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Celebrate restaurant photo month with us in July

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We know Local Guides love sharing restaurant photos on Google Maps, so we’re dedicating July to celebrating local food culture through photography. All month, we’ll be spotlighting great shots by Local Guides, as well as sharing tips and lessons from top food photographers.


eat-like-a-local-email-950-475 (2).png


We want to feature your favorite places to eat and shoot photos. Share your best shots on social using #LocalGuides #onGoogleMaps and each week, we’ll post some of our favorites here on Connect and on our social channels (make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.) Tip for week one: We’ll be looking for awesome breakfast photos! We’ll also share lists of favorite Local Guides restaurants, coffee bars, and sweets shops around the world.


You’ve told us that you want to highlight your favorite restaurants and get more views on your photos, so we’ve asked a slate of talented food photographers to share their best techniques and insights. To start, our Photo Lead, Anna Dickson, has put together a post on 5 easy ways to take great food photos.



Nothing beats a hands-on demo, so we’ll be livestreaming workshops each week from popular restaurants around the world. First up: a lesson in advanced breakfast photography from @missfoodieproblems, whose pics of golden doughnuts and flaky croissants have attracted more than 87,000 followers on Instagram. On Saturday, July 8, she’ll join a group of Local Guides (who’ve shared lots of photos on Google Maps) for a meet-up at top-rated breakfast destination Sqirl in L.A. Watch live on our social channels, and be sure to bring all your questions about how to shoot and share food photos.

There’s much more on the way! Stay tuned for details about livestream lessons on shooting lunch in Delhi (July 15), desserts and sweets in Paris (July 19), and a night out in Bangkok (July 29).


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Great news! Would love to follow the live coverage!!! :) Very nice initiative! Thanks @LuisRG!!!!

Level 9


Really great fest it will be

Thanx LGC for arranging such a wonderful month fir all of us

We LGs will definitely live to participate and share pics along with experiences in this fest.

This will be an excellent opportunity for all food lovers...


Happy mapping

Keep guiding

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Wow its awesome..

Level 9

Wow, great nice to see this 😊😊

Level 8

Great news @LuisRG 

Español Moderator

Excelente noticia @LuisRG, me encanta la iniciativa, es motivante y despierta mis ganas de compartir las fotos de comida que tengo, con todos ustedes, ;)

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Very nice video @LuisRG. thanks for sharing this :)

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Great to us food lovers .....Lol

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great news, as event is organising in delhi @LuisRG

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Thanks all for your messages :)


Remember, first week we will be focusing on breakfast, so get ready ;)

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Thanks God this is after Ramadan @LuisRG

Am ready and Tuned 😁 👌 😁🎉🎁🎉


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Emocionante es la espera tanto para compartir, así como para ver todas las maravillas culinarias del ingenio humano 😋🔜📷

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Love, love this subject @LuisRG. Can't wait for the food photography livestream workshops from around the globe next month!




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will b ready...

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Awesome @LuisRG!!! Signed up for the Los Angeles one, looking forward to attending!


Heads up, when I registered it clearly states it's for LG's only, and you can't bring a guest. However the final pop-up window conflicts this message by saying "Invite friends!". 

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Sounds grand @LuisRG when are we doing coffee in Melbourne 😋


This is a great initiative.

Great initiative @LuisRG, all excited and ready:)

About time! Yay! Am in!

Thank you, sure to more contributions our South India local guides

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Woohoo, FUNNN times! *\o/* MORE food porn coming through! 

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Excelente, vamos a empezar.


thanks !

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@LuisRG Thanks for initiative, I like it. Best wishes.

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 hello Mr @LuisRG this is great news, to set things up, I will be the first person to start of with a breakfast picture as a Pre celebration :) Happy Pre Food month . This will be fun. I made the breakfast, so it was taken at home not a restuarant. take it as a starter :) 

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Item: Mutton Seekh Kabab

Restaurant: Royal Indian Hotel Private Limited

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Google Map URL:




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@LuisRG wow!  Just all amazing ideas come from you!

obviously I will participate here.

Happy Guiding!

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Thanks @LuisRGfor sharing this great opportunity to learn about food photography from the professionals. Waiting for the dates and live streaming. 

Thank you. 

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Good to know you'll be there @JR_Curley! The workshop is just for Local Guides, yes, but what you saw was probably the standard "share information about this meet-up" pop-up :)

Nice Idea. Hopefully I don´t forget to shoot ;)

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Nice! Excelente, thank you!!!

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nice! thanks @LuisRG


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Delicious. Breakfast food week 1, I would presume it would extend to lunch, dessert, then dinner in the following weeks? It's exciting.
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 Restaurant 🍴 Turc à Alger 

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Okay. Let's share our local food this whole July. There are many delicious local (Myanmar) foods I wanna share to the world. Let me introduce one now. We call this "Myeik Kat Kyee Kite" (mean "Myeik Seafood Fried Noodle").


Myeik Kat Kyee Kite (Myeik Seafood Fried Noodle)Myeik Kat Kyee Kite (Myeik Seafood Fried Noodle)

 There are many things left to share. Stay Tune.

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That's correct @Briggs! We are starting with breakfast, then lunch, desserts and dinner :)

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Hi @LuisRG  Thanks again for sharing a Great news.Very nice initiative. 

Hi @LuisRG, great post and also a great video. This video will definitely help the Local Guides take great photos for the Restaurant Photo Month. We will surely love the coverage also.

Great idea 💡 I am exciting to share my best restaurant shots with Local Guides community.
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Great initiative !!!

Level 8

Knights of Columbus Smithers BC CanadaKnights of Columbus Smithers BC Canada

Level 8
Good ! I am IN and will share some pictures here and on Google maps soon
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Biryani in Saudi ArabiaBiryani in Saudi Arabia

 One of friend is living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One day he ordered Biryani, when he opened the wrapper he found a single piece of meat in his Biryani. Above the picture.



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Is that a skull of goat?

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item : Maldivan breakfast 

place : Maaneyre Beevaa 

Country : Maldives 







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wooww nice info.

Maybe it would be great if google held a food photography workshop for localguides, of course for free :D

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 How do you think about this photo I took this?
Taken by : Canon EOS 1200D // natural lighting

Location : Morning Glory Rooftop at Mitra Hotel (Bandung, Indonesia)



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Adorei. É importante divulgar o que bom.

Como exemplo cito o restaurante O Forçado, que serve a culinária portuguesa, brasileira e outras nacionalidades. Tem preços ótimos e voce ainda tem sobremesa, taça de vinho e café de graça.Refeição variadaRefeição variada






Entrada do café e restaurante O Forçado em BruxelasEntrada do café e restaurante O Forçado em Bruxelas



Vista InternaVista Interna