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Announcing new levels & ways to help your community

Google Administrator




We know Local Guides love discovering new places on Google Maps and helping others make better decisions. Many of you have also shared feedback about the program over the last year, and we’ve listened.


We rolled out new levels, new badges, and an update that rewards even more points for your contributions that help people most.


More ways to contribute and points that reflect your impact

Higher impact contributions, like being the first to add a place on the map or leaving a thoughtful review, earn more points. We’ve also added more ways to contribute. Local Guides can now earn points for rating places and checking facts on the map added by others. Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Contribution Points.png 

Instant recognition

You’re now instantly recognized for your contributions. A “thank you” screen will display how many points you’ve earned for contributions like reviews and photos.



Reach new levels

Along with the updated points, come five new levels. That’s right, you can now reach up to level 10, a status we know many of you have been eager to attain.

With these new levels come fantastic new badges for levels 4 through 10. This allows you to update your badge with each milestone, and stand out as a top Local Guide. These badges will appear next to profile photos for Local Guides on Google Maps and across relevant Google channels.  




For example, this means I, Traci, went from Level 5 with 3,294 points...


Before.png being Level 8 with 37,270 points:






New perk

In celebration of the launch, eligible Local Guides Level 4 to 10 can earn a 3-month Google Play Music subscription and 75% off a movie rental from Google Play Movies. There’s still time to level up before the August 31, 2017 deadline. Learn more.




Want to see your new level? Visit your contributions

Don't yet see the new levels and points? Be sure to have the latest version of the Google Maps app


As always, if you have any questions about the Local Guides program, visit the Local Guides Help Center.

Level 8

In the blog post tracie states that all points will be updated retrospectively, just give it time. :)  I just got a Level 8 badge! woohooo! 

Level 10

Wow I just got the Level 8Badge😂😂😂. Feeling super excited. @OSAMA@U-royFelixA@KarenVChin@SanyaOdare@NarenChandra@dεερακjhιc@SoniaK@DiAnaUS@VictorOmebije@TraciC Come see me, first to get the Badge 😂😂😁😁😁

Level 10

This is very cool. But with the inflated point values, Level 10 really isn't that many points. I wish the highest level were really, really hard to attain. I estimate I'll reach level 10 within a month, since my guess is that I'll have 91,000 points when I get converted. Also, there really should be a severely diminishing point value for pictures of a business. Right now, if someone quickly snaps 200 pictures of a business and adds them all, then they'll get 1000 points. Is that right? Please tell me that more pictures stop counting after 10 or 20. I've never seen someone take more than 5 or 10 good quality photos of an individual business. Every time I see someone add more than 5 or 10 pictures, they're all very bad. If people get a lot of points for each picture, then this encourages people to flood Google Maps with low-quality pictures.

@JosephDewey @HelloSamsonR @NalinK just earned my level 7 badge. 

Level 5

How do I make sure that my Level is up to date on my Google Maps app? I haven't contributed anything for a couple of days, so it's past the 24 hour update period - yet, my level on my Google Maps app displays level 3, but on my Local Guides Web page I'm a level 5... 

Thanks in advance!

Level 7


Thank you mam for sharing such a motivated information 

Now new way of earning points also motivates fellow local guide. 


Hi, @TraciC

Thank you very much for the Level 8 new badge! It is great!

level8.JPGI love it!

Can we earn 33 points for per listing?

First, I add a place(15). After publish I post rating & review(6) and photo(5). and a couple days,months,years later... Answer(1), Suggest an edit(5), Fact checked(1). Total 33 points.


Level 7

great news so far

by the way im reached lv7 in here but its not showing on the Map

Level 7

YAYYYY!! Even MORE reasons to contribute! I love you Google!!!







Level 10

Hi LG friends

@ermest @Gaieus @OSAMA @LucioV @HelloSamsonR @Badruddeen @NarenChandra @BishowvijayaP @NareshDarji @SanyaOdare




@Gaieus @prasunkumarb  @Pareesh_Ratan @NarenChandra @NareshDarji  @LOLO @ @DiAnaUS @Kamalhasnainee



The wait is over

I am level 7 guide now



Thanx google for accepting our long time demand

It will definitely encourage for more contribution and hardworking in our mission to make this world a more aware and mapped place 

Happy Guiding

Keep Mapping


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I want to know for #LGsummit18, will the requirement still be Level 5?

Level 7

Hi @TraciC , thank you for the information. With this new rules, i'm up to level 6 instantly. But as @NarenChandra said, with the new rules, maybe it will triggering a lot of spam more than before. 

Level 9



Now I am Level 8 Local Guide
Connect Moderator

Que bueno contar con estos nuevos niveles, es un gran cambio, sentir que estás en el nivel nueve, se siente bien, próximo objetivo llegar al número diez, está lejos pero estamos trabajando para llegar, quizás a fines del año entrante, ya veremos.



Level 10
Here is additional feedback @TraciC. In Bishowjaya's post it looks as if I've added 2,400 places, where in reality I've only added about 160. The number displayed is the points accrued from that one, not exactly my number of places I've actually added. In your screenshot with the 37,270 points it shows the amount of contributions from each category, not the points in total of each. Where was that accessed?
Level 9

I wonder if there is anyone out there reached Level 9 and level 10? 

Level 8

HI @TraciC.

thanks for your post. this morning,  i got shock to see my points and level which multiplies times as i attached:







 and i knew after reading this article, thanks




Level 7

In four hours!





Level 10

I agree that photosphere should give extra points, as its not easy to take.

