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This month: share where you shop!

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Want to support your favorite local businesses? This month, let’s celebrate the places where you love to shop. To support the effort, we’ll be sharing useful tips, spotlighting fun stores, and featuring the some of your best photos.


This November, share where you shopThis November, share where you shopPeople all around the world search for stores on Google Maps. When you add photos to places, you let others see what they’re like and what’s for sale.


Here’s how to give an in-store photo tour:

  • Take a wide shot when you first walk in to show the space
  • Post photos of shelves or racks with products on display
  • Add close-ups of items you love

Our photo lead, @AnnaDickson, has more great tips for taking indoor photos. Keep them in mind while you’re shopping and sharing photos on Google Maps. Remember to write captions for your photos to tell people about the shops and items.


Be sure to add your photos on social, too, with #LocalGuides. Each week, we’ll feature some of our favorites here on Connect and on our social channels. You can even host or join a meet-up to explore stores in your area, adding photos and updating info along the way.


One other thing: We understand you can run into challenges when you’re taking photos in someone’s business. Before you shoot, take a moment to review our community policy if you’re not sure about taking images in businesses or have any other questions about interactions with business owners.  

There’s more coming soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Connect to see where Local Guides shop around the world.

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Time to hit the Shops and increase the utilization rate of our mobile camera.

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Great idea @SampsonF :)

Level 10

Yes @LuisRG I'm one of the person. I can do it my self. Thanks a lot!

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Excelentes consejos, en el mes de los interiores de negocios, las mejores fotos.

Les comparto algunas que realice en Ushuaia en un viaje reciente, en una casa de te.








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Thanks for the useful tips @LuisRG

Sure we'll support our favourite shops and small businesses throughout our in store  photography skills. 


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Mostly I shopping in cheap Chinese shop...but I can't take photos there because they think that I am inspection or something 😂

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Me encanta está propuesta 👏

Level 9

Thanks @LuisRG for your share. 

Level 8

yes superb... @LuisRG 

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I am not a shopping bee, but I will definitely try these tips. Thanks for inspiring us @LuisRG. And @AnnaDickson, I sure will apply your tips for not only the shopping malls photos, but also for all other photography. Thank you for sharing the great tips. 

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Deal! Great idea. 

Level 9

Great! I have a LOT of inside shots, obviously! :)

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Perfect timing with holiday shopping right around the corner :) Can contribute while getting a gift for mom!

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Time to bring the local grocery shops online! Excited . 

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Level 5


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 Thank you @LuisRG for this wonderful post, here is some of the clicks of 'Mydin Mall' largest grocery & wholesale store in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.


 Thank's alot @AnnaDickson for your tips :)





Main entrance Mydin MallMain entrance Mydin MallToiletries & Groceries in Mydin MallToiletries & Groceries in Mydin MallCondiments & Nuts displayCondiments & Nuts displayMain entrance of 'Bazar Rakyat'  (A clothing store inside the Mydin Mall)Main entrance of 'Bazar Rakyat' (A clothing store inside the Mydin Mall)Mydin wholesale checkout countersMydin wholesale checkout counters




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Фотографии в шапке темы - просто прелесть :3

Некоторые даже выглядят как рай для перфекциониста :D

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@LuisRG   Thanks for the useful tips

Level 8

Yes, We will share our photos here in best stores.

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Its a great Idea!!  @LuisRG 



Cars from the shopCars from the shop

I have already started this fron today..  From a kids products shopFrom a kids products shop

 Today I visited a kids gift shop for buy a gift then I captured photos and reviewed this shop...Dolls hanging on the glass wall...Dolls hanging on the glass wall...



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Wow 😮 

great idea 💡 

let’s do it 😍💪

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Thank you @LuisRG


Great, I am on it. :)


Uau, this os great Idea,  I 'll show some place in Belo horizonte MG BrasilFB_IMG_15097448330498972.jpg


This os sIMG_20171026_193155985.jpg


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Hi @LuisRG Have a nice day. It's my caprture. ThanksCapture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME


Capture by MECapture by ME




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Thanks for sharing :)

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Hi fellows


I want to share photos of two interesting business objects from Dublin.


"Dreamland Crepes Homemade Shop" has an interesting showcase with samples:


Dreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade ShopDreamland Crepes Homemade Shop

"Aran Sweater Market" - a Merino Wool clothing store from Aran Islands - authentic Aran sweaters and Irish knitwear:

Aran Sweater MarketAran Sweater MarketAran Sweater MarketAran Sweater Market

Level 6

Interesting indeed.

Level 6

Superb click

Level 10




Level 8

Laine et nécessaire pour tricoterLaine et nécessaire pour tricoter

Boutique de mercercie et ateliers créatifs à la Ferté sous Jouarre en Seine et Marne, France.

La Belle Mercerie Tissus et rubans à coudreTissus et rubans à coudre




Level 8

Hello everyone Outer viewOuter view














I choiced this oneI choiced this one


Level 8


Too many interesting photos !!!!!

Too many colorful shopping :D


Happy shoping before Xmas.

Level 8

Time to go for some shoooooopping.... Yippeee.... Great motivation... Thanks @LuisRG

Google Moderator

Thank you all for your passion!


And, of course, I'm excited to see the results of using @AnnaDickson's tips and tricks. So keep those indoor photos coming! I've already seen great examples here :)

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@LuisRG, thought of the Local Guides Connect Community and this month's photo challenge using @AnnaDickson's photo tips for taking indoor store photos as I stopped at my local Verizon store to set up my new iPhone 8Plus.World of Google devices for saleWorld of Google devices for sale



Wall of smartphone accessories for saleWall of smartphone accessories for sale


Who needs a laptop, when you get yourself a Bluetooth KeyboardWho needs a laptop, when you get yourself a Bluetooth Keyboard












Level 10

Good, will upload soon. @LuisRG



We are also going to start a  meet up in this subject 


Actually I don't love shopping alone.  :D

Great initiation @LuisRG

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Thanks for the photos @ThanulakshanS! Looking great :)


Great initiative, good luck with the meet-up, @bhupalshrestha. Please tell us all about it when it's done!


@Charlesoliveira I'm a little bit confused by your photo... Especially if we talk about indoor photography ;)

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I'm wondering if you need to get a "photo release" for photographs you take of someone's store?  Does Google Local Guides provide that?

It is also a good idea to hit those small local businesses that could use the exposure. 


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Question: the photos will remain on Google Maps for a long time I asume? But I think that in a years time the content / assortment of the shop could be very different. Shopper might say: "Hi, I came for these lovely blue shoes photographed by Adevos". Shop-owner: "Sorry, those shoes we sold a year ago. They are long gone! Long long gone."  :)  Would this be a problem?

Level 8
oh yes, let's do this 😁