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How about a nice introductory video when you first log in on Connect?

I see new people every day who post in all the sections of the forum, and someone, justified because not well informed before, publish content a little nonsense or in the wrong section, or as an advertisement for his business
In my opinion, the user should be better instructed by sending a vademecum and faq on how to use Connect by e-mail when registering. At the moment I doubt that the new subscriber is going to look for the whole forum how to behave: he simply sign up and publish without reading the "instructions"!
A nice video (just clear slides like a PowerPoint presentation)  of about 2 minutes would not be bad to show the new members at their first login on Connect : here then would be explained in a simple and clear way with the same graphics of the site how to use Connect, with the explanation of all the various sections, how to make a good post, how to tag a person, how insert photos, what are the kudos and how to customize the account! 

And maybe leave it well visible and fixed on the home page that can always come in handy!


Have a good day,


Level 10

Hi dear @davidhyno & all guide friends..

The Intro-Video will be very contributive idea and sincerely support the same; not only here, the new joinees of Local guides, also should be tarined, to basically write useful reviews, & avoid, spammy & blured + selfie photos.

Thanks for the initiative

Level 8

Unfortunately, I can not support the idea. Probably because I am prejudiced. 😉 I do not like to make a video with my participation and I understand those who do not like it either.


Not all people are able to make a good video or successfully represent themselves. But they can be good community members. Even if something is not immediately obtained from them, they can learn by looking at other participants.

Spam is bad, but unfortunately, I see no way to deal with it, except with the help of moderators. Otherwise, you can cut off not only spammers, but also potential useful members of the community.


Level 9

Hi @Victoria_v

Sorry for misunderstanding me!

Maybe I was not very clear: the video should not do it ourselves, but rather from who manages the Connect Forum!
So it must be an instructive video for new users, so that they can better understand how Connect works and use it as a guide to help them post and use in the best way.

This was the concept of my idea!


Ah ah ... I share your thoughts anyway .... I'm not a lover of selfies, let's imagine if I also do a video about me!




Level 8

@davidhyno That you excuse me! :)) This is probably the inaccuracy of the translation misled me. With this idea, I agree completely.

This would definitely be a useful tool to present this platform to the new local guides. I see how the moderators write the same advice every time a new local guide publishes for the first time here.

Level 9

Yes @BeatrizAguilar!


It would also be useful for them, especially if the video also gives indications to new members to introduce themselves to the community in the appropriate section! Bye, David

Google Moderator

Thank you for sharing your idea, @davidhyno


Introductory videos truly are recognized as a good practice on many online platforms. Feel free to clarify as far as you can what in your opinion should be added to the content of such a video. For example, do you think the same video should explain to the new-comers how to write a good post?

Level 9

Hi @IrrPavlova and thanks for your interest!


I would consider this introductory video as a starting point to learn how to use the Connect forum. By now it has become a global meeting point with people from all over the world and its potential is evolving more and more. I read daily post a little scattered in various sections not exactly suitable. The enthusiasm is strong for newcomers, they want to immediately share photos, interests and travel tips. But often they do not stop for a moment to better control the whole structure of the Connect forum, they do not explore the various sections in the best way or maybe they are also a bit disoriented. A nice introductory video explaining the various sections of the forums, how to adjust notification or account settings, how and where to post, how to introduce yourself to the community, how to tag (@) people, what are the kudos and why they give or receive, how to use the automatic translator, which and how much information to insert in a post to better explain why a photo or why it is recommended to visit a specific place or make a certain experience. In conclusion, this video should give some general guidelines on the use of Connect: if the new user will be made aware of the various sections of the forum will be easier for him to choose the right section and know where to find the necessary support for each problem.

A nice introductory video that lets the new tenants understand the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, how to use the microwave oven, the washing machine: that makes the idea of a "plan" of their new home!   :)




Level 8

Hi All,


I'm not sure whether there is any video or not but I felt if we could have one, it would be wonderful. The video would be like a tour around the Local Guides Connect website explaining about menus, posting questions, getting likes, profile details, etc.


As a novice, I found it a little difficult being introduced to a completely new world till I got the hang around it. Still, till date I have not mastered it and believe there are many areas to be explored.


Hope this helps all new joiners.



Harpal Singh

Level 9

Hi @Harpal! You had the same my idea of the last month that you find here: How about a nice introductory video when you first log in on Connect? . I'm glad you give me confirmation that a good video would be useful: vote for the idea and hopefully it will be taken into consideration so we can then help other people a little lost when they happen on Connect! 

Have a nice day,