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Celebrating International Women’s Day


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International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. The day also marks a call to action for the acceleration of gender equality. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting some of our dynamic female Local Guides and the things they’re most passionate about.


See the comments from @RosalieTi below for full highlights on each of the incredible women:



Shirni Ong: Breaking out of her traditional Malaysian Chinese cultural norms at a young age, Shirni went against her male relatives’ wishes, and backpacked through Europe. She followed her dreams despite adversity and the idea that she wasn’t safe to travel alone as a young woman. This has become one of Shirni’s greatest decisions. She found the experience humbling, yet intoxicating, urging her to explore the world further and better understand other cultures and walks of life. It helped her break boundaries and inspire younger people in her community to follow in her footsteps. She is extremely passionate about learning the stories of people all over the world through food, language, and culture, and believes that having this type of experience can help people to be kinder to each other as a whole. A passionate reviewer, photographer, events organizer, and Level 5 Local Guide, Shirni feels that Local Guides has broadened her horizons and encouraged her to consider other people’s needs in her contributions. In her own words, “Be kind, be happy and LIVE! Live in the moment, appreciate everything that life has to offer and choose to be HAPPY.”



Kim Flowers: Kim has a true passion for emerging technology and its ability to make us think differently and challenge ideas. She has taken this passion and become a teacher of new tech and its uses. She considers her greatest achievement the ability to stay true to herself and her passions. Going forward, she’d like to see changes in the way we treat nature and our oceans, and to use her knowledge of different technologies to solve a huge problem, like sustainable fashion. As a Level 5 Local Guide who loves to suggest edits on Google Maps, Kim prides herself on helping local businesses in her community, and believes everyone should think locally. In her own words, “Meeting new people makes life an adventure.”

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Accept our sincere congratulations. Woman fills the world with beauty.



Shirley YeungAs a pharmacist, Shirley believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and is passionate about helping others achieve and maintain a better quality of life. She feels that today, we try to experience too many things in too short of a time, causing us to neglect our own wellbeings, and that that needs to change. Through her work in healthcare, Shirley has recognized the importance of communication, whether it is from doctor to patient or just among the general population. She believes we all need to challenge ourselves to better communicate, as this would lead to new and innovative ideas, particularly with all of the recent technological advances. As a young female healthcare professional, she understands the different perspective, ideas, strengths and capabilities that women bring into the workplace, and feels passionate about empowering young girls and women by recognizing their unique achievements. A Level 5 Local Guide, Shirley loves to contribute to Google Maps through photos, and feels her time as a Local Guide has opened her up to new ideas within her newfound community. In her own words, Be curious. Take every opportunity to explore and learn about the world we live in.”

Happy Women's Day! 

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Great way to celebrate, and really inspiring to read about these great women and local guides!



Tara Mansfield: Passionate about helping people achieve shared experiences through music, Tara loves to bring people from different walks of life together. She believes in a shift in the world’s mindset, that people should never shrug off an issue just because it doesn’t directly concern them. She believes everyone’s problems should be seen as a “to-do list,” not an abstract issue, and sees a worldwide responsibility to stand together. She prides herself on the great support system she has built in her own life. A Level 5 Local Guide and passionate reviewer, Tara’s Local Guides experience has opened her up to new friendships, new adventures, and many new connections. In her own words, “If it's wrong, then it's wrong, and whether it impacts you or not, it's your responsibility to try and make it right.”

excited !! :)

Connect Moderator

Very cool to read the stories and awesome to see some familiar faces! :D

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Happy Woman's Day!



Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury: As a social worker, Sumaiya is passionate about helping those less fortunate than her, especially women. She has dedicated much of her time and continues to take steps toward to women’s independence, equality, and empowerment in her community in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She believes there needs to be a growing focus on women’s entrepreneurship, opportunities, innovation, health and tech education. A Level 5 Local Guide who loves to contribute to Google Maps through photos of her travels, Sumaiya feels as though her contributions have enriched her country. In her own words, “Never give up.Travel the whole world and live like a Local Guide!”

Level 9

Inspiring article!!!



