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360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360


360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360

[ Edited ]

World in 360: Azareas "Swiss Roll" in IKOMA/Japan

World in 360: Azareas "Swiis Roll" in IKOMA/JapanWorld in 360: Azareas "Swiis Roll" in IKOMA/Japan


"48 Hours"に続く新シリーズ"World in 360"(邦題:「360ワールド」)のご紹介です。LGCの検索窓で"48 Hours"と入力するとたくさんの記事がヒットします。今や大変人気のシリーズとなりました。二匹目のドジョウを狙って、新しいタイトルに挑戦します。それは、、、


World in 360: featuring the New Wonders of the World

SVTPのボードで @Yohanad さんが、"World in 360"の新シリーズを提案なさいました。"48 Hours"で見たように、世界各地の情報が"World in 360"というタイトルの元に、続々と集まることを期待いたします。


さりながら、SVTPは"Exclusive Access"に属していて、一般公開ではありません。それゆえに、今回の記事は"Photos and Discoveries"に投稿させていただきました。何卒、ご理解賜りますようお願いいたします。


On board of SVTP, @Yohanad proposed us new series "World in 360".  As I saw in "48 Hours", I hope that the astonishing photos and discoveries from around the world gather one after another, under the title "World in 360".


However, SVTP belongs to "Exclusive Access" and it is not open to the public. Therefore, this article was posted to "Photos and Discoveries". Thank you for your understanding.


Technical info;

Street View AppStreet View App


I shot 18 panos at Narukawa Azareas Park in IKOMA Mountain Range. I devided four islands to moderate the tour with Street View app.

1. At the start point(Pano No.2) in the island A/bottom row of Swiss Roll



2. At the next point(Pano No.10), in the island B/upper promenade.



3. At the final point(Pano No.17), in the island C/at the benches for perspective.


If you can understand the Japanese a little, visit the website of YAMAP to enjoy my activity log and more photos. and you can download the GPX file from there. Thank you very much for your reading the post.

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Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系

great job @ふぁんトント_toyo, congratulations,

I'm enjoing your 360

Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系

Hi, @ermest

Thank you very much.

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Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360

Hello, @ふぁんトント_toyo!

Wow, these are beautiful flowers! I found this particular photo interesting, because it gives us perspective of the size of the bushes:


Thanks for sharing with us and tagging us as well :)


ps: I'm glad you could finally correct your username, N/A! hahaha

Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360

Hi, @Yohanad

Thank you very much for your reply and embedding. Today, I uploaded 360 video to YouTube.

Please enjoy it again.


Hi, @LucioV

I want to see your discovery of "World in 360".  If you post this new series, it will spread more. Thanks, Grazie.

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Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360

ふぁんトント_toyo wrote:


Hi, @LucioV

I want to see your discovery of "World in 360".  If you post this new series, it will spread more. Thanks, Grazie.

I'd love to be part of this serie!!!! :) Nice job toyo!

I will try to do the next discovery in 360 video ;)

Re: 360ワールド:ツツジのロールケーキ・生駒山系:World in 360

Wow! Cool! @LucioV