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Tunnel of love, Klevan Ukraine

Hello to all local guides. My name is Oleg
I'm the moderator of the Rivne Local Guides community   Ukraine  local guides - https://goo.gl/mp1Zpj  from Ukraine  


I want to show a miracle of the world, a natural tunnel from trees.
It is located near the Rivne, Ukraine. In the  Klevan. near the road to Kiev,

25 km from Rivne




This is an operating railway, along which a train goes to the nearest woodworking plant.





Last years, Tunnel of love in Klevan became a place of real pilgrimage of tourists and lovers. Magic of tunnel’s beauty draw an interest of dreamers and just married couples. There is a legend that the lovers can make any wish and in case of truly love it come true.


It is interested that many tourists, visited Tunnel of love, stay satisfied. Even skeptics appreciate that tunnel has been the same amazing as they see from photo. That place looks really wonderful at all times a year. 











264.jpgtunnel of love ukraine



1442fbe3ae0-6-Клевань.jpgtunnel of love ukraine



nastol.com_.ua-93703.jpgtunnel of love ukraine







And in the winter when the trees are covered with snow, Tunnel of love has very mysterious look.

Many tourists, visited that place, complain about the one bad thing that can ruin a romantic walk. That is mosquitoes, which are particularly active set at people in the spring and early summer. Therefore, to avoid turning your walk at the same time for the feast bloodsuckers, better to take to a trip insect repellent.



tonnel-lubvi7.jpgtunnel of love



фото-Highshlide-JS.jpgtunnel of love in winter


Will go to Ukraine, will not miss......  GPS: N: 50.750685 E: 26.044094


My map to travel to Tunnel of love in Klevan    Maps URL - https://goo.gl/maps/ca8oZ9pKEHN2   Pano  360 https://goo.gl/maps/MiaXS4ctHDt


See my article about another  Place to see in Rivne. Ukraine. Lists and maps  


Yours faithfully, Oleg Kostyukevich

Tunel' Kohannia the Tunnel of Love, Klevan', Rivnens'ka oblast, Ukraine
MariaBi Level 5
Level 5

Re: Tunnel of love, Klevan Ukraine

Hi @OlegKostyukevich,


Thanks a lot for sharing. The images are stunning and the Tunnel of Love looks wonderful!


But did you take all the pictures you posted, as I can see one has a URL reference on the top right side? If not, please can you quote the source/give credit to the author? And  also could you take down the one with the website's reference on top? You might not know, but it is not allowed to post images or any other content in the forum that infringes on anyone else’s legal rights, including copyright.  For further information, please review Local Guides rules and copyright procedures


Many thanks.

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OlegKostyukevich Level 10
Level 10

Re: Tunnel of love, Klevan Ukraine

Thank you @MariaBi
I deleted the photo. I wanted to show how this place looks in different seasons.


All these photos are made by me,

2014-08-23 18.44.03.jpg



2014-08-23 18.44.06.jpg



2014-08-23 18.44.16.jpg



2014-08-23 18.46.15.jpg



2014-08-23 19.08.42.jpg



2014-08-23 19.08.56.jpg



2014-08-23 19.25.50.jpg



DSC_5300.jpgMap maker Ukraine team in tunnel





MariaBi Level 5
Level 5

Re: Tunnel of love, Klevan Ukraine

Thanks a lot @OlegKostyukevich for confirming - and again congratulations for your lovely photos!

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Polash0001 Level 8
Level 8

Re: Tunnel of love, Klevan Ukraine

Dear @OlegKostyukevich thank you for sharing. i really surprised when i see your post. it is first time i have see this type rail line.

Md Polash Hossien