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Discover Local Guide holiday photos on Google’s Santa Tracker


santa-tracker-village-with-santa.pngCaption: A screenshot of Santa’s Village, a fully-illustrated, interactive website with a countdown to Santa’s journey, a waving Santa illustration, and a wintery landscape with colorful buildings for each game.

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights, giving gifts, and long journeys home. But one jolly person is gearing up to leave home for the most epic trip of the holiday season.


Celebrating its 15th year, Google Santa Tracker is back to follow Ol’ St. Nick on his expedition across the globe. And this year, we’re featuring hundreds of our favorite holiday photos taken by Local Guides like you!


2018-02-25.jpgCaption: A photo of a Christmas tree ride in front of modern skyscrapers. Giant ornaments at the bottom double as cars for passengers to sit and ride in Astana, Kazakhstan. (Photo by Local Guide Saba Saba)

How does the Santa Tracker work?


On December 24th, Santa will take to the sky on his annual flight spreading holiday cheer to all. Upon liftoff, Santa will share his location on Google Maps so everyone can follow his trip through the Santa Tracker. You’ll get the latest updates on his location, play holiday games, and even see a live video feed of his adventure.


Want to check in on Santa while out spreading your own holiday cheer? New this year, you can also track Santa right from your phone with the Google Maps app!


Explore hundreds of places around the world

santa-tracker-tracker-map.pngCaption: A screenshot of Local Guides photos on a page with information about Melbourne, Australia from the Santa Tracker.

Every time Santa’s sleigh makes a stop, you can see photos by Local Guides from that area, learn about local holiday traditions, and explore more cities on Santa’s itinerary. Santa will be making stops at places like Myra, Turkey, where the legendary St. Nicholas was the bishop, the city of Rovaniemi, Finland, which many consider to be the “home of Santa Claus,” and of course, Santa Claus, Indiana, USA.


SantaTrackerFinland.jpgCaption: An exterior photo of a snowy wood chalet with Christmas trees decorated in white lights at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. (Photo by Local Guide Ville Karhusaari)

Here’s how to track SantaSanta_Location_Sharing.gifCaption: A GIF of a phone with the Google Maps app, navigating to the Santa Tracker through the location sharing feature. 

On the Google Maps app:

  1. Open the app at 5am on December 24th
  2. Tap the = menu, and tap Location sharing
  3. When Santa’s on his way, you’ll see his icon at the top
  4. Tap Santa’s icon, then tap OPEN SANTA TRACKER

On your computer:

  1. Go to Santa’s Village on December 24
  2. Click the = menu
  3. Click the “Track Santa” tab

Between stops, check out the games at Santa’s Village
screenshot-elfmaker (1).pngCaption: A screenshot of the Elf Maker game, showing an animated elf wearing a hat, scarf, and glasses, waving in front of a snowy mountain range. At the bottom, there’s buttons to change the elf’s body size, clothing, etc.

This is no ordinary village, but an interactive site full of games that teach you how to code, create original artwork, and exercise your geographic skills. While Santa is stuck on a jet stream or taking a cookie break, you can design a seasonally snazzy elf of your own with the new Elf Maker, take quizzes on holiday traditions from all over the world, test your rhythm skills with Wrap Battle, and more.


Do you have fun holiday photos to share? Post them in the comments below!



Hello @TiffanyL99

Greetings from the Bangladesh Local Guides!

Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Thanks again. 


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Something special and compliment of the season to remember forever!

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Hi, @TiffanyL99

This is so nice happy holiday season nice photography of Santa thanks for sharing with us.

Definitely it will be fun to play Santa Tracker. I cannot wait to play. 

Thank you @TiffanyL99 for your advance information.

What's amazing about it is play and learn at the same time. I like to play such types of game. 

Thank you again.



Connect Moderator

@TiffanyL99 Thanks for sharing. Something to keep us entertained for the balance of the year. :-) 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Google Moderators, Connect Moderators and all Local Guides. 

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Thank you so much @TiffanyL99 for sharing,

and I want to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance , to all Google & Connect Moderators and all Local Guides 🎅🎅

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This is so coolllllllllllllll :v
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Hello @TiffanyL99

Thank you for the update

I have a doubt that at what time we can strat trackin santa 🎅 is it on 5am IST or 5am of weeterW time.

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Happy Christmas in advance @TiffanyL99 nice holiday season with lot of games ,is any Santa give gifts for us in holiday season ...Tha Th you for sharing with us...

