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Award certificates to Local Guides at different levels

We request google map team to provide a certificate for local guides as mentioned below


Level 1 to Level 5: Participation Certificate – Soft copy by email.

Level 5 to Level 7: Certificate and Appreciation Letter Hard copy.

Level 8 to Level 9: Certificate (Hard Copy), Appreciation Letter (Hard Copy) and Gifts from Google.

Level 10: Certificate (Hard Copy), Appreciation Letter (Hard Copy) and Gifts from Google and discount on google products.


Implementation: For google it takes less than a month.

Cost: Very Less.

Advantages: It motivates local guides and they work for it. New local guides will join to get certificates.


Note: To avoid fraud certificates, Local Guides Certificate can be verified from google maps website with a serial number or registration number.


Please like if you wish this idea to be implemented. Happy Mapping.

Level 8

Hi Google we want a Google certificate who cross level 6 or level 7 and any other rewards which helps people to work more and more.

 Thanks and Regards

Papia Mandal

Level 8

Absolutely.I agree with you.

Google Moderator

Hi @papiaju1986,


Thank you for sharing your idea with us. The appropriate team will take care of it.


Just to let you know, I've relabelled your idea and it now appears in the Local Guides sеction of Idea Exchange.

Level 8

Ok madam @Masha PS.Thank you so much madam.

Level 10

Nice presentation @ShaikMohammed


And good idea :)

792 Level 1
Level 1

А так же, платиновую спутниковую тарелку, по типу золотой кнопки Pley. Или ачивку от гулга, но эксклюзивную :)

Level 8

Hi @ShaikMohammed it's a very good idea. New local guides will inspire in this process 

Level 7
  1. It is a good idea. That can motivate more contributor. 
Level 7

Very good

Level 9

Great suggestions. 

I agree with you @ShaikMohammed