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useful global perks

In addition to the perks offered in major cities such as New York or London, there should also be rewards that benefit all Local Guides. Especially in rural areas, Local Guides have to spend a lot more time and effort to contribute, as the driving distances are often much further. This should be rewarded somehow.

Google Moderator
Status changed to: Needs information

Thank you for sharing your idea, @LudwigGermany. We are going to need some further information to make sure we understand you right. Could give some specific examples of what you have in mind as a global perk?

Connect Moderator

@IrrPavlova with global I mean something that every LocalGuide can use - not a regional perk. Drive space or Google Play credit for instance.

Google Moderator
Status changed to: Voting open

Your idea is open for voting now, @LudwigGermany. I understand you have in mind perk in digital format. Thank you for clarifying.

Connect Moderator

@IrrPavlova thanks for starting the voting.

The digital format is not a must, but it is a good prerequisite that the discount is accessible to all. If there are other ideas and examples, then I am open to them. Perhaps there will be more to come in the course of the discussion.

Level 5

I TOTALLY 100% AGREE MR GERMANY!!  Not only do local guides on the rural side spend more time reviewing but also correcting business info,  updating directions & helping other viewers make sense of where/ what said location appears!  Takes man hours, gas & sanity! 

Connect Moderator

@LudwigGermany there already is a far reaching (not sure if it is global) perk for Google 1 which includes an amount of drive space commensurate with your Local Guides level.


Do you have your perk notifications turned on?


Make sure that in your Local Guides notifications that you have emails turned on visit and tick the "Perks box"



Regards Paul

Connect Moderator

@PaulPavlinovich sure, the perks button is activated by default. But within all the years I can't remember one single mail with this type of offers. I didn't receive the Google 1 offer neither. But when you follow the discussion here in Connect, it wasn't for all. This is something that I don't understand. Why they make differences even with digital perks?

Connect Moderator

It is interesting you didn't get it @LudwigGermany I can't say I've seen any Germans that did. I wonder if there is some restriction in your area?

Connect Moderator

@PaulPavlinovich if you follow the discussion here, there were a lot who didn't receive the Google One invitation. And no - there is no restriction here. I use Google One by myself and pay for it.

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That might be why you didn't get that offer @LudwigGermany it was only open to people not using Google 1 yet.