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hector1grm Level 3
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How to stop drinking so much soda?

My daily intake of soda has gotten really bad. My friends had advised me that I was addicted to it, but I shrugged it off, now that is all I drink. I cant, and wont stop. Soda is good. What can replace that?

Los Angeles, CA, USA
bdmafuz Level 8
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Re: How to stop drinking so much soda?

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NqobileNgcobo Level 6
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Re: How to stop drinking so much soda?

As with most things, too much of something spoils the fun so I believe you're bound too get bored of soda and possibly quit it all together. However, you can't ignore the havoc it is wreaking on your health and the natural phasing out might just take too long. Consider cutting it down gradually, first thing in the morning drink some water or herbal tea because chances are you're still groggy to be putting much thought into what you're drinking anyways. Also keep the soda as far out of your reach as possible, so don't include it in your grocery shopping and avoid places where you know you could find it and be tempted.


I hope things really work out for you and we're hearing a success story soon.

nangiggles Level 6
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Re: How to stop drinking so much soda?

Well first of all take a good look at how it is impacting you. Clearly your friends noticed something in your behavior because they pointed out the addiction. Consider if it's also impacting your health in the short term or long term. Your emotional health too, like do you get stressed or anxious if you dont have sodas at any given time? Also try tapering yourself down. If you drink 10 a day, aim for 8 and then slowly try to work down. Is it impacting your economy? Maybe spending too much on sodas. Sit down and make a list of impacts in your life and how you think it affects you. Sometimes sitting down and seeing things can really have an impact on your way of thinking.


Also consider getting a carbonation machine like sodastream, fizzini or any of the others in the market. Though the upfront cost is high, you will a. save money on buying actual sodas and b. you can carbonate water only or water with flavoring so you dont ingest so much sugar.


Good luck!