off your mobile. Now tell us how communicated with you that time. I also seeking suggestion from @Corrie @TraciC @HelloJess

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CapitalH Level 7
Level 7

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running? I'm really frustrated!

@RabbiA I don't live in Halishar. I requested them a lot to meet in the central but they refused to do it.


CommerceH Level 1
Level 1

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

It's really bad & sad news for a local area /country reputation. moderator maybe not perfect for this position .

SadiaIslamR Level 7
Level 7

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

First of all I am felling so hopeless, cause this is really pathetic to select someone immature and irresponsible as a moderator in Chittagong. I think Google moderator doesn't saw @CapitalH works in map. Dear @CapitalH i think you know that we are here for our volunteering work. Did you know the meaning of volunteering? It means help people with love and respect. But you didn't know how to respect other people and love let alone.

You such a big lair. I am the one who also awaited for you that day. Be quite and accept you failure that you aren't enough capable for this position. 


@Corrie @TraciC @BellaWi

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running?

@MRaihanShahriar what a topic....  

This is your own opinion but its true that Chttagong Local Guides got supported by maintain all Google Community rule or @CapitalH is Running Supported Community Moderator who is a finally got Google support... 

I agree with a matter and that is there are many experts Local guides or RL at CTG but why they not applied for a Community support at CTG before @CapitalH .. 

So I suggest u to respect Google Decision or Google supported Moderator @CapitalH .

We should Agree with his Decision. Don't feel jelouse Just learn to see him how he got a Supported Community. 

Just this kind of matter is not prove that he is not perfect Moderator....  

Happy Guiding... 



RabbiA Level 5
Level 5

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running? I'm really frustrated!

If seniors refuse your decisions then you are not a good moderator. You need to maintain community.

CapitalH Level 7
Level 7

Re: How Chittagong local guides will running? I'm really frustrated!

@RabbiA At first, A community does not run on only one persons decision, you may ask any Local Guides community moderator. I am the king of my community but I respect all members opinion. I run my community with these ethics.


Taking opinion from other members is how a fine community runs. This is maturity.


Local Guides has best tools and people to decide the perfect community for them. I agree there was a community from a long time but it was not maintained ( you may check the post dates )


Some people might be frustrated that our community is supported. We cannot do anything to someones personal feelings! We cannot do anything to make it better.


I don't live in Halisahar. I wanted the event to take place at the central of Chittagong but some local guides didn't want that, taking their opinion I agreed to Halisahar.


N.B this was not an event, this was a small meetup to discuss about our future events. If this was an event I would have added it to the Google Local Guides calendar.