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Thanks for the ideal Google gift for this Christmas"🎅 Tracker.

Wish Google, Connect Moderators and all Local Guides across the Globe a very Happy & Merry Christmas!.


Thanks & Regards


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But this is unavailable in Iran because Location Sharing is unavailable and we don't know why?! :/

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the many ways this holiday is being celebrated all around
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Hi all

This is the great way to make this Chrismas special for all the active LGs and map-users

Interative village on the GMap is like icing on the cake.

Kudos to the people involved in the making it possible.

@TiffanyL99 It looks interesting. Can't wait for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance to all moderators and local guides...

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Awesome @TiffanyL99 thanks for sharing the great season this will be fun and Merry Xmass to you and Happy New Year

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 Hello @TiffanyL99,

Thanks for the post... Looking forward to elf-making in the near FUTURE!!!!

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 Hello @TiffanyL99,

Thanks for the post... Looking forward to elf-making in the near FUTURE!!!! 



Merry Christmas to all.pngMerry Christmas to all & to all a GOOD NIGHT!!!!  

Thank you @TiffanyL99 for sharing this lovely information .i wish you happy chiristmas

I wish Santa's giving gift for kids. In reality. Lol. 

Thanks for sharing this!

Let's keep guiding. 

Thank you so much @TiffanyL99 for sharing, and I would like to wish all the Google & Connect Moderators and all the Local Guides a merry Christmas and happy new year.


Loved the feature and would be happy if got to hear the sound,

Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas. 🎅💝

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Thanks, @TiffanyL99 for the Christmas compliment, I wish you all Merry Christmas 

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Woww!! This is going to be so funny! Here's where you googlers always surprise me!!!

I will be so happy with this idea! Amazing @TiffanyL99 thank you very much! 

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Hello Everyone!!
Thanks @TiffanyL99 for sharing this amazing Entertaining thing at the time of Christmas. It gone be very interesting to play the games and track Santa.
Holiday mood and this Santa tracker make the Christmas Holidays better than ever.
I hope everyone enjoyed it.
Please specify time zone because it is 5 am only not with IST , GMT etc.
Merry Christmas to all!!

Keep Loving!!
Keep Sharing!!

Mohit Patni


Happy Christmas to Google Local Guides with Best wishes from INDIA .

Thanks to you for creating something new and special about Christmas festival. 


Google Local Guide : Level :7 


Visakhapatnam City of Destiny


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Thanks for sharing, It's really nice that Santa has come early to entertain us via google. Loved to play different games under the map


Yay, finally, I finished a few games ... wondering if there would be a temporary badge like Aldo. 

map matching games, often stuck when we drag the map layer :)) 


Google Pelacak Sinterklas2.jpgGoogle Pelacak Sinterklas.jpg


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My elf  :-)Screenshot at Dec 24 08-24-23.png




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Gracias por compartir!

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Thanks, @TiffanyL99 for sharing something interesting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.



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I am from yemen how are you 

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Very Nice Collection hope you will share new year Celebration images 

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ezgif-2-f0bce1c208aa.gifAnimation made by me:)

Wish you Merry Christmas to all of you:) wishes from India. @TiffanyL99 @JaksonCasas @Sahibkz@amori1@Saidulkarim

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1545724435450.jpgSomething new on Christmas eve.

 Thanks for sharing the interesting feed with us :), i try to create a new Santa avatar by using Santa app, hope you'll like it. @TiffanyL99

This is so coollll
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big like

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Joyeux Noël chers tous 

je vous aime


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Wishing you, all moderators and local guides a blissful and Happy Christmas 🌲!!!!  🎅

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Bye santa!!!


Hope you have reached safely home. I have waited for your visit to India, but sadly you have visited only Kolkata. Hope and wish next year you will visit more cities in India as you have a large number of guide fans are waiting. 


Anyway, it was a great experience. Thanks, google team. 


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The animation makes Santa seem not real. So I can't share it with kids.

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Thank you so much @TiffanyL99 for share with us.

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Happy Holiodays to all friends!

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hlo I want to add stree on map but can't do it. please help me 

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so interesting game in Google Maps:((

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Happy New Year 

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Happy NewYear!

Many people will have a good fortune in 2019.

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С Новым годом!1.jpg11.jpg111.jpg1111.jpg

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That's nice. 👍

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I missed Santa when he's came to Vietnam :v