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Announcing new levels & ways to help your community

Google Moderator




We know Local Guides love discovering new places on Google Maps and helping others make better decisions. Many of you have also shared feedback about the program over the last year, and we’ve listened.


We rolled out new levels, new badges, and an update that rewards even more points for your contributions that help people most.


More ways to contribute and points that reflect your impact

Higher impact contributions, like being the first to add a place on the map or leaving a thoughtful review, earn more points. We’ve also added more ways to contribute. Local Guides can now earn points for rating places and checking facts on the map added by others. Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Contribution Points.png 

Instant recognition

You’re now instantly recognized for your contributions. A “thank you” screen will display how many points you’ve earned for contributions like reviews and photos.



Reach new levels

Along with the updated points, come five new levels. That’s right, you can now reach up to level 10, a status we know many of you have been eager to attain.

With these new levels come fantastic new badges for levels 4 through 10. This allows you to update your badge with each milestone, and stand out as a top Local Guide. These badges will appear next to profile photos for Local Guides on Google Maps and across relevant Google channels.  




For example, this means I, Traci, went from Level 5 with 3,294 points...


Before.png being Level 8 with 37,270 points:






New perk

In celebration of the launch, eligible Local Guides Level 4 to 10 can earn a 3-month Google Play Music subscription and 75% off a movie rental from Google Play Movies. There’s still time to level up before the August 31, 2017 deadline. Learn more.




Want to see your new level? Visit your contributions

Don't yet see the new levels and points? Be sure to have the latest version of the Google Maps app


As always, if you have any questions about the Local Guides program, visit the Local Guides Help Center.

Level 6

thanks for thia new interface and perks 

Level 7

Hi friends​ See new local guide video on YouTube, very interesting.

Level 8

It was great news @TraciC . More challenges for us. Specially new guides 


Level 5

Thanks @TraciC  for the gretest updates :-)

Level 8

This is awesome! They should reward you with extra points for the overall views your photos have.

I have almost 5 million views in just the past 9 months.

Now we just need more prizes for the levels!! I want a Google shirt or hat or free VM for life.

Level 10 ranking....very's really great...can't stop mapping the world....

Level 7

Awesome. I am 1,000 photos away from level 8.

Level 7

That's a great development for Local Guides!

Level 7

So this is a generalized question about the new points and levels.


Are there certain activities that weigh heavier than others?


Does taking a picture give you more points? Or does giving a review give you more points? Or are they all weighted the same???


it would be nice to know, so that there is an opportunity to get up to level 10 faster. 

Level 7

So this is a generalized question about the new points and levels.


Are there certain activities that weigh heavier than others?


Does taking a picture give you more points? Or does giving a review give you more points? Or are they all weighted the same???


it would be nice to know so that there is an opportunity to get up to level 10 faster. 

Level 7

The new levels are neat, but the perks are not very enticing. There's not much motivation to contribute beyond level 4 unless you care about a profile badge. Time to step things up a notch google. 

Level 7

Points are shown here:

There's no weighting of points as far as I know.  That's why different contribution types have different point values - the points are the weights.

Level 8

June 14 2017, a change in google maps  rewardsJune 14 2017, a change in google maps rewards


All the Google Local guide community was surprised on June 14, 2017, as we have witnessed a complete change in the reward points.  For the complete information, our Google Moderator @TraciC has explained it here. So congratulations to all the community members once again and let's keep walking together.

Level 8

Indeed @Jperkins I have uploaded an image with a table that show the points breakdown...  I found it here.


Contribution Points.png

Level 7

awesome but why I have 0 ratings? any know more about that, and there are more benefits? 



Level 5

Mmmh... what happened to the old rewards?
What happened to the promo of my social media profil as an example? Or the free cloud space?
I don't see any benefits in the new system. Don't let us talk about the 3 month advertising gift.

Level 10

The new point system brought me to this


Level 9

@VictorOmebije Congratulations, the spirit of hardwork is success and your stats shows that, Congratulations man and we need you to continue to improve maps just the way you have been doing.

