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Tips for your Connect Live application video

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VIDEOTIPS_CONNECT.gifCaption: Image showing Connect Live branding: a global skyline with fireworks, with video clapboard.


One of the requirements to apply for Connect Live 2018 is to submit a 1-minute video in which you appear on camera, speak about why you’d like to attend.


To help you create a video that shows you in the best light (pun intended), we reached out to our friends in the YouTube Contributors program, who are a group of passionate volunteers that help YouTube become a better platform for users through answering questions on the help forum or Twitter or by creating YouTube help videos.

YouTube Creator Kate from Kate’s Adventures made an excellent video with tips for capturing the best footage and incorporating your adventures as a Local Guide into your application video.



Below are some highlights from Kate’s video:

  • Equipment: Any camera, including your smartphone’s camera, is OK
  • Lighting: While filming outdoors in natural light is best, filming indoors is OK, too, as long as you’re in a well-lit area
  • Filming outside: If you do film outside, be aware of the background sounds, including wind. Talk loudly and clearly, and keep the microphone close when talking and filming scenery.
  • Visuals: Show what’s around you but don’t forget to tell viewers what they are looking at, and be specific about what’s being shown


Check out Kate’s other tips for preparing to film videos, too.


Remember, you don’t need fancy equipment or special effects, just be yourself!


Looking for more tips? Check out these videos:

5 important elements of high-quality video. Follow them and your video will look great by Video SEO

Easy tips and tricks to make Video for Local Guides applicants ! by Asmageek

How to create a good video on YouTube by Alex Tereshkov


Learn more about YouTube Contributors.

Connect Moderator

The background sound was always my biggest problem when filming outside. Will try it again...

Level 9

I'm already feeling super excited to participate :)
Thanks for sharing the news @TraciC

Thanks for the tips @TraciC. Will keep in mind :)

Exciting news! thanks for the information @TraciC😊 Good news for all the Local Guide.

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Awesome Tips @TraciC

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Thanks for sharing this tips @TraciC

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@TraciC thanks for the awesome tips.

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Thank you very much @TraciC :-)))

Wish to meet you and all great Team behind this Incredible Program :-)))

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Wow thanks for making this, Traci! Sure, it will help A LOT of people here.. so many insights, I thinks this year's videos will be more awesome. 

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That's really helpful tips and tricks for filming not just for connect live , for every purpose

Thanks for sharing @TraciC

Have a nice day

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Thank you @TraciC for sharing this tips too.. 

Level 10

Thanks @TraciC for the wonderful video tutorial on how to make video and the nessory equipemtnets. 


We all looking forwarding to use these tools to make our videos better and more meaningful. 

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Thank you @TraciC 

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Nice tips and great news @TraciC

Thank you


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Thank you for sharing this article with us, Hope it will help.

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Thanks for your help to get knowledge about to make a video clip.

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Thanks for sharing this tip @TraciC

Connect Moderator

Love this tip! Thanks @TraciC :)

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WaowW, It's great tutorial for us. @TraciC Thanksgiving for sharing this matter and do it try my best.


Best Regards


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Thanks for the tips shared @TraciC

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Dhanyavad Traci, very help full.

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Thank you for sharing .Great video of kate's Adventures  .

Im so  sooo happy to share also my own video in this amazing place Easy tips and tricks to make Video for Local Guides applicants  :)



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Thanks for the tips @TraciC. Will keep in mind

Tips are very helpful for us. Thanks @TraciC for sharing the tips with us.

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thank your for sharing :*

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@TraciC Thanks for sharing this information and I was so excited to apply for ConnectLive 2018

Those are some great tips for creating a youtube video. While I have traveled for years and use #localguides and Vloggers to help learn about about my destinations I am just starting to try making travel vlogs of my own to give back to the community. 1 tip I would include as a new vlogger and long time local guide. Be yourself and have fun with it. Hope you have a great time just preparing your entry.

These tips will be quite helpful for us to create the video. It would be even better if best videos of past event application were featured. :)

Hi everyone! 

Thank you @TraciC  I.T. is time for great times! Every person in Local Guides everywhere, this is going to be Positively Powerful!

Be yourself and have fun with it is great advice! Many many thanks again to all the outstanding, kind, helpful, inspiring and fun to be with Local Guides members and moderators. With a special thanks also to all incredible Googlers in this spectacular Google Maps Local Guides family community program!


Everyone being a part of this wonderful program is an achievment, an accomplishment in helping people everywhere, in your Local area and beyond!  We are all looking forward to another excellent year!


This year is going to be super interesting, invigorating and informative, plus fun ,fun, and more fun for all involved in every sensational part of  Google Maps, Local Guides Connect and Connect Live18. 


Let's do this together! We are all going to have a great time, everyone in every way, all the way with Google Maps, Local Guides Connect! 


Good luck to everyone with your extra special fun Connect Live18 applications! Make I.T magical! 

Love and friendship always

Best wishes


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Thank you for the tips.


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Amazing tips, awesome #connectlive event. Thank you so much @TraciC

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Thanks @TraciC for giving us great tips. It will definitely be very helpful to the applicants, including me as I hope to be part of the 150 people.

Thanks for sharing a nice tips @TraciC :)

We have all the information we need to make a goof video so... Let's do it.

Thanks @TraciC.

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We, Local Guides are hoping a news like this.  Thank you very much for release the news.

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Thank you for the tips.😊

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Excellent! Superb! #localguidesconnect

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Most useful tips for our local guides Thank you @TraciC
Connect Moderator

Hi @LudwigGermany,


I also encounter the background noise challenge last year.


Luckily one of the Local Guides jumped out to rescue me:

Here is what told me last year:

- extract the sound track from the video stream

- use Sound processing software to reduce noise and amplify my voice

- put the improved sound track back and form a new video stream.


Of course, it is even better to use a good Mic to have less noise captured!

Level 9

@TraciC Thanks so much :))

Thank you for featuring my video @TraciC, I'm glad you (and others I can see in the comments) have found it helpful along with the other videos. Good luck with your applications everyone, thank you for your kindness :)

Level 8

That's great information.

Level 4

Gracias por  la informacion @TraciC

Connect Moderator

@TraciC, what about doing a voiceover instead of talking in front of the camera? I live in an area that is noisy both day and night.  My video from last year I stripped out the sound and added my voice to some background music (even recording I still get 'white noise' - hssing sounds from my computer).




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how can i apply for google summit 2018 and for local guide tshirt i m on level 6.

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It's very important for newbie like me. Superb!
Level 9

Thank you @TraciC and thanks to Kate for useful tips. Good luck to all applicants. 😀

Level 7

Does the application video need to upload in youtube?

Level 7

Dear LG

Yes, one minute video is must to apply Connect Live 2018 event.

Continue in connect., thank you.