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World in 360: Introducing the hiking trail & wheelchair accessibility


World in 360: Introducing the hiking trail & wheelchair accessibility

World in 360: Introducing the hiking trail & wheelchair accessibility.

Rakuraku tozando / らくらく登山道Rakuraku tozando / らくらく登山道


Rakuraku tozando(hiking trail) / 車椅子休憩所が完備された「らくらく登山道」のご紹介

My Maps / マイマップMy Maps / マイマップ

My Maps(See in the Google Maps)




Raku-raku tozando is the hiking trail of about 2.7km from Rakuraku Center House(information center of Osaka Prefectural Forest(National Park) to the Mt.Kamitsudake rest area, one of the most popular places in IKOMA Mountain Range LocalGuides. You can enjoy many kinds of cherry with full blossoms in April.


pic1pic1  pic2pic2  pic3pic3

See more photos in Google Photos Album



External view of Rakuraku Center House / らくらくセンターハウス外観


Free parking lot(55 cars and 5 exclusive spaces for wheelchair users) available from 9am to 5pm.



See inside / 中を見る


 There are desks, chairs,vending machines for some refreshment, reference books,photos, Free Wi-Fi,emergency umbrellas(;lol...etc. 



Trail in 360 / 360度画像でご紹介



The trail is loose(less than 8%) and very wide, has 2 tracks(one for walking, another for wheelchairs).  The entry of cars and motorcycles banned except for emergency vehicles. Everyone can relax and walk while touching nature.

Perspective resting place No.1 (Both No.2 & No.3 can be seen in Street View as well) / 途中、展望休憩所が三ケ所あります。



Exclusive rest area for wheelchair users(11 spots) / 上記以外に、11個所の車椅子専用の休憩所が設置されています。








中間トイレ / WC(on the middle point of the trail)



4 WCs are on the trail in total. See "My Maps" above. / トイレは「中間トイレ」を含めて4カ所あり、屋外に設置されているのでいつでも利用することができます。


Please be sure to add "48 Hours in IKOMA" in your next journey to Japan! Thank you!!




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Re: World in 360: Introducing the hiking trail & wheelchair accessibility

Hi @ふぁんトント_toyo. Thank you so much for sharing this post and for highlighting wheelchair accessible hiking trails. This is something I don't see very often and would love to see more of it. Your post was so informative and great to read! :) 

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