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Connecting Photo Spheres

Chris_Arndt Level 6
Level 6

Connecting Photo Spheres

Does it ever take more than an hour to show the connections between photo spheres?

Not sure why mine are not showing up.

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JoeCullity Level 8
Level 8

Re: Connecting Photo Spheres

@Chris_Arndt It can take 24 hrs, and I (personally) find that on the weekends, and holidays it can take a bit longer.

I have never read an official explanation as to why, so I could be dead wrong, but from what I hear/understand, Google has a number of servers spread around the world, and after you upload to one of the servers, it can take a full business day for the full tour to be echoed around the world to the other servers. When you go to look at it, you often receive info from a different server that has not yet been updated.