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Two Googlers share what it’s like to organize Connect Live


20180928_151005.jpgCaption: A photo of Connect Live 2018 event organizers Traci (left) holding a pinwheel and Brittany (right) holding a Local Guides Android figurine in front of a wall with multicolored stripes.Today we're sharing an interview between two Googlers who are working to make this year’s global event, Connect Live, possible. Local Guides, meet program manager, Traci (@TraciC) and events manager, Brittany (@brittym).


Traci: If it wasn’t part of your job, would you still be a Local Guide?

Brittany: Yes! I was actually a Local Guide before I joined the team. Being a Local Guide helps me keep track of where I’ve been in New York City, and I’ve made great use out of the Save and Want to go features on Maps since I’m new here and I want to try everything.


What about you?


Traci: I was also a Local Guide before I joined the team and have been contributing on Google Maps since around 2011. I love organizing my adventures and helping others everywhere I go. It’s in my DNA!


What are you most excited about for Connect Live 2018?


Brittany: I’ve met some of the attendees during Google Hangouts for Connect Moderators and the Summer Book Club, but meeting everyone in person for the first time will be fantastic. I’m also looking forward to the food, the entertainment, and the Googleplex! I’ve never been to Google HQ in Mountain View before.


What are you most excited for?


Traci: I’m also excited about meeting so many Local Guides in person after feeling like I’ve known them for so long. I’m also really looking forward to reconnecting with folks I’ve met before, too. Hugs for everyone!


Brittany: What’s the toughest part about organizing an event like this?


Traci: It’s really hard to not reveal all the surprises we have planned for everyone attending or following online. It’s kind of like when you get a gift for a friend, and you’re so excited about it that you want to tell them what it is, but you restrain yourself because you know it’ll be better as a surprise.


Brittany: I know exactly what you mean. I can’t wait for everyone to finally see what we have planned!

Traci: Me either! Do you have one place you love to go when you’re in San Francisco?

Brittany: Without a doubt, my favorite San Francisco attraction is Muir Woods. It’s one of the places where my mind drifts when I think about just how remarkable the world is. It’s an absolute can’t-miss.


But you’ve been to SF quite a few times. Do you have any helpful tips for visitors?


Traci: I always encourage people to explore, explore, explore. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of San Francisco, but pick a few key places you’d like to see and leave enough time to enjoy whatever comes your way like murals, beautiful vistas, and delicious bites.


Brittany: This year will be my first time at Connect Live. Do you have any advice for getting the most out of the event?


Traci: I sure do! First, enjoy every single minute and live in the moment because it goes fast. You can sleep when you get home or on the plane! Make new friends. It’s easy to stick by the folks you know but there are so many new people to meet. Also, don’t be shy. There will be nearly 100 Googlers at Connect Live this year, so it’s a great opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Traci and Brittany better! Whether you’re a Connect Live 2018 attendee or following along at home, tell us in the comments below: what do you want Googlers to know?

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@AriMar @TraciC @brittym : thanks so much for your nice job and to do everything to put us at ease!

I can not wait to get to know you all !!!




Thanks for sharing your story and a very good job and dedication you have shown while communicating with us to make this event a reality, sendind emails back and forth, making sure that we all informed at the right time, I remember your emails. 


Thank you  a lot and hoping to see you soo... 

Connect Moderator

 100 Googlers? Wow! That's a lot! I hope I get the chance to talk to all of you :P

Thanks for the advice and see you soon. I can't wait :)

Thanks for the post @AriMar @TraciC @brittym!!


I'm sure Connect Live 2018 will be super duper! Each year has been better than the last (although the first summit has been a personal favorite)! Excited to see new faces and catch up with old ones!!!