Luisa Clasen: Most inspired by film, and an avid YouTube user herself, Luisa wants to see the Brazilian film industry grow with young, female talent. She uses her YouTube channel to try to educate as many people as possible, particularly young girls who may be discouraged by their family from pursuing goals, dreams, and new experiences. She is passionate about transforming the way people think of “feminism,” to make sure it is seen as a movement for everyone that the whole world would benefit from. A reviewer and Level 2 Local Guide, Luisa loves to help other people make decisions in Google Maps, as well as appreciates the way that other Local Guides help her. In fact, she’s usually the one in her group to decide where to go based on help from other Local Guides. In her own words, “Another day, another joy. (Mais um dia, mais uma alegria)”



Prachy Mohan: Proud of her ability to help others break down barriers and realize their own potential, Prachy would love to provide mentorship for those around her. Through her own mentors inspiring her to get out and make a difference, she has spent a lot of time volunteering with nonprofit organizations and youth.  Prachy wants to inspire others to embrace each other simply as human beings, and not categorized in any way. She celebrates the multicultural nature of her home city of Toronto, and hopes that that kind of acceptance can spread further around the world. Another great passion of Prachy’s is emerging technology. She sees the potential that tech advancements have to improve daily life, and recognizes this in Google Maps contributions and how they help out local businesses. A dedicated reviewer and Level 5 Local Guide, she knows her contributions are very helpful for others in their decision making, and has connected with many people in the Local Guides community. In her own words, “Figure out what you love and do it as much as possible!”

Level 8

Thanks @RosalieTi for sharing the beautiful stories of our fellow local guides. Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies in the world. 🌹 🌹 

I'd also like to express a big congratulations 🌹 🌹 to all excellent female members of local guides team (including @TraciC @Corrie and others) for keeping our local guides community beautiful always. 

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Happy Women's Day! So inspired by these great Local Guides, many that I have met in person and are friends. 😊

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Happy Women’s Day . International Women’s Day or IWD is remembered all around the world every March 8. It is the celebration of the achievements of women all over the planet for their achievements in all aspects of society and civilization including social, economic, cultural and political arenas.

In some countries, IWD is celebrated as a day of appreciation much like Mother’s Day. For other countries, however, International Women’s Day is a day which highlights the political and human rights struggles of women worldwide.

Wherever in the world you may be living, hopes that you live in a country where women are able to live to their full potential in happiness and health. Share these Happy Women’s Day quotes and greet all the important and beloved women in your lifeedd77ca678b7dcb873770848e24b3557.jpg



Happy International Women's Day! Great project here highlighting Local Guides from all over with a snippet of their contributions to a better world! Well done everyone! And can I just add that if you haven't seen Hidden Figures yet, please do so. Amazing story of three women breaking down social, gender and racial barriers to achieve amazing things in life! Never give up and aim for the impossible! 😀
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I'm in l*o*v*e with all of you, in the best way you can consider this word.

There is so much powerful and positive message in this post.

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Good to see there is a Bangladeshi 

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I am sure the stories will further inspire more ladies to believe in themselves, to chase their dreams, to achieve.


Thank you for sharing, @RosalieTi!

Level 8

This is incredible Celebrating Women's day with All Featured or Most telented Local Guides.... So thanks @RosalieTi

@SumaiyaZafrinC Congrats my idol...



Becky Curran: Passionate about accessibility and advocating for improved media representation of people with physical differences, Becky is a motivational speaker. She has traveled around the world to encourage confidence in, and acceptance and awareness of people with physical differences and disabilities by sharing her own story. As a little person, Becky does not want to change herself, but rather she wants to change the world to be a better place with inclusion and acceptance for all. She wants people to further recognize and accommodate various disabilities, and finds Google Maps a good outlet for this. As a Level 5 Local Guide and avid photographer, she has met other Local Guides with disabilities, and they have collaborated on making the map more accessible for everyone. Becky feels as though her experience with Local Guides has broadened her perspective in considering various disabilities, and at the same time has been able to bring together a community of people separated by borders and oceans. In her own words, “Everyone who has the opportunity to live on this earth should feel accepted and included in every aspect of life. I truly believe that anything is possible for everyone and there's no reason that anyone should be limited or prevented from accomplishing any goal they set in life.”

@ShafiulBThank u vaia

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Wow! @RosalieTi This is most inspiring. I'm so proud of my local guides ladies 😘😘😘

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I'm proud to have met these strong women and know some of them quite well. On ya ladies. The world slowly progresses towards equality. Take what's yours and don't let anyone say no. 

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It amazes me these little cameos that you see pop up post summit. There were secrets within the secrets. It's pretty cool, keeps the smiles coming and brings back the memories of the event every time one of these individual shoots or videos pops up. #lgsummit16 bring on the next one so a new batch can experience this joy.

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Thanks @RosalieTi, per il bel post, e per il giusto riconoscimento a queste donne. Un ringraziamento anche a tutte quelle donne che, non presentate qui direttamente, lavorano ogni giorno perchè questo sia un mondo migliore

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ارسل تحياتي هنا لكم و لكل امرأة في جميع انحاء العالم.

