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Share videos on Google Maps to earn the new Director badge


Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 10.31.29 AM.pngCaption: An illustration of three video cameras on a white background.


Last year, we introduced new badges that recognize the different ways Local Guides like you share your knowledge on Google Maps. Whether you love to write detailed reviews, share amazing photos, or check the facts, there’s a badge for you.


Now that both Android and iPhone users can add videos on Maps, we’ve launched a new badge that celebrates Local Guides who love to capture their favorite places in motion. You can earn the Director badge by sharing videos of the places you visit on Maps. Try giving a tour of an attraction in your area or sharing a video review of a restaurant you love.


By sharing more great videos, you can upgrade from a Novice Director to an Expert Director—and eventually work all the way up to a Master Director. Your past video contributions are factored in, so some of you may already have this badge!


To check, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward this badge.


What’s the best place you’ve captured on video so far? Share a link in the comments below! Need some inspiration? Check out our tips for posting great videos on Google Maps

Level 6

Oh that's cool. Thanks for sharing :)

Level 6

I haven't done any videos yet, but here's more inspiration to get more active - thanks!

Thanks for sharing this great info. Greetings from Timor Leste. Luis
Level 7
  • Wow thats great.  Thanks for sharing new ideas 
Level 10

Comenzaremos a subir más videos. 

Level 6

How can I upload my videos here in local guides. For sharing with others...

My dashboard say I posted 120 videos but when I click the novice director icon it shows that I have only 89 videos and iam sharing this after waiting for this to get updated but isn't happening @AriMar thoughts Screenshot_20190209-235238.png




Google Moderator

Hello @RatishNarayanan,


Sometimes the system will need a little more time to sync with your contributions. 


Also have in mind that any videos that are not yet approved, or has been removed will not count towards the badge. Have a look at Maps User Contributed Content Policy for more information.  

Level 5
Hello @moderators I'm still not getting features to submit videos of places. How're you people uploading them!! Help!
Level 7

@AriMar ขอบคุณมากที่ แบ่งปัน คำแนะนำดีๆเพราะ ฉันก็เคยโพสวีดีโอไปบ้างแล้วเวลาเดินทางพบสิ่งดีๆก็จะบันทึกไว้เพื่อมาแชร์ให้ทุกคนได้เห็น สิ่งสวยงามของเมืองไทย🙏😘

Does anyone know if videos can be added later when connected to wifi?

Or does the video have to be posted from the location while taking it?

Thanks ;)

Level 8
@TheRealKristin Los videos se pueden agregar en cualquier momento al igual que las fotos. Sin embargo al momento de crear un nuevo lugar yo he intentado agregar videos y la aplicación no me lo permite.
Google Moderator

Hi @Waari-Imphal,


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Please make sure to have the Google Maps application updated to the latest possible version for optimizing the video uploading feature.


You may indeed upload videos when convenient, @TheRealKristin  from your built in Gallery app or from Google Photos as well.


Would you mind telling us if the newly created place have been approved yet before the attempt to upload the video, @Atizol?

Level 6

it's a great thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 8

@sonnyNg Si el lugar existe (Ya está aprobado), se puede subir los videos, pero cuando intento agregar un lugar nuevo, yo siempre trato de agregar todos los datos que tenga de dicho lugar y también agrego fotos pero la aplicación no me permite agregar videos en ese momento.  

Google Moderator

Thank you for clarifying, @Atizol.


For the moment, if you can form up an exact and clear suggestion, please do not hesitate to share with us in the Idea Exchange. : ]

Level 8

Hi @JazzyYassi 

You can upload videos having MP4 format, i am sured about this video format it'll be definitely acceptable. Feel free to ask anything about the problems we are here to help you.

Level 6

Thank you for giving such a great content


Level 9


@AriMarAhí vamos pedaleando sin cadena.




Level 10

Video bisa dibagi lewat peta google. Langkah sangat maju. Ini akan sangat membantu siapa saja setelah membaca review, melihat foto dan lengkap dengan video. 


Terima kasih @AriMar sudah berbagi post besar. 

Level 5

Hi @AriMar 

I have posted 3 video but when I click the Director icon it shows that 0 video posted.