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Report a missing road on Google Maps

Level 5

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You can add places, suggest edits on existing listings, and report problems on roads — but what if a road doesn’t exist? We’ve heard your feedback that you’d like the ability to report missing roads on Google Maps — as of today, this feature is now available on Google Maps for desktop and Android*.


No one knows your community better than you do. If you spot a missing road, place a pin where the missing road should be and make sure to include any additional information that will help us verify the road exists. We’ll investigate your report and add the road to the map once it is confirmed.


To report a missing road on desktop


  • Open Google Maps
  • Click Send Feedback in the lower right corner
  • Select Report a Missing Road
  • Place the pin where the missing road should appear
  • Add the name of the road and any additional information


To report a missing road on Android


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Maps app
  • Go to the location where the missing road should appear
  • Open the Menu and tap Send Feedback
  • Select Report a Missing Road
  • Tap the location of the missing road
  • Add the name of the road and any additional information




*This feature is not yet available on iOS.

Level 7

I've been reporting missing roads and editing for weeks and nothing happened

Level 7

yes we are success  so many missing  road and place edite  completed  but some of road no done........ how to possible?

Level 10

Thanks for announcement. I was able to use this feature since some days before. That's good but I think it should and it will be more professtional in future.

Level 9

Thanks, i will use this post as a reference. ;)

Level 10

Level 10

 @GusMoreira I've been reporting missing roads for several locations since Map Maker shut down, and still have many pending edits now 45 days old. What is the expected timeframe for these edits to be completed (Or if they are 'denied', how are we to know)?


Also, I did get informed that two edits were completed several weeks ago, yet they still do not show on Google Maps. What's the proper method to report this problem?

Level 8

Thank You, @GusMoreira This is Fantastic, I have had a lot of questions on this topic :)

This will help a ton of my guides in Kansas City ... Total #ROCKSTAR

Level 2

@GusMoreira does this allow for reporting missing pathways and trails? Thank you for this addition!

Level 7

Please Google Maps Teams. Watch this video I made to understand the issue

Level 9

@GusMoreira Thanks for the great news. Now I can fix all missing roads in my community.

Level 8

What a great edition, especially in Florida. Florida is always changing. New roads are always popping up monthly, as well as old ones disappearing. This will be so helpful!

Level 8

Hi @GusMoreira, cool but it'd really be so cool if we'd draw the road

Level 7

I saw this new feature weeks ago, I tested it with a missing road and some days after it was added. So, I can confirm it works! 👍

I don't think this feature will work properly. because the policy followed by map markwr was good. Now , if we are suggesting a missinf\g road, how can a man from Google mark the road without visiting that exact location. 

Level 6

Thanks for the information.

I have some road and those  is not on Google Maps. I will try this way as soon.

Level 8

What if the new road is 18 km long, and it is not a straight line?

Should I add 180 pins on every 100 meters?


What if this new road is highway with limited access via ramps (entry / exit)?

Should I mark the ramps by pins on every 10 meters?


Or maybe better is to draw it in MyMaps and to give the link in "add notes" field?

Maybe KML file made in Google Earth would be better?

You should describe the best method.


How many time earlier we need report new roads before its opening for the traffic? – I was report some missing roads and after 12 day it is still not available on the GMaps...


What is the future of the GMaps? – Do you plan to implement real editing tools (like earlier was the MapMaker), or do you prefer to rely on user reports only?

Or maybe you want rely on an automatic processes only and you don't need users to draw the maps? Do you believe that you can keep up to date your maps with only your own forces?

@GusMoreira Reporting missing roads is not working or works too slow.
If user see that a highway isn't visible on Maps, he changes it. He changes map-application to this one where the highways exist.
If user (who is accustomed by Google for immediate results) reports missing road and waits two-three days without an effect, he doesn't report it more. Many, many of my friends who had kept up to date Google Maps (when MapMaker worked), are editors of OpenStreetMap or Waze now – they will not come back to Google Maps...

I don't know how do you react to reports in other countries, but in Poland we afraid to report road maintenances, because you "close" the road when renovation will end.

We don't report missing not important roads due to not prolongs the queue.

We wait for editing tool, but if you don't plan it – tell us, we add soon more missing roads and other bugs to your maps. And queue will be longer.



Level 8

Thanks @GusMoreira , But This feature is not working , i mean not supported in my Country..


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@GusMoreira Thanks for this feature, now time to add missing roads. I will do this from today.

Level 7

What should be done in case of a country side road which does not have a proper/approved name? How would it be verified?

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Hi @Przemo,


Good point.  We need a protocol to report long missing roads.


Hi @ZedTransforms,


We can include more details in the report.  Then when Google's team is checking, they can use other reference materials that can find to draw the road perfectly.  I remember in the GMM times, I usually need to draw a road serveral times as the new segments do not connect with the existing network.  And it is always hard to set the surface type, pedestrian path, elevation, etc correct.

Level 9














So where?
2 months no correction on the roads.
3D buildings - removed
Address - not possible either to add or change

The incredible amount of spam in photos

Still not available in Egypt #EgyptLocalGuides

Thanks @GusMoreira, as a Power Mapmaker we missed all futures.


We are pleased with this news


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you 

Level 2

Hell, this functionality was before in the menu, but simply didn't work. But now it completely disappeared. Thank you very much for making our life easier :)

Level 8

Few members was looking for this information as you shared here...thanks

Level 9

Hi All !

