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On the move commercials.

Imagine reaching guide level 5, then Google gives you options with your "nearby" phone feature. When you pass a Google Beacon, this feature notifies your phone "$0.50 added to your Google wallet" rewarding guides to get out and explore. Google could do something similar to a scavenger hunt and it would be cool for guides to get out and meet other guides and explore together. Business owners would pay for a Google Beacon and guides would get more involved exploring their local areas. 

Google Moderator

Thanks for sharing your idea, @AustinStowell. It is getting a Google Maps label to make it more relevant.


The Perks label applies only to Local Guides connected perks and The Local Guides program is connected mostly to the personal experience of landmark and venues experiences. If you want to learn more you can also See what Local Guides is about and read these Tips: Using Local Guides Connect.

Level 4

Best new idea I read today!  Good job!