One more week to go!!! Squeeeeeeeellllllll!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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So nice to see your enthusiasm @TraciC and @brittym! Can't wait to see the great surprises you are preparing for all the lucky Local Guides! :) Hope you will enjoy too! :)

Level 7

Hi @AriMar such a fantastic idea for interviewing @TraciC and  @brittym same time get to know more about them

Connect Moderator

Thanks for sharing this beautiful interview with us @AriMar :)

Excited to see you @TraciC, @brittym and all 😊

Level 7

I can't wait to see that's in store for us. It seems like you have got something really great coming for the attendees and the ones who will follow at home. I pray and hope is that I will make it for the next year's local guides Connect 

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Awesome! Thank you for all you're doing @brittym and @TraciC ! I am excited to meet you at Connect Live next week ^_^


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Thank you for your share all the best @AriMar

Connect Moderator


En su momento cuando @TraciC estuvo en Buenos Aires, tuve la oportunidad de conocerla es tan agradable, humilde y solidaria, que me pone muy feliz poder verla nuevamente. A @brittym,  solo pude conocerla por medio de algunas HO o el club del Libro, me dará mucho gusto poder saludarla conocer más de ellas, el trabajo y el esfuerzo que están haciendo ellas y todos los demás para poner en marcha todo este circo es enorme, son tantas piezas que la componen para que salga bien, solamente gracias.


Y buen consejo Traci, para dormir está el avión y la casa jajaja, creo que no nos alcanzaran las horas del día para todas las actividades que hay dispuestas entre las planeadas por ustedes y las que ya nos estamos organizando entre nosotros...las comidas, caminatas y tragos estarán a la orden del día. Sera muy lindo estar allí con todos ustedes.


Traspasar del digital al mundo real es una de las virtudes que tiene Google Maps, nos acerca lugares.


Saludos Farid.



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@AriMar thanks for sharing tihs awsome interview with two of our great Googlers Traci & Brritany

waiting waiting this year big event :)))

and happy to see behind the scence @TraciC & @ brittym

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beatifull girl !

Level 10

When we see what has been done last year!

When we see what is being prepared this year!

When we see your beautiful smiles!

We know that we will have a brillant connect live!


think about it all the time and I can't wait meeting you, the googlers and the LG friends.


You can count me in for enjoying every single minute.


Be preprared, we are arriving....And we have also suprises ;-)


See you soon



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Such a great communication @TraciC and @brittym. It will help a lot to the Connect live attendees. 


I hope to join you all next year. Also can't miss place Muir Woods will be wonderful place to explore. 


Thanks for sharing @AriMar


@ @. @

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Nothing more than to say you guys are doing great work and we love it. @Brittany @Trici your comments shows you have a great smile and you guys makes me smile along. Thank you.
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Hi @AriMar thank you so much for sharing.

This is responsible nice job and thanks for their interview to know about how they are going to organize this celebration of live  2018 event. Hope it would be a great memories of attendees 2018 and enjoy full of it's excitement. 

Happy Live Connect 2018 


Connect Moderator

Thanks to all the hard working organizers who make this the biggest Local Guide event of the year, every year. 

I love surprises! I can’t wait to meet both of you at Connect Live 2018 @TraciC @brittym

Keep up the good work


Level 9

If I weren't hype before (I was! :P), then I am BEYOND hype now! :D 

So happy to get these insights from @TraciC & @brittym on the event next week and to even learn more about their experiences with putting together an event of this magnitude. Having worked events and worked on putting them together, hope to get some advice from @brittym while I'm there :D. 


Looking forward to seeing you both next week and thanks for everything! 

Level 10


A lot of organizational work to organize such an outstanding event!

I really hope to see a lot of recaps, YouTube, Instagram, photo books.

Enjoy the PARTY!!!!

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A mi me gustaría mucho ser uno de los organizadores de un evento como ese de Google. ¿Que debo hacer para conseguirlo?
Level 7

OMG @AriMar 100 googlers!!!! I need more gifts!!!!!!  






see u -with all my excited soul- in SF!!!! 

what do you want Googlers to know? How grateful I am for participate to CL 2018 and for all the hard work that you are doing to make this a wonderful experience. Thank you

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Halo @AriMar saya sangat senang diadakannya  acara live connect ini. Semoga lancar dan sukses. Saya akan menonton dari daerah saya sangat jauh dari kepulauan pasific dan terpencil, tapi saya yakin google tidak akan pernah melihat dunia ini sempit. Saya harap suatu saat keindahan dan keunikan alam dan budaya yang ada di tempat saya bisa terekspos melalui tangan pemandu lokal di google Maps. Terima kasih @TraciC

Level 8

Great post @AriMar - excellent comms post and I never knew there's going to be over 100 Googlers at the event. Wow, it's gonna be mega awesome!

I was wondering who was working behind the scenes, making more magic than the whole of Hogworts to make Connect Live 2018 happen. So good to see @Traci and @brittym sharing some great interesting things plus finding out that it's @brittym first time at Mountain View Plex, like so many of us. :D. Also, @brittym is that a Android Cookie Jar? 