@RadhouenThanks for this video :)


I share your opinion on this request in video ;)


Level 7

muy buena información, muchas gracias por el video

Level 5

Hello everyone!


As some of you have seen the feature is not yet available in a few countries but we are working hard to continue to roll out to more countries soon.


For the questions related to edits not being approved or still pending, please check our new article about Why is my edit status Pending or Not Applied? which explain a little bit more our processes.


@PrzemysławS and @SampsonF - The process for long roads is the same. You just need to drop the pin on the center of the road and include as much information as you can about the road in question. Our team will review the report, the information you submitted and cross-check with our internal references to add it to the map.


As mentioned before we continue to develop new mapping tools to empower Local Guides to help the world and their communities around them. This is just the beginning...

Level 10

Quoting @GusMoreira:


For the questions related to edits not being approved or still pending, please check our new article about Why is my edit status Pending or Not Applied? which explain a little bit more our processes.

Therein lies the problem. Currently, road edits do not appear in the edit history. We only get a "Thank you, your edit is being reviewed" e-mail. If it is approved we get a notification, but not if it is not applied or pending. At least under Map Maker, we had closure by knowing the edit was denied.


Thus, edits are stuck in a "black hole", not knowing what their disposition is. Which could lead to repeat edits, thus adding more work to the Google team's effort. I have had the fortune of having my area updated recently with new satellite imagery, so the roads I'm submitting are easily verifiable, with the only true element I'm adding is the name, yet they are lingering 45 days or more in an unknown state.

This feature will help me a lot. Thanks a lot for information @GusMoreira

Level 1

Thank you. Have been wondering how to do this. This is helpful.

Level 7

Thanks for this feature, now time to add missing roads


Level 7

It took around a month for a feedback to be approved.

I did alot of reporting for missing roads, but only one got added.

When will the ability to draw roads come in like mapmaker had but without the stupid error messages that mapmaker had

Level 10

@GusMoreira In Russian interface we have "Редактировать в Google Map Maker" mean "Edit in Google Map Maker" :^)))


Map Maker.PNG

Level 10

@SergeySud This is great :D 

Очен харашо :)

What can we do if i want to write information about road wich is viable in map but no information?


Level 7

Good evening Mr. Gas Moreira, 

I think the application Report a Missing Road is really useful for reporting non-existent routes, bugs, traffic jams, incidents and manifestations, public utility vehicles such as ambulances and firefighters, police or armed vehicles.
Also, vandalous relief acts and bulky objects, such as trees or poles or others that obstruct the roads, or simply a roadway, must be reported.
Roads, bridges, viaducts and underpasses are difficult to control all and with the due periodicity, the motorist, the cyclist, the centaur or a simple walker must have the ability to interact with the system for reporting, which must be managed by a Pre-set, straightforward, clear and simple format.
I suggest that there is a shake that, in addition to signaling obstacles and dangers, first of all establishes in the first step the truthfulness of the information, this is possible from the view of the satellites, or alternatively by a second step of signaling another or more subjects of the Same problem, which should be graded according to the relevance of the person who transmits it via Application: (Level 1: Public Security Forces, Firefighters, Armed Forces - Level 2 - Citizens with High Level Public Responsibilities: Ministers, Deputies, Men Of special prestige in the university and scientific field, magistrates and constitutionalists - level 3 simple citizens).
In addition to reporting in real time the various local problems and reporting them on the road map, the application should help those who drive a motorcycle or a motorcycle or biker, by proposing alternate routes after a quick recalculation of the route.

The application must also communicate in real time, especially to anyone within a 10-kilometer radius of the alert, and in particular to those who originally asked for road information via the App of the segment affected by the alert when the problem was solved And the affected section is again free.
I hope I've been useful, and I hope to be useful to your neighbor.
Yours sincerely
Gino Parito Sorrenti

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Level 7


Level 1


Level 10

Last 4+ posts @iyudhi

Level 8

Thank You @GusMoreira this is extremely helpful, so I have bookmarked it. Is this the same process that I would use for an unmapped bush track? I tried to set add one a wee while ago and I can see that it still hasn't been added. It's an extension of

Is this the same process that I would use for an unmapped bush track? I tried to add a wee edit to a track error a while ago and I can see that it still hasn't been added. It's an extension of Ngaruni Track, Raglan, NZ ,that branches off and heads up to Earles Place, Raglan, New Zealand. The Ngaruni track entrance from Earles Place is even signposted and I have photos of it?

Level 3

This is an very good function i have more request!

Level 8


I pointed out some road as open to traffic. After a closure by RER in Mapmaker.

Now is open,But it is always marked as closed.
Level 6

 Olá @GusMoreira

Eu tenho relatado a algum tempo algumas ruas que estão faltando e outras que estão com sentido de condução incorreto em Resplendor MG.

Mas nenhuma contribuição foi aprovada.

Thanks @GusMoreira. It sounds good. Long waited feature finally comes true. 

Level 8

Thanks for this, it helped me a lot to edit some roads next to my work where taxi drivers keep on using which doesn't even exist! For anyone that lives in the middle east region, use your desktop (using Chrome) to make the edits as the mobile function isn't yet supported :-)

Level 5

That's fine but I am just put the starting point of the road there is no option to draw the road or to indicate the ending point. I have already reported the issue to Google maps . Waiting for their reply.

Level 7

Great initiative  thanks