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Beautiful Ada

This November, I had the opportunity to join my fellow colleagues to a retreat in Ada, a 90 minutes drive outside Accra, the capital town of Ghana, in west Africa.

Amongst the numerous resorts, we booked Aqua Safari Resort. This place is so beautiful, the horses, the donkeys, the donkeys, the ostriches, rabbits, guinea fowls, the ducks made created a lasting memory in our mind. The beach, the bump fire in the night was wonderful. I entreat all, if gotten the chance to visit Ghana, should consider vising Aqua Safari resort in Ada. I could not add most of my photos because I learned they are too large. Still searching for the solution so if you know extend your knowledge to me.

IMG_20181123_104202.jpgThe entrance of Aqua Safari Resort


IMG_20181123_065912.jpgA man ready to go for a ride on the Volta lake.


Ada, Accra, Ghana
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