المرأة هي الأم هي الأخت هي الحبيبة هي الزوجة معها تكتمل معنى الحياة الانسان.

أشعر بسعادة في اليوم العالمي للمراه..لأنها تستحق أن يقف لها كل العالم في يوم مخصص لها للتفكير و التأمل و الحب لها الكثير من المسئولية لا تنحصر .

تحياتي لكم جميعآ 

Level 9

Thanks @RosalieTi for the wonderful write up! And Google LG Team, thank you so much for featuring me alongside these wonderful superwomen and wonderwomen from all over the world. It's truly my honour ♡ Congrats ladies, lots to learn from you guys.

There are boarders and oceans between countries, in Google map and Local Guides program it embrace the differences and brings everyone together.


Hugs everyone!!!

<3 lots of love <3

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without 'HER' even the 'HERO' is just a '0'....Happy Women's Day :) @RosalieTi 

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Happy Women's Day. Congratulations to all women for their achievements.

Level 8

Thank you, @RosalieTi. I'm really proud to have met and call many of the ladies here friends. As a male from Middle East, I've learnt that empowerment isn't anything but daily struggle for all women.


Many, of course, advocate and claim to support empowerment of women but truth is, with all speeches and conferences and media meetings, one does really cannot expect any result from that approach, women know better! I have seen many women STAND UP for themselves and other women and make equality a reality in many fields rather than just a demand. Not in the near future but TODAY, the fight has already begun. Everyday, I see women fighting for opportunities and existence and I see them winning against all odds. 


Real empowerment is not an easy fight, but it is indeed a winning cause despite all efforts of every day misogyny.


All female Local Guides and specially in areas with less acceptance of women in the field, deserve nothing but respect and appreciation. I witnessed the great @BashaierA fights her way up through Level 4 against stereotype and prejudice and become on of the best contributors in the city; providing HIGH QUALITY informative photos and reviews. 


shirni.JPGDon't follow her if you are veterinarian. Credit Shirnibashaier2.JPGBashaier's reviews will make you prepared for anythingsumaya.JPGTajhat Palace. Credit: Sumayiakim.JPGBe aware business owners, KimF shows no mercyshirley.JPGKinoteka. Credit: Shirleybashaier.JPGKAUH. Credit: Bashaiertara.JPGTara will take you to virtual trip just by reading her reviews


Above examples are only a tiny tiny tiny sample of the quality additions women contribute to Maps on daily basis.


The celebration of IWD is the celebration of human strength and ability to adapt and survive and the extraordinary ability to take opportunities and use them to reach higher places.


Thank you ladies!

Level 7

great inspiration for all women, thanks

Great @RosalieTi, very awesome article.




Sadeli Zanikhan

Congratulations to all women for their achievements.

Level 2

Spend the day with women you are closest to you and make the day extra special for them. If you are miles away from them, a small text can make a difference

Level 8

Planet 50-50 by 2030 that is this year´s motto of the intenational women´s day. I know that the Local Guides community is far away from 50-50 because of various reasons.

Since my first days contributing with photos and reviews I am encouraging my (female) friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues to join the Local Guides. We all should do this to celebrate 2030 with Local Guides 50-50 too.


Connect Moderator

@RosalieTi Thanks for sharing this beautiful stories of our friends / fellow local guides.

Level 8

Woman is always Best 🏆🏆🏆

@RosalieTi  thanks for Sharing.


Level 5

Felicidades a todas!!!!, grandes, pequeñas, guerreras, luchadoras!!!, un fuerte abrazo a todas ellas!!!

Level 7

Nice sharings

Great inspiring stories of Great women... the way of celebration awesome..

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Поздравляю с 8 марта .


В этот чудесный день весенний
Хочу послать Вам поздравления!
Пусть дом наполнится теплом,
Любовью, верностью, добром.
Пусть Ваша красота цветет,
Стабилен будет пусть доход.
Пусть мир вокруг приносит радость,
Пусть счастье не теряет сладость,
Пускай все смотрят с восхищением.
И принимайте поздравления!

No sólo el día internacional de la mujer se debe festejar 🎉, en sí todo y cada uno de los días debemos festejarles al igual ayudarlas en lo necesario y ocupen.

Thank u all.specially @RosalieTi 

Level 2

Its my great honor to meet you all.I'm a new comer here-level 2.As a junior i would like to ask your help to help me to help google for all humen betterment.

Thank you all.

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Happy Belated Women's Day to all!

Level 5
Thank you for highlighting all of these women. It's amazing to be reminded that it's our small day to day actions in our local community that can truly make an impact.