See ya soon!

Level 7
Wow those stripes in the back representing different countries I guess, Best of luck to you for organizing such an unique event.

Great job @TraciC and @brittym

Connect Moderator

You are making me super curious now, @TraciC and @brittym, I am counting the hours, to be there an I definitely want to be surprised.

See you soon

Level 3

Great post really like 

Level 8

Oh wow..  @TraciC @brittym can't wait to see what's in store! I really liked this interview format. More Googlers and moderators can use this format to introduce one another! :)

Level 7

Thank you for sending @AriMar @ermest

Google Administrator

Thank you everyone for your comments! @brittym and I are ready for next week and will be sharing lots of posts next week for everyone using #localguidesconnect !

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Great interview!!!

Level 8

Super post...


All should be exited to know what's in for them ... I will  sure try to follow on the web.



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@Jac-65 Yo no veo la relación entre el tema de esta conversación y tu comentario por lo que creo que debes pedir la ayuda que deseas en otro foro o crear un tema nuevo si no encuentras uno que se ajuste a lo que deseas.
Level 8

Thank you so much for your story to share with us.lovely and good job!!

Level 9

Also - Go Knights! @TraciC @brittym :D


Your comments are all so thoughtful. In addition to my diet of all chocolate and caffeine, your kindness is fueling me to continue working hard! 


@SP31 Ah! The way to my heart 💛🖤🏈 We're on an 18-game winning streak!

Level 9

@brittym the REAL national champs :D 

Level 9

@AriMar thanks for this wonderful post! You all are very inspiring! I cant wait to meet you all!
Thank you so much for all your effort! I'm sure CL 2018 is going to be AMAZING!

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Ich habe die Deutsche Übersetzung an und nichz mal ansatzweansatzweise verstanden um was es geht. Ein Interview habe ich verstanden und San Franzisko irgendwas unt wohl Frankreich.


Um was geht es?

@AriMar @Mainzer @SP31   @brittym @MiaMaria

 congrates i love you...

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أغلى المتمنيات أرجوها  لكم  يا جميلات

Level 8

@brittym  what is the Summer Book Club?

I have never heard about a Google Maps Local Guides Summer Book Club... 🧞‍♀️


Has any one here ever attended this Club?  What kinds of books or topics do you read?


I thought you were going to talk about what it’s like to organize Connect Live...?? @TraciC

I was looking forward to learning about the process by which you select the attendees and the activities..


Also who will be invited to follow from home?









@VBenedict - We did a Summer Book Club with select Connect Live attendees in which we read a book that took place in San Francinsco that was written by a fellow Local Guide. We had weekly Google Hangouts to discuss what we read, and at our final Hangout, we were joined by the author. If you'd like to see this expanded, you can suggest it on the Idea Exchange. You can also self-organize a book club amongst Local Guides by selecting a book, creating a thread on Connect, communicating pace of reading expectations, and coming back to the thread each week to post a discussion recap 📚

Level 8

Thank you @brittym  I will think about possible topics that may interest Local Guides.


I tried a few months ago to create interest in learning about the history of wines and its significance in the socioeconomic stage.


Sadly enough it did not get much traction... and the post got lost in the shuffle of posts and the avalanche of the transition to Connect 2.0.


I was certain that the history of wine as a topic would have enticed the interest of intellects.


@brittym  I would be very interested, however, in finding out how to secure a Google Maps Bus to  organize a tour of public gardens and local Biodynamic Organic Farms. Horticulture and farming have been one of my lifelong passion


Level 8

@AriMar Thanks for sharing such an exciting story. 


I am very happy to know @TraciC @brittym better. Although I attended previous two LG Summits but I have not met @brittym before, Hope to meet her in near future. 


@ Googlers, This year we have our biggest 10 days festival (Durga Puja) here in Calcutta, West Bengal at the same time of Connect live. Majority of schools, colleges, work (except emergencies) will remain closed from 16th to 19th October (Saptami, Astami, Nabami & dashami) on account of Durga Puja. Even I got two days holiday as well. 


I will follow Coonect live from my sweet Home. I am sure Connect Live is going to be a great event.







Level 10

Nice! You really build excitement for the event. Look forward to it.