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Pamporovo - a place blessed by the God

Pamporovo is a mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is situated in the Rhodopes at 1650 m above sea level, at the foot of Mount Snezhanka.


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The resort has well-maintained ski facilities and ski runs, the tourist season begins in December and lasts almost until the end of April. During the summer Pamporovo is an attractive place for relaxation and recreation, offering various opportunities for sports - archery, high mountain biking. Close to Pamporovo are the resorts of Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, the ethnographic complex Shiroka Laka. Sofia - Pamporovo - 222 km. Plovdiv - Pamporovo - 74 km. Varna - Pamporovo - 430 km.
Since the beginning of the 1960s winter sports, lovers have descended on the slopes of Pamporovo. Over the years, the resort has been developed and today there are several ski centers, numerous crates, ski wardrobes, ski schools.


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The slopes of Pamporovo are suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate and professional. There are slopes, giant slalom, and cross-country skiing. In the Fun Park, freestyle fans and winter sports will find opportunities to practice their favorite activities.
Pamporovo is an excellent destination for family holidays. There is a special ski area for children (next to Ski Center 2 - Malina), with safety nets and conveyor belt. The area is suitable for the youngest - from 4 to 7 years of age, where children can take their first steps in skiing.


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In the summer the Rhodope Mountains invite you to hiking excursions, extreme mountain biking, riding in the beautiful nature of the mountain or meeting some of the most impressive natural wonders in the area - Uhlovitsa Cave, Smolyan Lakes, Orpheus Rocks, and why not visit the Observatory in Rozhen?

In the area of Pamporovo, there are numerous bars, bars, and discos so you can not get bored. Rhodope villages offer hospitality and delicious local specialties.
To the north of Smolyan (the most populated town in Bulgaria), at the foot of Bukova Mountain, are located the beautiful Smolyan Lakes.


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They are located amphitheatrically (from 1500 to 11 m) on the left valley slope of the Black River, a left tributary of the Arda River. Originally, there are typical landslide lakes that fill the clear footstools with a large, stepped landslide. The picturesque lake group consists of 3 permanent and 17 temporary lakes.

The most void of the permanent lake is called the Misto Lake, but not because its waters are cloudy, but because the shade around it gives a dark, almost black color. The lake has interesting rocky shores. It is fed by groundwater and has no tributaries or streams to escape from it.

Below the Muddy Lake is the largest Smolyan Lake - the Milushevo Valley (Bistroto Lake). It has a length of 178 m and its depth is 4 m. One-third of the water surface is covered with a thick (about a meter) peat bed. In the summer a lush grassy vegetation covers the lake and it looks like a colorful Rhodopean kitenik. A small river flows out of it and flows into the third, smallest Smolyan Lake - Salaja. It is drained underground and its waters are fed by a large spring, which flows 200 m from it.

Pamporovo, България