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Tip: How do I search the Connect Community?

Level 6

With new Local Guides joining Connect every day, a lot of posts with videos, photos, and more are being shared. You may find navigating and searching the community a bit daunting but don’t fret — it can be easily overcome with these tips:


 1) Find posts that interest you

  • Start by typing your keyword(s), like “travel advice to London” in the search field in the top right hand corner of every page. As you are typing, suggested posts relevant to your keyword(s) will appear in a drop-down list

Travel advice to London.png

    • Select the suggested article that interests you or complete a full search by clicking the magnifying glass.
    • In the results page, you can select any article to learn more about traveling in London.
    • You can also narrow your search by using the filter option on the results page. Available filters are:
      • Location: Filter boards according to geography
      • Author: Filter content created by a specific Local Guide. You do not need to include the “@” when searching here. Note: pause for a moment after typing their name so you can select the Local Guide from a drop-down list.
      • Date: Filter content by time period
      • Metadata: Filter by whether the content has a solution or a kudo (or both!)
      • Type of post: Filter content from either a forum or a blog, or both. Note other post types are not available yet.
      • Contains: FIlter content that contains images, videos, or attachments.

Search Results Page.png 


Alternatively, you can search for content based on the top tags shared on Connect.

Top Tags.png


2) Find the latest posts and discussions

 Browse All Discussions.png


 3) Find content relevant to your region:  Switch “My Location” on the homepage. You can also use the search feature to search for conversations in the location you have set in the Local Guides program.  

  • To change locations:  visit your Local Guides settings > Change your city. Note the change will take some time to be reflected in your settings on Connect. If your city is relatively small and has no posts on Connect geotagged to it, you will not see the "My location" option next to "Latest Discussions."My Location.png


 4) Search for Local Guides in your area


If you know the name of a Local Guide, you can search for them by using the Author filter feature as shared above. However, if you are looking to connect with Local Guides you don’t already know, we recommend you reach out to Local Guides participating in conversations happening in your location (see above to filter by location in point #3).


  • If you wish to connect with Local Guides individually, you may do so via the private messaging feature (learn more) or respond directly in a post by tagging them. Remember to put “@” followed by the user name when tagging someone.


 5) Read posts or replies in a foreign language


You can interact with Local Guides around the world using the language translate feature to read messages that aren’t in your local language. To respond, use the translate feature in the top right hand of the post (screenshot below) to translate desired text.

Select Language.png




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