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Contest: USA, win 1 of 21 L'Oréal Prize Packs

Google Administrator



Local Guides are always on top of the latest trends and style, so we’ve teamed up with L'Oréal to bring you a unique contest opportunity that’s 21 times the fun! From October 31 — November 17, Local Guides in the United States have an opportunity to win 1 of 21 L'Oréal prize packs by writing high-quality reviews on Google Maps. Enter now.


Writing reviews on Google Maps helps others to discover the places — including salons — that are right for them.  

Got an amazing haircut lately? Treat yourself to some fantastic products? Tell us all about it — but first, check out these tips for writing reviews of salons on Google Maps:

    • Details, details, details. Share details that are specific and relevant to the salon you’re reviewing, and describe what other salon patrons are likely to experience. Are you able to make appointments online? Are beverages complimentary?
    • Be honest and respectful. You should always review your own experience and your own experience only. Explain why you liked or disliked the place. If writing about a less-than-stellar experience, share what could have gone better so the salon owner (who reads the review) may improve it for your — or another Local Guide’s — future visit.


  • What else does the salon have to offer? Salons offer more than just a place to get a great cut or color treatment. Do they offer hot shaves or paraffin treatments? Are they the only place in your neighborhood where you can find your professional hair products? Share those details and name those brands so others looking for that information can easily find them when searching in Google Maps.

Enter now.


The grand prize winner will receive a $100 L'Oréal salon gift card & $500 in full-size L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, Mizani, Redken and Pureology products including:


Twenty first prize winners will receive $160 in full-size L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, Mizani, Redken and Pureology products including:


Below are some FAQs about this contest opportunity.


The grand prize winner gets a L'Oréal salon treatment; if I’m the winner, how do I know if there is a salon near me?

With the winner’s permission, we will put the winner in touch with L'Oréal to make arrangements for finding a salon near their home.


If I win, may I give the prize to a friend?

If you win one of the contest prizes, you may give the contest prize to a friend or family member but you may not sell or exchange the contest prize for money.


Do the reviews have to be for L'Oreal salons?
No; Local Guides are encouraged and will be judged on high-quality reviews written on Google Maps for any salons and places anywhere in the world. 


I don’t live in the United States and I want a contest. How do I get one?

The Local Guides program is constantly evolving. Benefits, including contests, may be offered from time to time. If you have a partner you would like the team to work with or a benefit you would like to see offered in your area, we welcome your feedback in the comments below. Please also be sure that your email preferences have benefits emails enabled by visiting your settings.


I want to learn more about writing great, high-quality reviews!

High-quality reviews are those that are most helpful to others as they include details that share what makes a place special or not so special. Check out these tips for writing high-quality reviews.

KF Level 3
Level 3

I am all about this contest!  But does this mean that someone is going to review every review made (within the dates) by every person who enters the contest??  That's a lot of review reviewing....


I hope this will encourage some good, quality reviews.  It's nice to win prizes while being helpful. :)

Google Administrator

Hi @KF. Glad to hear you're excited about this contest! You can check out the contest rules but "Google will score each Entry and calculate the cumulative score over all the Entries submitted from each Entrant during the Contest Period. Scoring will be determined by an algorithm with human oversight, judging reviews on the following criteria:

  • Spelling & grammar - is your review easy to read and understand?
  • Length - not too long, not to short.
  • Relevance - does your review content make sense for the place you're writing about?
  • Usefulness - will your review help others decide where to go?
  • Originality - how creative or original is your review style?
  • Capturing the spirit of the place - how well do you describe the atmosphere?
  • Writing style - how well written is your review?

Each Entry will be scored based on the above criteria and Prizes(s) will be awarded as described further below.


So the short answer is quality DOES matter and we will be reviewing reviews! :) 

Connect Moderator

El concurso lo expandirán fuera de EEUU

Level 8

Good luck U.S. local guides. 😊

Level 5

wow :) best of luck to all of you :)

Level 8

Good luck local guides in US :)


Really awaiting for something in our region and other regions.

Level 7

Nice one!


p.s. @TraciC On a separate note,
at least 2 my replies and 2 posts haven't been uploaded for some reason since yesterday which seems to be a bug.


Level 7

Nice one! It'd be great to have more opportunities like this around the globe

Level 2

Congratulations you a guide in USA of fun and it is an honor. I am very happy and always pray for you

Google Administrator

@FaridMonti Hola! This contest is US only but the team is always working on other opportunities that are available globally or in specific countries. If you have a specific contest or opportunity you'd like to see, please do share! 

KF Level 3
Level 3

@TraciC thanks for the details!  I'm up to date now and ready to leave some solid reviews.  Oh snap, did it just become November?!  I better get on it...

Level 7
Wow! Great contest cause review is really much more important like photos. It helps people to know about places as quick queries. Sometimes actual & neat review saves time, money & other things. Interesting matter of this contest is the winners prize. Funny. Good Luck local guides.
Level 3

Are Google Guides supposed to only be female?
I do not underastand a contest like this, especialy from Google, only aimed at women.


Do you ever have contests aimed at both men and women?

Google Administrator

Hi @StevenP, the team is always looking for new ways to offer fun perks and benefits to our Local Guides. We realize that not every perk or contest prize will work for everyone, and you're never under any obligation to enter a contest if the prize does not interest you. With the holidays coming up, you are welcome to gift the prize to someone who may appreciate the products and treatment, if you're a winner, of course. 


Some recent contests have included prizes like Cabify credit, Ricoh Theta 360 camera and a Chromebook Flip, just to name a few. 





Level 1

lave citi your usa i love it
Level 7
I like that But How to Enter the Im from philipines thank u
Google Administrator

Hi @BobbyE. Thank you for your interest but this contest is limited to Local Guides in the United States.

Level 4

I am totally underwhelmed.

Google has gone from encouraging great world photography to offering prizes for the best description of a visit to the local barber!

#panoramio #picasa #whereareyou

Level 2

I wish I would've Connected sooner 😏.. I'll be every where in this forum Connecting with my fellow Local Guides.

#LocalGuides #Google

Google Administrator

We're happy to have you, @BeckyF! :-D

Google Administrator

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Tony T
Sidney Chow
Sue Lee
Alan Semon
Camren Richards
Chelsea Robertson
Danielle Lucas
Daryl Huschka
Dustin Lowery
E Hayd.
Edward Parks
Francis (Sonn F)
Kim Salinaz
Maries Almarales
Michael Pithis
Nathan Kirkland
Owen Romo
Sean Austin
Stacy shaft
Tim Sunde
Matt Galla