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Dana Point Beach Review by Darren Chaker

By Darren Chaker - For those of you who do not know what a funiculur is than you have not been to the Strands Beach in Dana Point. In a very exclusive area of Orange County, California is the Ritz Carlton, and next door are numerous ocean front homes. Between the two is Strands Beach. The funicular is, in essence, a slanted elevator that takes passengers from the street level down to the beach. For a full description see about the funicular here. There is never a bad day here even on the gloomiest day, the Strands Beach will make your day perfect with its tranquil coastline, clean beaches, and a sense of making all of your anxiety disappear. If visiting or residing near Dana Point, make it a point to visit the beach! 

darrenchaker sanclemente - Copy.jpgDarren Chaker - Strands Beachdarrenchaker sanclemente beach - Copy.jpgDarren Chaker - Strands Beach, Dana Point, California

Live Life, Live it Well - Darren Chaker
Dana Point, CA, USA
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Re: Dana Point Beach Review by Darren Chaker

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