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Sindhur15 Level 5
Level 5


IMG_20181127_171618.jpgMy first photo

 I started posting with my first photography feeling awesome...😍😍


Yanam, Puducherry, India
Carmelina62 Level 7
Level 7

Rif.: Photos

Una splendida foto. Complimenti davvero e grazie. Buona serata.

MdAtikuzzamanLimon Level 8
Level 8

Re: Photos

Hi @Sindhur15,

Greetings from the Bangladesh Local Guide!

Welcome you to the Global Community!

Please read first all the guides to post a perfect post to the Local Guide as mentioned by Local Guides Moderator . As you mentioned in your post that this is your first post to the Local Guide, please follow the other Local Guide previous post and comments.

Welcome to Bangladesh!


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