For me, I have to wait until no one around to avoid capture any faces, and using tripod to make sure the image steady, the effort is totally different from point and shot camera.

And 5 points per photo without limit per place? Thats just spamming the place, and avoid people seeing good photos there.

Level 9

I love this!

Just woke up today and I saw new level on my badges @U-royFelixA @OSAMA @LucioV @TraciC @SanyaOdare @AnuradhaP @RobAo @WaweruM @NareshDarji @DiAnaUS



Level 8

This is a really exciting update!! 

Level 10



New points 

Level 7

hello greetings of the day my dear fellow local guides, can any one please tell me how do i share my local guide  level 7 badges, 

Ồ, bảo sao sáng nay tôi đượcc cập nhật lên 2900 điểm. hết sức bất ngờ.
Level 9
Level 8

Yes bro @JonasKL

Yes I seen​ my level 7Screenshot_2017-06-14-10-05-26.png#7





Level 9

@JonasKL i am on level 8 , congrats man . 

Level 8

Woo Hoo @JonasKL Me too!! I have only just noticed......How cool is this!!

Level 10

Good morning @JonasKL!

Excellent work, you're one of the 70+ level eight local guides like myself hehe!

It really excited the whole community, have a great day!

Level 7

Overall, that sounds amazing. Thanks for improving the program.



- Relatively better amount of points for different contribution types

- "Facts checked" would expedite editing process

- More levels and motivating existing and new users

- Perks



- Still incomplete (somewhat unfair) pointing system (e.g., photospheres should get more points)

- Points per contribution type are inconsistent on Android (seems to show number of contributions) and Desktop (seems to show calculated points for contributions). 

- Rate of spamming again goes up and up. Unless there is a system to address this issue clearly and accurately; the amount of spamming would reach a very high level.

- I guess this would be very confusing for new users and probably many of existing users.


@TraciC, the pointing system table that you have shared seemed to have some issues (please fix them if applicable):LGUpdate.JPG

 "Review" [ALONE]: Unless there is a change in review process on Google Maps, it is not possible to soley "review" a place without rating it. It's possible to add just a rating though.

- "Photos", "Answer", and "Edit": Are they really based on their number and not the number of places they are associated to?

While, I like more points (who doesn't?!) but this would be a great source of spamming, just saying... "5 points" per photo is unfair and would definitely cause the high rate of poor photos elsewhere...


I personally do not like new badges, I see number of vertices are related to the level of user but higher levels (especially 8-10) look very busy and I doubt they are very well visible on cellphones and users' images (especially in reviews). Maybe using different shapes, colors and creativity would work the wonder!NewBadges.JPG


 Other suggestions:

- Make level 10 almost "Impossible"! When few hours ago I read about these updates and saw 100,000 points needed to reach Level 10, I thought, it would take me lifetime to reach that level but then I realized I was considered as level 7 (when old points converted) and that would not be really very hard to reach Level 10. Even it seems easier than Level 5 (old pointing system).

- Add points in prantheses like following photo:ContributionSummaryNew.JPG


- Add points for users who report/find spammers (review, photos, edit, duplicate places and etc)

- Add Like/Dislike (Thums Up/Down) for photos and reviews [they currently have thums up though].

- Add "Movies" to Google Maps either directly (on Google Maps) or indirectly (via YouTube)

Thank you for the updates......Can you please help me on this- how to get notified if any meet up activities around my home city (Based on location) such as Photo walk, geo walk, map editing - prior to 2-3 days.?  Also, Is there any option to search (under meet up tab) meet up schedule for a peroid, since the search calendar on the right has a single date option.

Level 9

Thank you @TraciC, I think it's a very excited news me and for other local guides

Level 6

I wanted to know how could I be featured on googles youtube channel? ?

Level 7

@TraciC This is total awesomeness. I am much happy to see different allotted points for different type of contribution like review, adding photos, and editing places. Looking forward to unlocking level 10 soon :)

NFN Level 8
Level 8
Jippee👏👏👏 Was waiting for a looong time. Level 8 😨👍👍👍 Thanks Google Maps
Level 8

Amazing update @TraciC 

Loving this new update. Things are more detailed now. 

Level 10



Friends. What you do???

You provoke spam on Google Maps!

Very bad idea to give 5 points for every photo ...

I'm disappointed.


Very very bad ...


Level 10

@TraciC Please illobrate more on 360 Degree Street View Photos? How many points per photo?





Level 10

@TraciC Please give more information on points concerning 360 Stree View 360 degree photos



Level 7

Awesome! Really drive home the engagement here. Except I'm only level 7.... A super long way to go now!

Level 8

New points Level6

Level 8

@TraciCThan you for the updates. I love taking pictures alot this will motivate me alot.

Wow ! Just now I have seen the new policy for points and five new Badges. It seems to be enjoyable for us.

Hope  we will be delighted by achieving new Badges and more points.  Thanks @TraciC for introducing. New policy for rating .jpg

Level 10


@KhanArifRahman As it seems that LGs are happy with new point scheme.

Level 7

Great! Well done! ;)

Its cool, thoughi prefer the old way of rating, but the new interface is awesome





Level 5

Wow...this is really interesting, I went to bed in level 2 and woke up in level 4 :). Thanks for the detailed update @TraciC


Level 8

Aweome really awesome

9458 point in level 7 :D

Level 6

how i meets up in level 6, i don't understand how i do.....?

Hello @ProdipP there is new point system with additional levels. So you are upgraded to new level, Please check this article by @TraciC