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Its My Village

MakwanaJ Level 1
Level 1

Its My Village

Hello friends its my beautiful village. its born in many years ago. population of my village is just 2500. its a very peaceful village. its always developing in every fields and areas. there is many temples and a river to make beauty of nature in my village.

the name of my village is Sakhpar. but it also known as Sakhpar Mota.

Thank you.At janmastmi mahotsav Hanumanji mandirAt janmastmi mahotsav Hanumanji mandirIts My FarmIts My Farm

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Re: Its My Village

Hello and welcome to Local Guides Connect @MakwanaJ, we are happy to have you.


Thanks for sharing about Sakhpar :) What farm do you have there? That's so interesting! 


For now, I am moving your post to Share Your Photos and Discoveries where you can find stories about places by fellow community members too. 

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