Level 6

Happy to see in point system for Local guides : )

Hello Local Guides and @TraciC


I loved the change of points and I will be much more excited to collaborate from now on, but I wanted to question a single one that I did not find correct

I alone closed more than 600 places that never existed in Google Maps among them a network of laboratories that opened for each service that provided a different Place (I closed all of at least 20 places) and telephone company that add in the maps places that do not exist I really believe that to guide the maintenance technicians like this that I exemplify


Https://,-46.556386,14z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1stelec...! 8m2! 3d-23.6669896! 4d-46.5603907? Hl = en


I usually close as nonexistent each of them, because they do not even exist.


But the worst are actually the fake places added.


The 15 points will unfortunately encourage this practice.

This is awesome! I was at Level 4 and now I am bumped up to Level 7! Thank you for the update and the inspiration.

Level 7


I suggest to give points when we report spammer , and the points added when the investigation proof , this will clean the map ...

Level 7


I suggest to give points when we report spammer , and the points added when the investigation proof , this will clean the map ...

@Ch-Marwen@nicolequilliam @U-royFelixA @ermest

Level 10

@OSAMA Very good suggestion

Level 7

Yeah we need to reduce the spma on the map @Amiran 

There are some profiles just write (OK) and give 🌟

On all reviews and now they are level 9 or 8

But the problem they give low quality reviews ,

We must have a solid new way to face this ,

While the new Points system will increase this kind of Spam ...

Level 8

What is gonna happen if we reach level 10 ? Because if we become level 4, we'll earn discount from google play. So right now, it is same level 4 and level 10 

Level 10

@OSAMA Yes, This is really important to have clean and reliable Map. I've also mentioned this matter to @TraciC in first page of this announcement.

Level 8

Great news @TraciC. Kudos to you and your team. :-) 

Level 8

Now local guides became marathon runners for points @TraciC .

Back to the streets guys.

Level 8


Great news

Thanks @TraciC for the Details


Level 10

Where is Level 11?^^

Level 8

Now Connect have become the most happening place for localguides around the world.


Level 6

Update looks great - I'll be adding a new reviews today! :)


I'm a little sad that the reward for 3 months free of Google Play Music isn't available to existing customers. Woudn't it make more sense to be extra nice to people that already use the Google music service *and* are willing to volunteer their time to read, write, review, and rate places for Google maps? I feel like I'm being taken for granted because I've already drank the Google Kool Aid... :S


3 months free music would be just as nice to existing users as the free Google Drive storage upgrade has been.

Level 5

Will Level 5 still be the entry level to apply to go to Summit?  for 2018?

Level 8

Thank you! 

Olá,  @TraciC


Gostaria de saber quais os benefícios de cada nível? Se possível em Portugues.


Fiz um tópico com esse questionamento.





Renilson Campos



Level 8


Thank you for the updated information .

Points for Street view Trusted Photos are not mentioned .

One place may require more than two 360 .

New Tab at Streetview to contribute 360 is not promoted and motivated.


悪いことではないのですが、360 degreeを撮影していたらLocal Guides Level 6になりました。

Level 5が最高位なのでは??


Loving this new rating system, glad it takes into account the new ways to earn points now :)

Congratulation @アイケーホームテ. Now level 10 became the highest one. :)

New concept, New spirit

Level 5

I need to know the benefits level 5

Excellent change points system, so I can see now will be assessed more the quality of contributions than the amount of them.


That motivates me to work more and better in accurate and correct contributions.


Level 8

@SriyanthaS as the new offers are still not clear by our moderator @TraciC .

we are also waiting for the same my dear.

try to search in community before you post a new topic.



Thank you

Level 7

@TraciC this is interesting and would inspire me to contribute more. Also point for fact check is newly introduced. Would encourage user's to improve map information. My only complaint is time maps take to approve our edits. 

Level 8
Sooo. What is the level benefits now?
Level 7

@DavidAbarca see the link to the original thread - unfortunately nothing much right now, 3 months of free Google Play music

and apparently only if you are not already in it, there is already some heated discussion about this on social media as I find it itself

unfair for people who already PAID Google play music and do not just get an extension for 3 months. And one movie for 75% off

IF you are in the USA or Canada. Well, come on Google, you can do better than that!

Very cool ! 

That is awesome, with some new perks too.